Reasons For Study Permit Application Denial

Reasons For Study Permit Application Denial. There are various reasons why a study permit is denied. Simply See details below.,

Any student who apply for a study permit must show that he really qualified for the course of study for example once you have gained admission to any tertiary institution, you must be given an offer letter to show your acceptance and you must present this letter when you apply for a study permit to ascertain that you are really qualified. Although, there are number of reasons why your student visa could be rejected and there are ways to avoid it.

1. you have to show that you are financially buoyant and can take care of yourself throughout your study.

2. The second reason is that you have to show that you will leave the country after your study. You have to show any evidence like a plane ticket out of Canada,a stable home in another country etc.

3. You have to choose a program that will connect with your future goals or past lets say in the past you have been involved in a medical field in another country or you have worked in a doctors office but while applying, you applied for a program in graphic design in Canada, you may be refused the student visa as the program does not fit into the path you have already started. Though if you explain in your personal statement that you will work in the area of graphic design in a medical field, your application might not be refused.

4. Ensure that you show your acceptance to a University, college etc in Canada as the IRCC will review your credibility with the school shown on your application. make sure to avoid acceptance from fake institutions. Apply to designated institutions by the Canadian government.

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