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Rhodes College Scholarships For International Students 2019

Most international students find it difficult to pursue their study abroad dreams as a result of the expensive universities especially in the United States. The good news is Rhodes College Scholarships For International Students for the 2019/2020 academic session is here again. Both local and international students are welcome to apply. Rhodes College offers a wide range of courses cutting across so many programs for all students regardless of colour, race, or religion. The institution was established in 1848, its a small liberal arts college that is located in Memphis, Tennessee. The college is housed approximately 2,000 students with student-faculty ratio of 10:2.

The college is famous for its beautiful campus with Gothic architecture. The institution building was built by an architect who also designed and built Princeton University’s buildings. By Princeton Review, the college is ranked number one for having the most beautiful college campus in the United States. Rhodes students love studying at such a beautiful campus for four years. Below are some rankings and some unique aspects of Rhodes College:


US News Rankings

#44 in National Liberal Arts Colleges

Forbes Rankings

#97 Top Colleges
#80 Private Colleges
#48 in National Liberal Arts Colleges
#17 in the South

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Internship

Most students from Rhodes College carry out their internship program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, which is the world leading hospital for children’s disease research. In St. Jude Hospital, students are required to research with the scientists for two summers. Not only at St. Jude, but students also have the opportunity to carry out their internship program at a research hospital in Chile. This amazing opportunity helps science students to be admitted to prestigious medical and graduate programs.

Foundations Curriculum

In Rhodes College, all students are required to complete Foundations Curriculum which helps students to develop critical thinking as well as reasoning skills. Students are expected to choose either “Search for Values in the Light of Western History and Religion” or “Life”: Then and Now” courses. Students will take these courses in a span of three semesters. In addition, Rhodes College’s science community is very active in research. There is a comprehensive list of ongoing projects with the professors on the college’s website.

Preparation for Graduate School

As a result of its excellent academics, research and internship opportunities as well as career services. And also, Rhodes College prepares its students well for job placement and graduate school placement. It is in the top ten percent for producing students who eventually earn Ph.D. degrees.

Rhodes College Scholarships

The scholarships offered to international students at Rhodes College are usually merit-based scholarships and up to the full tuition. However, it is need-based which means the more need that you have, the harder it is for you to be admitted.

It is an excellent institution which sends many students to excellent graduate school such as the Ivies. It offers Early Action application, and you should take advantage of the Early Action application.


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