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Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Before you hire an immigration lawyer you have to ask him certain questions to be sure if he is the best lawyer for you.

Being able to make a decision to travel abroad is something very crucial and a bit difficult because it entails many things but after making the decision you have to be careful on who to choose as your immigration lawyer as there is fraud everywhere and one has to be very careful and vigilant.

Before making the decision on the right immigration lawyer to choose, you have to ask several questions which include,

1) Qualification and Credentials: The lawyer must make sure he graduated from a recognized law school and have a good reputation in the provincial law association.

2) Experience: You should ask him how many years experience he got as it is not just about being a law school graduate but the years of experience because experience tells more about what he can and cannot do and how he can handle issues. You should be sure of how long he has been practicing law especially the Canadian law.

3) Billing Procedure and Cost: Your prospective lawyer should be able to give you details of what is involved regarding cost. He must be able to provide you with a rough estimate of your bills.

4) Similar Cases: You must be sure that your prospective lawyer has handled cases re,ated to yours before as every application is not same. You might have cases like criminal records make sure he has handled such before.

Difference Between An Immigration Lawyer And Immigration Consultant

1) Immigration lawyer has more legal experience than immigration consultants.

2) Immigration lawyers are able to attest for you in any situation especially in court while immigration consultants are not allowed to advocate for you in court they can only represent you legally.

3) Immigration lawyers are able to guide you through everything about your application while immigration consultants must have to be registered with the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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