Recent Changes For Obtaining Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

Quebec is one of the most popular destinations for thousands of immigrants and skilled workers to Canada. The francophone region is known for its low cost of living and high wage jobs compared to other major provinces. No wonder it attracts many newcomers every year.

The Quebec provincial government recently announced some series of changes that will make its immigration system look like that of Express Entry.

The following information will help you understand these major changes for obtaining a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) as well as explain the various Quebec immigration options you can advantage of.

Introducing A New Express Entry-Style System

In 2018, Quebec had anticipated admitting between 49,000 and 53,000 immigrants but was very restrictive in accepting new CSQ applications until August 2018.

The Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program introduced a new application procedure which resembled Canada’s federal Express Entry immigration system. With the new policy guidelines, the program requires applicants to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), just like Federal Express Entry.

Applicants with the most desirable Expression of Interest are invited to submit applications for a CSQ. One year (12-months), if a person’s Expression of Interest (EOI) has not been selected, then it will become invalid and be removed from the pool.

Presently, the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) immigration program uses a points grid to assess applicants. An applicant is allocated a certain number of points based on age, educational qualifications, work experience, etc.

Only those candidates who meet a predetermined cut off points are eligible to receive an invitation to apply for the CSQ during the regular invitation draws like Express Entry.

After receiving the invitation, the applicant will have Three Months (90 days) to complete the application for the CSQ.

Then, as is currently in force, people can apply to the federal government for PR. The exact starting date and the requirements for Quebec’s raking system are expected to be announced soon.

In conclusion, Quebec Immigration policies are constantly changing and adjusting to respond to the demands of the world. If you qualify for immigration now, we suggest you do your best to apply, as soon as possible as you never know the eligibility may shift in the future.