Reside And Have A Career In Canada

Reside And Have A Career In Canada.

To reside and have a career in Canada, one has to be very careful as to what decisions to make.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and it is located in the northern part of North America. Canada accommodates people peacefully from different parts of the world with different culture and religion so far they have something meaningful to offer.

Compared to other countries, Canada has more economic immigrants coming in. This is because the immigrants feel a more sense of belonging. The main reason behind the successful immigration is because Canada operates a system of ‘Multiculturalism’ which is a system where the country (Canada) support the presence of distinct cultural and ethnic groups. The immigrants are however provided with a wide range of services which are mostly provided by the Canadian government and the first generation immigrants.

Canada, being a country which gives the immigrants enough freedom can easily grant one permanent Residency with the work permit.This cannot happen in most countries.


Canada grants job opportunities to immigrants which are mainly in

  1. The transport trade sector (12.8%)
  2. The sales and service sector which makes about more than a third of all job vacancies (34.9%)


Positions which are of high demand by immigrants in Canada are:

  1. Nursing sector
  2. Customer service sector
  3. Cooks and Chefs
  4. Traders, Laborers and helpers
  5. Computer and information system professionals

The above gives an insight to know the right decisions to make on working and residing in Canada.