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Guide on how to apply for a Romania Permanent Residency

Are you looking forward to residing permanently in Romania? Then, you may have to obtain Romania permanent residency.

The Romania Permanent Residency is a status that allows foreigners to stay in Romania indefinitely, as long as they comply with the requirements set by the Romanian government. With this permit, foreigners can enjoy many privileges of Romanian citizens, including owning property, access to free medical health, etc.

So, In this article, we will guide you through how to apply for the Romanian permanent residency, including its requirements and necessary criteria. Let’s get started!.

About Romania

Romania is home to some of the most beautiful medieval villages in Europe. It has a rich history and culture, which is on display in its many museums and historical sites. It is a great place to raise a family, with plenty of safe and affordable housing options, good schools, and outdoor activities to keep your children entertained.

There are many reasons to live in Romania! The cost of living is low, the healthcare system is excellent, and the people are friendly and welcoming. And yes, Romania’s economy is multiplying, making it a great place to invest in real estate or start a business.

Eligibility criteria for the Romania permanent residency

To be eligible for permanent residency in Romania, you must have lived in Romania for at least five continuous years, with a maximum absence of six months. Frequently the validity of the Romania permanent residency is ten years from the date it was issued, excluding children under the age of 14 whose permanent residency card expires in 5 years.

Romania is a member of the European Union. Thus all citizens of the European Union countries have access to visit Romania at any point in time. However, to obtain the Romanian permanent residency, they must meet the requirements of living in Romania for not less than five years.

Requirements for the Romania permanent residency

To permanently reside in Romania, you must satisfy the following requirements and provide authentic and validated copies of the documents below.

#1. Evidence of residence in Romania

As has been stressed earlier, for you to obtain a permanent residency in Romania, you must temporarily be a resident of Romania for about five years.

#2. Application form

You are to go to the official website of Romania to obtain the form for a permanent residency application. You must fill in your information and get it printed out and signed. Note that you must take the form to apply for the permit. So, ensure to keep it in good condition.

#3. Valid identification card

Without a doubt, you are to submit a means of identification which could be your ID card or driver’s license, for the certification of your identity.

#4. Taxes

Having lived in Romania for about five years, you must have evidence of tax payments throughout this period. Therefore, you need to submit proof of the payment of taxes for your Romanian permanent residency application.

#5. Valid passport

A passport is an essential document for the application for permanent residency in Romania. Therefore, you are to tender the original and copy of your passport for registration. And yes, the passport must be valid when you apply for the permit.

#6. Health insurance

Undoubtedly, having national health insurance is a crucial requirement for a permanent residence permit in Romania. Therefore, at the time of the application for your residency, your health insurance must be valid. Likewise, you must have no underlying diseases or contagious illnesses that will endanger the lives of the citizen and residents of Romania.

#7. Statement of bank account

The means of subsistence must be at the minimum income stated by the government of Romania. Without which you cannot obtain the permanent residency

#8. Language proficiency

You need evidence to prove your proficiency in the Romanian language to a satisfactory level for this permit. This is a requirement to see that as you reside permanently in the country, you will have no issues communicating with the citizens and residents.

#9. Police clearance report

Suppose you’re guilty of any criminal activities or violation of rules in Romania. In that case, it could jeopardize your chances of obtaining permanent residency. Therefore, you need to get the police clearance report in your local area to ascertain that you’re not a danger to national security.

#10. Proper accommodation

Having a proper place to stay is one of the requirements you need to look into before checking in to apply for a permanent residence permit. Your accommodation must be decent and proper before it will be validated.

Moreover, the people in Romania on employment visas, visas for seasonal work, or people on a short stay visa, will not have their duration of stay accounted for using such visas.

How to apply for Romania permanent residency

Applying for the Romanian permanent resident can be somewhat challenging. But with the following steps, you will find it more accessible.

Step one: Check if you’re eligible for the Romanian permanent residency

First and foremost, checking for your eligibility for this residency should be first on your mind. The essential criteria are staying in Romania for more than five years, not leaving the country for more than six months, having no criminal reports, etc. You can check more of these requirements above.

Step two: Obtain the Romania permanent residency application form

You can have this form online. This step is tactical because you must fill in your details without omitting any. If you do not have an answer to any question, you can feel it as “Nil.”

Step three: Compile all documents

Proper preparation makes half a success. So, you must prepare and compile all the documents you need to support your application for the Residence. You can find more information in this article’s “Requirements” section.

Step four: Apply for the permanent residence

Having prepared all documents and satisfied all requirements necessary for the Romania permanent residency permit, you can proceed to submit your application to the general inspectorate for immigration.

Step five: Await your results

The immigration authority will assess your application and carefully scrutinize your documents before giving you a response. If you successfully pass the requirements and meet the selection criteria, you will receive your permanent residency card.

Moreover, attaining a permanent residence permit in Romania is easier if you are of Romanian origin or born in Romania. Likewise, you can increase your chances of residence if you invest about 1.000.000 euros in the economy of Romania, or create about 100 full-time jobs for citizens and residents of the country.

Once they approve your permanent residence permit, you will receive a personal identification number (CNP). The CNP is granted only once regardless of the time spent or several entries in Romanian territory. This number consists of 13 digits and is slated on all temporary residence or other forms of documents that you will need to get in the future. Although, it will be changed once you obtain citizenship status in Romania

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get citizenship in Romania?

Yes, you can get citizenship in Romania. To be eligible, you must have been a legal resident of Romania for at least eight years. You must also have a good knowledge of the Romanian language and culture and demonstrate that you have integrated into Romanian society quite well. And you’re good to go.

How powerful is the Romanian passport?

The Romanian passport is not as powerful as some other passports worldwide. However, it does offer some benefits for those who hold it. For example, Romanian citizens can travel to over 100 countries without a visa. Additionally, they can stay in those countries for up to 90 days without a visa.

Can I immigrate to Romania?

Yes, you can. Romania is a member of the European Union, so citizens of other EU countries have the right to live and work in Romania without a visa. However, citizens of third-world countries need to get a visa to transit to Romania.

Is it easy to move to Romania?

Yes, it is easy to move to Romania. The process is relatively straightforward, and most people can complete it without problems. All you need is a valid passport and a visa (if required), flight itinerary, passport photo, proof of accommodation, health insurance, evidence of sufficient funds, etc.

What jobs are in demand in Romania?

There are many jobs in demand in Romania. The most in-demand jobs include nurses, doctors, engineers, and IT professionals. In addition, Romania is also looking for teachers, as there is a growing demand for education in the country.


The Romania permanent residency will allow you to live, work, study and raise a family in Romania. In addition, you will enjoy all other benefits for the citizens and residents of Romania.

We have given the application and requirements you need for this permit; ensure to check back when not clear.

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