Reasons U.S. Immigrants Are Deported

Reasons U.S. Immigrants Are Deported. If you are a U.S. immigrant, you have to carefully read through for reasons why you could be deported.,

The U.S government do not take chances as at when to deport an immigrant or send them back to their home country. This is because they feel the immigrants do not have the right in the first place to be in the country. Even people with an unexpired visa can be sent back to their country. Below are the reasons why the U.S immigrants can be deported back to their home country.

Failure To Maintain Your Status

If you are in the United states with the non-immigrant status, you have to maintain your status to avoid been sent back to your country as various conditions apply to your stay.

Failure To advice The U.S Immigration Services On Your Change Of Address

It is very important that you notify the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on your change of address as it is a crime not to.

Commission of Crime

It is a very serious offense to commit crime in the United States as this calls for immediate deportation back to your home country. Crimes like document fraud, domestic violence, money laundering, rape, murder etc can pose a serious threat to you when being committed

Non-Adherence To Immigration Laws

If one violated the immigration laws, he may be deported for example if he smuggles aliens into the state or participate in a forged marriage, he can be deported.

Receiving Public Assistance

You have to prove that you will not rely on the government need based assistance. It is stated that within five years, any alien who has become a public charge is deplorable. Once you have gotten your green card, your sponsor should fulfill their promise to support you.

Note that if you are facing deportation due to any of the above, you have to contact an immigration attorney as soon as you can.

You can see what you should do when detained at the U.S airport.

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