Rice University Scholarships For International Students, 2019

Most international students can not fulfill their dream of studying abroad as a result of the high cost. However, not all schools abroad have high tuition but most of them do not come cheap. The good news is, most universities offers scholarships to international students who wish to study abroad in order to make their dream a reality. One of such universities is the Rice University in the United States. Rice University Scholarships For International Students in 2019 is now available for grab. Interested students should hurry now and apply as late applications will not be processed.

About Rice University

Rice University was founded in 1912 and it is the most selective university in Texas. The institution is officially known as the William Marsh Rice University and is a private research university spread across a sprawling campus across 295 acres. It is named after William Marsh Rice, a successful businessman from Massachusetts who is deals in real estate, cotton, and railroad. The university does not have large number of students studying at the university. It has been ranked one of the top universities for undergraduate studies. It may be small in terms of campus size and number of students but, it has extremely high level of research activity. The University has $140.2 million in sponsored research funding in 2016. Most of these funding is used to sponsor Rice University scholarships for international and domestic students who are found worthy. As a result of this huge funding, the institution has been known to have the best applied science programs in various fields. It was ranked as Number 1 in the world in material sciences research by the Times Higher Education in 2010.

The University is spread across 11 residential colleges as well as 8 schools of academic study. Over the years, the university has produced so many noble alumni which include many Marshall and Rhodes scholars. However, it is closely associated with NASA and has given the world many expert astronauts as well as space scientists.

Rice University is one of the greenest campuses located in the heart of Houston’s Museum District, the heavily wooded campus is a sight in itself. Majority of students at the university are residential students and as such, they enjoy a very vibrant, clean, and scenic environment that further facilitates their quality of life at the institution. Since its establishment, Rice University has been associated with excellence in every field and all its pursuit.

Undergraduate Admissions

International undergraduate students who are applying to Rice University must know that there are many different requirements. Visit Tue school admission page for detailed information on Common Application, transcripts, test scores, International Students Financial Statement and also TOEFL/IELTS scores.

Rice University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Rice University offers need-base scholarships for a limited amount of eligible international students. Despite the admission to Rice University is very competitive, receiving scholarships is even harder. However, some eligible students do receive huge scholarships including full tuition as well as full ride scholarships.

Graduate Admissions

Graduate admission process in this institution is a multi-step process. First, you will need to consult the academic department of your choice to get the admission process specific to that department. Also, you will need to scrutinize the admission procedure for your department and prepare the necessary documents that may be required. Such as, CV, Letters of reference, essays, transcripts and other documents required.

Rice University Scholarships (Graduate)

More than 90% of all graduate students receive full-tuition scholarships and Graduate Fellowship that covers living stipend. Visit Graduate Scholarships Page on the school webpage for more details on the various opportunities for funding such as fellowship, scholarships and assistantships. We encourage you to hurry now and join many graduate students that do not have to pay a dime to receive a high-caliber education.