Quebec Issues 233 Invitations In New Arrima Expression of Interest Draw

Quebec immigration issued 233 invitations to apply for selection under the Regular Skilled Worker Program to candidates on December 16.

Details of the new draw were released today. The 233 invitations were released to immigration candidates who had an Expression of Interest (EOI) in Quebec’s online registration portal, know as Arrima.

There were two groups of candidates invited in the new draw. The first group are required to have a validated job offer. The second included individuals who were staying in Quebec as a consular officer, a diplomats, representatives for the United Nations or any intergovernmental organizations that carries out operations in Quebec.

The draw could have also included individuals who are members of the staff of any such official, as these occupation are also cover under Section 26 of the Quebec Immigration Regulation.

To migrate to Quebec province under the Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP), candidates must first lodge an Expression of interest through Arrima.

The Quebec Ministry of immigration reviews the bank of profiles and give out invitations to those who meet specific criteria based on labor market needs in Quebec.

Quebec’s immigration programs are processed and managed by the province based on selection criteria and processes that are different from Canada’s immigration programs.

About Arrima Program 

Arrima was launched in 2018 to process and manage the pool of candidates for the RSWP and to simplify an application intake system that was initially based on a “first-come, first-served” approach.

Candidates eighteen (18) years of age and older interested in migrating to Quebec province through the RSWP must first create an Expression of interest profile in Arrima, after which they are added to the pool of candidates.

Quebec immigration ministry then invites the most qualified candidates based on, among other requirements, current provincial market labor needs and the person’s strong potentials to integrate into Quebec society.

Those invited to apply for permanent selection usually have a limited amount of time to lodge a complete immigration application, pay the required immigration fees, and provide all other required documents.

Once the file is completed and submitted, the province’s immigration ministry evaluates the application and assigns it a score using the RSWP selection grid which takes into account the following criteria like:

  • Level of education;
  • Age;
  • Work experience
  • Validated job offer;
  • Language skills (English and French);
  • The ability to cater for yourself and your family for the first three months after your arrival in Quebec province;
  • Relationships with Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Quebec.

Those who gets a passing score on the selection grid will be given their Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), which is a required document in Quebec that proves that a candidate has been approved for permanent selection by the Quebec province.

Those who receive a CSQ can then apply for Canadian permanent residence with the federal government of Canada. From there, they will have to pass through a medical examination and a criminal admissibility checks.

Planned Immigration Levels

In recent months, both Quebec and federal government of Canada announced an increase in immigration targets for the coming years.

In 2021, Quebec aims to welcome up to 47,500 new permanent residents. Meanwhile, Canada aims to welcome more than 400,000 newcomers under its various immigration programs in the next year.

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