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Reeves College Financial Aid, Canada

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Reeves College was set up in 1961 by C.J. Reeves. Besides, Reeves College is a private post-secondary institution with eight (8) campuses located within the province of Alberta, Canada.

Thus, Reeves College near Calgary has its campuses situated in Lloydminster, Edmonton North, Edmonton City Centre, Edmonton South, Calgary South, Calgary North, Calgary City Centre, as well as in Lethbridge. 

Applying for admission at Reeves College

To become a student at Reeves College, the first step involved is to apply online via the Reeves College website.

From their webpage, you’ll be required to enter your personal details, educational information, as well as your full contact information.

Hence, the required personal details include your first name, last name, gender, and date of birth.

Moreover, you need to input your full contact information such as an address, city, country of origin, ZIP/postal code, phone number, and email address.

Furthermore, you are mandated to provide certain educational information, including your high school graduation year, the program of interest, and so on.

Reasons to study at Reeves College near Calgary

  • First of all, Reeves College makes provision for hands-on practicum and career placement to its students.
  • Secondly, Reeves College has small classrooms that contain no more than 25 students. Hence, this improves students’ active participation during classes with their instructors.
  • Besides, Reeves College has career services specialists who give aid to students in securing their desired employment. They also hint students on how to write resumes, etc.
  • More so, Reeves College provides access to instructors who possess professional experience.
  • Furthermore, Reeves College avails of fast-tracked training options and market-oriented programs to its students.

Reeves College programs

At Reeves College, you can enroll for your preferred program in any of its study areas, which includes Legal studies, Business, Art and Design, as well as Health Care programs.

Below are Reeves College programs that you can apply for.

Reeves College Legal Studies program

  • Paralegal

Reeves College Business programs

  • Accounting Technician
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Office Administration
  • Business & Digital Marketing Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator
  • Event Specialist
  • Sales Professional Certificate
  • Accounting & Payroll Administration
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Social Media & Web Marketing

Reeves College Art & Design programs

  • Graphic Design Technology

Reeves College Health Care programs

  • Veterinary Health Care Assistant
  • Child & Youth Services Worker
  • Addictions & Community Services Worker
  • Medical Office Administration

Reeves College tuition fees for an academic year, 2021.

Programs Program Hours Program Weeks Tuition ($ Canadian Dollars) Books, Materials &

E-Resources ($ Canadian Dollars)

Total Fees ($ Canadian Dollars)
Accounting and Payroll Administration 860 43 20,006.40 1,482.63 21,489.03
Accounting Technician 560 28 12,483.60 1,202.02 13,685.62
Acupuncture 2,170 108 36,974.40 2,684.22 39,658.62
Addictions & Community Services Worker 1,024 44 20,040.00 2,494.85 22,534.85
Business Administration Management 860 43 19,753.20 2,276.74 22,029.94
Graphic Design 960 48 21,466.80 1,395.56 22,862.36
Health Care Aide Government Of Alberta

Provincial Curriculum

485 23 9,594.00 150.65 9,744.65
Hospitality Business Management 860 43 19,124.40 1,977.00 21,101.40
Hospitality Management 860 43 17,316.00 2,000.45 19,316.45
Legal Administration 860 43 18,195.60 1,685.81 19,881.41
Legal Assistant 1300 65 27,432.00 2,272.77 29,704.77
Medical Office Administration 860 43 19,353.60 1,848.36 21,201.96
Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate 380 19 12,068.40 887.97 12,956.37
Office Administration 540 27 12,474.00 1,339.99 13,813.99
Oil and Gas Administration 860 43 20,271.60 1,627.38 21,898.98

Proof of English proficiency requirement for Reeves College international students

As an international student that intends to commence studies at Reeves College, you are mandated to provide one of the following proof of English language proficiency.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT score of 71 (overall score), PBT of 560
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic 6.0, with band score not below 5.0
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL): Test score not less than 60
  • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 for each band.

Reeves College financial aid, Canada

Financial aids such as scholarships, grants, bursaries, and student loans serve as funding to students in order to support themselves, as well as to cover their tuition and other fee payments.

As regards Reeves College, students are provided with student loans to help them source money.

Most financial aids have their own criteria or requirements, which must be fulfilled before they can be awarded to you.

Thus, you can apply for government grants and bursaries.

Additionally, you can check your eligibility for financial aids funded by Canadian government-sponsored agencies like the Department of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Moreover, the Canadian province of Alberta offers some loans to eligible full-time students in Canada.

However, Reeves College has a policy, which involves applying loan amounts on the tuition fees till all the fees have been absolutely settled. Besides, if the loan amount is more than your tuition fees, the balance will be disbursed directly to the student’s account.

Government Student Loans

Alberta Currently has a government-sponsored plan that provides loan assistance to full-time students who are eligible. The amount and type of assistance usually vary depending on your individual circumstances.

If you choose to fund your education through student loans, it is the college policy to apply all loan payments toward the tuition balance until the tuition and other costs are paid in full.

This policy is subject to provincial regulation. Loan amounts that exceed tuition fees will be distributed directly to the student.

RBC Royal Credit Line for Students

Also known as the Student Line of Credit. Royal Credit Line for Students is a financial aid availed by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Royal Bank).

Hence, Student Line of Credit is ideal for students who are undergoing study in a Canadian college or university, including undergraduate programs, trade schools, etc.

Moreover, RBC Royal Credit Line for Students makes provision of funds temporarily to Reeves College students. Thus, you are required to refund the loan and its interest before a speculated date.

Additionally, Royal Credit Line for Students is open to both full-time and part-time students at Reeves College. The student loan is also easily accessible to Reeves College students.

Furthermore, funds for RBC Royal Credit Line for Students can be withdrawn at any Royal Bank of Canada branch.

You can also withdraw the funds via cheque, debit card, or through RBC online or mobile banking platform.

Advantages of RBC Royal Credit Line for Students

Firstly, the application process of Royal Credit Line for Students is easy and convenient. Hence, Reeves College students are only required to apply once in order to earn the majority of benefits.

Secondly, Royal Credit Line for Students applies a lower interest rate to loans with amounts ranging from $5,000 Canadian Dollars. The interest rate is Prime Rate plus 1%.

Besides, the loan amounts of Student Line of Credit depend on your study program, financial need, as well as your eligibility.

Thirdly, obtaining RBC Royal Credit Line for Students does not require any setup cost or yearly charge.

Furthermore, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) does not rush students to make quick payments of their loans.

Hence, Reeves College students are opportune to only refund the loan interest while they are still undergoing study.

Upon graduation, students are allowed to make repayments of the loan amount for the next two (2) years.

Requirements for RBC Royal Credit Line for Students

  1. Valid Canadian study permit (for international students)
  2. Proof of study in a Canadian college/university
  3. Price quotes of your educational-related expenditures at Reeves College, which includes your tuition fees, residence, allowances, among others.
  4. In addition, you are required to list your available financial resources such as employment, financial aids (scholarships, grants, bursaries & student loans), Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), etc.

Loan repayment for RBC Royal Credit Line for Students

Royal Bank of Canada makes provision for simple and convenient loan repayment methods to its lenders, including Reeves College students.

Thus, if you are undertaking a part-time program at Reeves College near Calgary, you’re only required to repay the loan interest on a monthly basis.

Subsequent to your graduation from Reeves College, Royal Bank of Canada will give you a grace of two (2) years to hold the loan’s repayment.

After then, you need to commence repayment of the loan’s original amount.

Reeves College campus addresses

Reeves college Lloydminster

5012 – 49th Street, Upper Level, Lloydminster,

AB T9V 0K2, Canada.

Reeves College Edmonton City Centre

10004 Jasper Ave #500, Edmonton,

AB T5J 1R3, Canada.

Reeves College Edmonton South

9910 39 Ave NW Unit 103, Edmonton,

AB T6E 5H8, Canada.

Reeves College Edmonton North

Based in North Town Centre.

9450 137 Ave NW Unit 134 Unit 174, Edmonton,

AB T5E 6C2, Canada.

Reeves College Calgary City Centre

703 6 Ave SW #400, Calgary,

AB T2P 0T9, Canada.

Reeves College Calgary North

2886 Sunridge Way NE #120, Calgary,

AB T1Y 7H9, Canada

Reeves College Calgary South

6624 Centre St S #9, Calgary,

AB T2H 0C6, Canada.

Reeves College Lethbridge

601 4 Ave S Unit #110, Lethbridge,

AB T1J 0N6, Canada.

FAQs about Reeves College financial aid, Canada

Q. What are Reeves College campus locations?

Ans. Reeves College, Calgary City Centre, Lethbridge, Calgary South, Edmonton North, Calgary North, Edmonton South, Lloydminster, Reeves College, Edmonton City Centre.

Q. How do I speak to a specialist about RBC Royal Credit Line for Students?

Ans – (866) 881-6618

Q. Where is the Royal Bank of Canada located?

Ans – 614 4 Ave S, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0N7, Canada.


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