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Reasons For Delay In Australian PR Processing Time

Reasons For Delay In Australian PR Processing Time. Australia has become a widely sought after immigration hub going by the huge number of visa applications which the Australian Immigration Department receives every year. Consequently, the processing time for the visa applications is also affected by the huge number of applications collected by the immigration officials.

Besides, the general Australian permanent residence processing time announced by the government are the only signals mentioning the approximate visa processing time, but they aren’t the guaranteed PR processing time. From time to time, visa are processed earlier while sometimes it’s late.

There are several reasons why your visa application process is delayed:

The number of applications collected by the immigration department

Quite often, the immigration office of Australia collects visa application forms in large numbers which delay the PR Processing time of candidates whose score is low or not good enough because in that case, a candidate scoring good immigration point is ranked first in the queue.

The immigration officials may require additional information

Sometimes, the Australian immigration office might demand for additional information before coming to a conclusion (of granting visa).

In such case, they may get in touch you or your migration lawyer or agent (if any) to tell what they need and when they need it. If you could not provide the requested documents, it may lead to delay of your visa file.

The error found in an application

We all are Humans and we are prone to make mistakes, most of all if making visa application by ourselves. It is easy to misunderstand or misinterpret the form or provide incorrect information by accident as there is no one to put you through the application process.

Hence, it is essential to make sure that your applications are 100 percent genuine and complete before submitting your application form.

A little error found in your application form can cause a delay as well as further examining by the government which will further delay your application.

If you are not sure about how to apply for Australian PR process, it is advisable to secure the services of an immigration agent, as they will ensure that your application is complete in all ramification before submitting it off to the Australian authorities. Hiring a migration consultant will definitely help you in the long run of your visa application process.

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