9 Reasons New Canadian Immigrants Settle in Toronto, Ontario

So you would like to know the 9 Reasons why New Canadian Immigrants settle in Toronto Ontario? Let’s explore them! Toronto has been a city of immigrants for the past 70 years. It is one of the largest and most populated cities in the whole of Canada. This beautiful city has some of the largest immigrant communities in Canada and this fact alone encourage people to immigrate to Toronto.

According to a report, Toronto has around 2,600,000 residents out of which, 1,3000,000 are immigrants from different parts of the world. It’s a multicultural city that offers amazing opportunities for those that live here.

There are also city resources to assist new immigrants in the search for a job as well as exploring pathways to education. The city even has a mentorship program in place to help newcomers set up with someone from their field who guides them in finding employment in their occupation.

Private businesses and companies also reach out to immigrants, banks all accounts that are created to meet immigrants financial needs when they first arrive here. Basically, if you are seeking help there are resources in the city that exist for new immigrants need.

If you are coming to live in Canada to create a better life for yourself, or fleeing war and oppression in your homeland, Toronto is your best bet for a fresh start.

Here are some of the reasons why new immigrants settle at Toronto

1. Great Ethnic Diversity

Toronto is a multi-cultural society where you get to meet people from your ethnic background as you. Currently, It is said over 260 different ethnicities or group of people are all living and working together in Toronto.

Aside from ethnicity, there’s a huge sense of community in Toronto. While immigrants feel generally welcome in Toronto, having a local community that you share some cultural affinities with, helps in some ways in getting one set up in a new country life. Thus, one of the main reasons for new immigrants flocking into Toronto can be finding a community where there are other people from their homeland.

2. Easy To Get Employed

According to reports, many of the Canadian workforces is employed in Toronto. If you are looking at migrating there, you have a high chance of finding employment soon.

3. Free Services

Being a city of immigrants means that Toronto has a lot of services to help aid immigrants settle into their lives and home.

Toronto provides to all of it is the resident’s basic services like free public school education, free libraries, garbage clean up, with a great transit system and a lot more just for immigrants. For instance, the city of Toronto provides healthcare services to all newcomers regardless of whether they have their OHIP card or not.

4. Good Climate

Toronto is known to be naturally safe. Aside from the cold winter and humid summer, it’s a place free of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis and earthquakes.

5. Great Cuisine

If you want to get the best food experience, diners, bars and restaurants, Toronto has it all. There are over 1800 restaurants in the whole of Toronto where you can get the best of food experience. There are chances that you will find a restaurant that serves your native dishes too.

6.  Low Crime Rate

Toronto is known for its low crime rate. Usually, when a violent crime occurs it makes the news front page. Aside from that, there are regular night patrols by the polices and the response rate of emergencies is so amazing. Thieves, gangsters, criminals, if any at all, fear the strict jurisdiction of the city. There is no reason to be scared of this city.

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7. Cheap Residential Real Estate

Believe it or not, Toronto housing prices are indeed more affordable when compared to other cosmopolitan cities in Europe. There are good prices for immigrants with deep pockets, especially when it comes to renting. Toronto’s rental market provides a lot of different types of rentals beyond the typical apartment. There are basement apartments, condos, and houses for rent so people can find exactly what works for them.

8. Economic hub

Here’s where the head offices or headquarters, merger and acquisitions, and big law firms reside. (and too many lawyers: hmmm, maybe that’s not a good thing).

9. Government stability

Toronto is highly stable politically and economically, especially when compared to other places outside the USA and Canada, Toronto is virtually corrupt-free.