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Redeemers University College Admission Requirements

Both Canadian and non-Canadian students must fulfill Redeemers University College admission requirements to qualify for admissions.

Redeemers University College was set up in 1982. More so, Redeemers University College is a private Christian higher education located in Ancaster, the Canadian province of Ontario.

Why study at Redeemers University College?

  1. As a Christian educational institution, studying at Redeemers University College will train you based on a strong belief in the scriptures.
  2. Secondly, up to 94% of Redeemers University alumni were able to fulfill their expectations through the institution. Thus, you’ll be opportune to commence studies in a reputable Canadian university.
  3. Thirdly, Redeemers University campus housing is capable of accommodating up to 87% of entering students, including international students.
  4. Fourthly, you’ll have access to Redeemers University bookstore, known as 21five. The bookstore offers sales of several textbooks. It is also stocked with Bibles and other religious materials.
  5. Moreover, there are high chances that you’ll successfully complete your study program since 84% of Redeemers University students made it up to graduation.
  6. You’ll also be opportune to use Redeemers University library (Peter Turkstra Library), which provides students with a full range of electronic books, textbooks, articles, audiovisual materials, etc
  7. In addition, Redeemers University College offers numerous study programs, including thirty-four (34) different majors and streams.
  8. More so, you’ll be able to get professional guidance from Redeemers University College admissions counselor for international students, Annika Koekkoek.
  9. Furthermore, Redeemers University College implements a swift application process for admissions. Hence, you can apply for admission, and receive your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is not more than 6 weeks.
  10. You may also be considered for Redeemers University financial aids, which enables you to pay cheaper tuition. Besides, Redeemers University College provides financial aids amounting to $8 Million via numerous programs and organizations.
  11. There is an added advantage of acquiring work experience through Redeemers University co-ops, internships, among others.

Redeemers University College programs

You can apply for your chosen program out of the wide-ranging degree programs offered by Redeemers University College.

Degree Programs Areas of Study  
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Health Sciences (Pre-Medicine) Honors, Major
  Chemistry Major, Minor
  Biochemistry Honors, Major
  Biology Hons, Major, Major, Minor
  Environmental Science Honors, Major, Major
  Health Sciences Major, Minor
  Mathematics Honors, Major, Major, Minor
Bachelor of Arts (BA) Music Major, Minor
  Business Honors, Major, Major, Minor
  Philosophy Major, Minor
  History Honors, Major, Major, Minor
  Physical Education Major, Minor
  Digital Media and Production Honors, Major, Major
  Applied Social Sciences Major
  Environmental Studies Major, Minor
  Politics – International Relations Honors, Major
  Psychology Major, Minor
  Religion – Urban and Intercultural Ministry Honors, Major
  Politics & International Studies Major, Minor

Redeemers University College admission requirements

The following are Redeemers University College admission requirements for international students.

  1. Certificates and transcripts of high school diploma

You need to avail a high school diploma certificate & transcript, or it’s equivalent. More so, you must attain the least average of 65%.

However, Redeemers University College acknowledges several credentials like Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Examination (HKDSE), Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE), etc.

You may also submit a notarized transcript to satisfy the above requirement.

  • If you graduated from an International Baccalaureate (IB) institution, you need a score, not below 28 in a minimum of six (6) disciplines.
  • If you completed studies from a US-based educational institution, you must attain a Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) score not less than 19 or a Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score of 980.

Moreover, you need to attain the least score of 940 (CR+M) if you had your SAT some years ago.

  • Additionally, you must partake in the General Certificate of Education (GCE) if you finished from an educational institution that utilizes the British system.

Hence, you’re required to possess superb academic performance in five (5) disciplines. Two of the disciplines are expected to be at the Advanced level.

  1. Proof of English language proficiency

International students that intend to study in a Canadian post-secondary institution like Redeemers University College are mandated to fulfill proof of English proficiency requirements.

Thus, you are required to enroll and participate in an approved English proficiency test in order to meet part of Redeemers University College admission requirements for international students.

Below are proofs of English proficiency test accepted by Redeemers University College from international students. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): internet-Based Test (iBT) score not below 86

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Least score of 6.5
  • Duolingo English Test (DET): Score not less than 110
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) test: Minimum score of 70
  1. Moreover, you must have a valid passport, which will be used to apply for a Canadian study permit
  2. Ultimately, you are required to verify your credentials, as well as to translate documents/certificates that aren’t in English.

Redeemers University College tuition for non-Canadian students

The following fees are applicable to international students, as well as to undergraduate students in Redeemers University’s Bachelor of Education degree.

  • Tuition Fee for each Credit: $577.80 Canadian Dollars
  • Fee per Full Course (3 Credits): $1,733.40 Canadian Dollars
  • Tuition Fee per Academic Year for Ten (10) courses: $17,334.00 Canadian Dollars.

Redeemers University College scholarships for international students

International students at Redeemers University College are able to obtain financial aid in order to cover their tuition fees.

More so, Redeemers University College avails several financial aids (scholarships and awards) to its international students, which includes;

  1. Entrance Athletic Scholarship
  2. Royals Varsity Athlete Award
  3. Wolters Worldview Scholarship
  4. Sunlight Foundation Music Scholarship
  5. RUC Health Sciences Awards for Incoming Students
  6. Redeemer & SunLight Foundation Leadership Scholarships
  7. RUC Natural Sciences & Mathematics Scholarship
  8. Vandermarel Young Life Canada Award
  9. RUC Health Sciences Excellence Award for Incoming Students.

Frequently Asked Questions about Redeemers University admission requirements

Q. Where is Redeemers University College located?

Ans – Redeemers University College address: 777 Garner Road East,

Ancaster ON L9K 1J4.

Phone Number: (905) 648-2131

Fax: (905) 648-2134

Q. How much is Redeemers University College application fee?

Ans – CAD $120

Q. Which term does Redeemers University admit international students?

Ans – Redeemers University admits international students in Fall Terms. Notwithstanding, you may be admitted in Winter Term if you can request aid from Redeemers University admissions counsellor for international students.

Q. Who are Redeemers University College’s notable alumni?

Ans – Notable alumni of Redeemers University College includes;

  • Clarence Cheesman, who is the Executive Director of The Refuge
  • Kyle Vander Linden, who works at Credit Valley Conservation as a Project Manager
  • Phoebe Mitton, who is a Policy Analyst at the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Heidi Ellens de Vries, who works as an assistant City Solicitor at the City of Brantford

Q. What are Redeemers University application processes?

Ans –

  • First of all, make up your mind on the study program you wish to apply for
  • Secondly, assess Redeemers University admissions requirements, and ensure to satisfy them all
  • Thirdly, apply for Redeemers University College admission by filling out and submitting the application form
  • Fourthly, await your Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) from Redeemers University College

Q. What are the Redeemers University College study areas?

Ans – Study programs at Redeemers University College cuts across various areas such as;

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Religion & Ministry
  • Media & Communications
  • Biological & Life Sciences
  • Mathematics & Physical Sciences
  • Politics, History & International Studies

Q. What are Redeemers University College learning services?

Ans – Learning services availed at Redeemers University College includes;

  • Free Tutoring
  • Learning Strategist
  • Study Smart Seminars
  • Learning Skills Resources
  • Citation Certified Online Course
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