Reasons For Delays In Canada Visa Processing Time

CIC cites non payment of fees, improper paperwork, ease of verification and unexpected inadmissibility issues as reasons for delayed processing time on applications.

Are you currently experiencing delays in Canada visa? Let’s say you applied for a work permit or student visa at the immigration office (which normally should take 3 to 6 months to process) and yet to get any reply or waiting for a decision to be made on your visa. We can imagine how worried you can be!

Waiting endlessly with nothing forthcoming is often the hardest part of applying for one of Canada’s many immigration visa programs. Since the process can so complicated, many reasons exist that can explain a delay. We have penned down Four reasons that could explain your delays in Canada visa approval.

Explanation For Delays In Canada Visa

Here are some possible explanations for the delays in your Canada visa applications.

Non-Payment Of Fees

As we all know, visa applications require that you pay all the necessary processing fees before the paperwork can be done. There are however a variety of reasons why you may have unknowingly avoided paying the applicable fees.

One explanation for this could be that you accidentally paid the wrong fee for a different application, hence there are dozens of costs associated with different types of applications.

Therefore, missing a fee in your during your visa applications or accidentally paying the wrong amount can stall your application.

You should also be aware that paying fees at a bank is no longer an option for those who need to remit visa fees, which means that those who used payment receipt form IMM 5401 may have had their payment rejected. Most visa fees are now payable strictly through online credit cards.

Improper Paperwork

Improper paperwork have many times stalled the process of a visa. In the course of documentation, you are required to provide all the needed information that the visa officer requires in order to determine the eligibility of your case.

When the application received contains omissions or errors, the officer will be forced to either reject your application or request that these errors are fixed before the process continues.

Issues such as missing signatures or dates, or areas that have not been filled out correctly, are guaranteed to stall the process of your visa.

Verification of Data and Documentation 

Depending on the type of information or documents you provided as part of your visa application, you may find that you experience additional delays because the immigration officer has to contact various departments to verify that all pieces of information provided are legitimate.

In order to avoid this type of verification delays, you should provide documentation and data that authorities can easily verify, including passports and digital financial information.

Unexpected Inadmissibility Issues

The IRCC refuses people entry into Canada based on their past behaviors, especially in terms of criminality, health, and finance.

Applicants who have serious health issues or violent criminal issues will have a difficult time entering Canada. Those who have connections to organized crime or terrorist activity will definitely be denied entry.

Similarly, People who have serious financial issues may also be denied entry into Canada, especially if they apply for investor immigration programs.

These among many other reasons can explain the delays in Canada visa processing time. You can get in touch with us, through the comment section, if you still have other inquiries or questions that you need us to explain or clarify.