Reasons Why Your Visa Could Be Denied

Reasons Why Your Visa Could Be Denied. Before you apply for visa kindly go through the below details and be guided properly. Canada is one of the countries which people wish to reside to either study or work because of the warm reception from the citizens but one can apply for a visa and it will be rejected.

Visa refusal can be very frustrating and most people keep asking why their visa has been rejected even after believing that they met the required requirements. There are some factors considered in reaching a decision when you apply for a visa which include:

  • Your travel reasons
  • Your contact in the country and the information you provide in the documents
  • Your immigration and employment status
  • Your financial ability to support yourself while in the country
  • Your intention to leave the country at the end of stay
  • If you will respect the conditions of admission

You should also be aware that your visa denial could also be because of you. Here are some reasons for visa denial.

Insufficient Funds

This is one of the major reasons why your visa is rejected. When it is seen that your funds won’t be able to sustain you financially during your stay in the country, then your visa has to be rejected for example, if you are applying for a tourist visa, you should have at least 150 USD per day of each day spent in the country. Your bank account should not just show the total amount you have but it should show that you have a steady income.

Incomplete Documentation

This is another reason why a Canadian visa is rejected. Your documentation should include a passport, bank details to show your financial statement, your travel history and your purpose of travel. These documents should be made available as if you miss any, then your visa will be denied.

Fake Documents

Presentation of fake documents is usually frowned by any one so you should make sure all your documents are correct and not falsified. This singular act could get you blacklisted.

Failure To Meet Health And Security Standards

This is another reason your visa is denied so you have to make sure to meet the medical exam test and ensure your health is at its best. You should also ensure that you have not been involved in any murder or criminal case so you have to ensure that you are cleared before applying for the visa.

No Travel History

Your visa has to have an entry and exit stamp to show that you have traveled before and did not over stay The travel history proves that you are financially capable in all ramifications.