Reasons The US Needs More IT Professionals

Since the Declaration of Independence was adopted 240 years ago, Americans have celebrated their country’s independence with fireworks, parades, concerts and family gatherings.

If you’re one of the IT professionals interested in working in the US, you also have reason to celebrate. The U.S. technology industry employs more than 6.7 million people and with growing trends in emerging technologies such as cloud, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), employment levels are continuing to rise.

Due to the speed at which new technologies have been adopted, the U.S. is experiencing skills shortages in many IT Professional including development, information security and data.

Within the development IT space, employers are looking for more Java developers and .NET/C# developers. The demand for the former is heightened by the project-based nature of the market.

Security is another area seeking new IT Professionals. Of a certainty, there is a demand for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) to help companies plan how security can be merged into project delivery from start to finish. With more and increasing high profile hacks happening across both private and public sectors, businesses across all industries are understanding the importance of securing their systems and data. Just two years back, the Pentagon released the discovery of a pilot hacking project, ‘Hack the Pentagon’, which invited hackers to find weaknesses within Defense Department public websites. More than 1,400 people took part, finding a total of 138 vulnerabilities.

As the IoT continues to spread its influence, consumers are requesting more from online products and services. As a result, employers are looking for UI/UX front end developers to ensure their business is providing its customers a reliable online experience.

In a fast growing competitive market, employers across multiple industries are understanding the value that data can give their business. Maybe it is to evaluate the internal workings of an organisation and create more narrow processes or to better understand the needs of customers and provide a more targeted marketing, employers in the U.S. needs more computer analysts.

Thus, to meet these demand across these IT disciplines, U.S employers aren’t just looking for candidates in America, but are searching for applications from IT professionals around the world, including Britain, India and Australia as Darren Clark, U.S. Technology Director, Networkers explains: “Due to the skill short areas within IT, employers in the U.S. are having to widen their search for skilled IT professionals. The increasing convergence of the IT and Telecoms market means that IT skill sets are now highly sought after by businesses which were previously considered as traditional telecoms companies. Dallas, Texas is a particular hotspot for recruitment as the vibrant city increases to be a preferred location for business headquarters, with the likes of Toyota and Liberty Mutual determined to set up shop here.

“If you’re interested in permanent jobs or contract opportunities, there are ample opportunities across a range of IT disciplines in the US, please get in touch [email protected]quoting ‘Independence Day’.