Questions Frequently Asked About Provincial Nominee Program

Questions Frequently Asked About Provincial Nominee Program.

There are questions which immigrants frequently ask about the provincial nominee program to avoid being biased. 

The provincial nominee program is a program which always comes to the mind of every immigrant and they ask different questions about it.

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Questions immigrants ask about Provincial Nominee Program

1).Is Provincial Nomination a yardstick to gaining a Canadian migration:The answer is NO,but the truth is that a Canadian Visa is easier through provincial nomination.

2).Benefits of Receiving provincial nomination:The benefit here is that it helps immigrants get their permanency easily as it takes lesser time to obtain through the program say 6months & below.

3).Is Quebec a part of PNP: Quebec is not really a part of PNP as it has it’s own guidelines and criteria on immigrants selection. Normally, it has the power to decide on immigrant outside the PNP program.

4).Meaning of PNP: This is a program which helps immigrants gain permanent residency. This program is the initiative of the immigration refugees and citizen Canada

5).What is the criteria of PNP: The criteria that has to be met includes they must have a work permit with highly skilled qualification.

6).Meaning of base Provincial Nomination: This is an opportunity for immigrants who could not get through the express entry for migrating to Canada. This can be obtained by obtaining a certificate of nomination through fulfilling the requirements of PNP. It can also be obtained by getting a permanent residents Visa with the federal govt.

The above are some of the likely questions asked by immigrants about the PNP.