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Romania Visa requirements – Who can Apply, Fees and Validity

Are you looking for the correct information about the Romania visa requirements? Then, this blog post has everything that you seek to learn.

Even though not everyone needs a visa to enter Romania, foreign nationals who are not visa-exempt must meet Romania visa requirements before applying. The conditions of each visa type vary depending on your purpose of the trip and intended period of stay.

Reading this blog post will make you understand several things about Romanian visas, including their requirements, exemptions, fees, the application process, and more.

Types of Romania Visas

Generally speaking, different types of visas are open to foreign nationals who desire to enter Romania for any purpose. These include the Romanian Airport Transit Visa (A Type), Transit Visa (B Type), Short-Stay Visa (C Type), and Long-Stay Visa (D Type). In addition, Romania Short-Stay Visa suits several purposes of travel such as tourism, business, private visit, participation in educational events, sporting events, and cultural activities, among others.

Who can Enter Romania without a Visa?

Some categories of foreign nationals can travel to Romania without a visa. However, their stay in Romania must not exceed 90 days.

The exemption covers:-

  • Citizens of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, EU, and EEA Member States
  • Close relatives of a Romanian, Swiss, EU, or EEA Member State citizen
  • Foreign nationals who hold a valid residence permit or visa of a Schengen Area country, Cyprus, Croatia, or Bulgaria
  • Permanent residents of the United Kingdom or Ireland: Take note that your residence permit must be valid for up to five years.
  • Holders of a valid EU Long-Term Residence Permit

Romania Visa Fees

Most foreign nationals applying for a Romanian visa must pay a non-refundable fee for their visa processing. The fees are as follows.

  • Romania Transit Visa fee: €80
  • Romanian Short-Stay Visa fee: €80
  • Romania Long-Stay Visa fee: €120

However, there is a fee deduction for citizens of the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Albania. Therefore, if you are a national of one of these countries, your visa fee is €40.

Additionally, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Moldova citizens can apply for a Romanian visa at no cost.

Romania Visa Requirements

The following documents are essential no matter the type of Romania visa you wish to get for your legal entry.

  • An electronically filled out and signed Romania visa application form, which is downloadable from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official website
  • A valid passport or travel document featuring not less than two unused pages was issued to you within the last decade. Your passport’s validity must also extend after your visa’s expiry for three months.
  • Two (2) recent photos that measure 3cm x 4cm. Its format must be in jpg, jpeg, png, or BMP.
  • Proof of funds, which can be your recent accounts statement. It is equally crucial for your proof of fund document to be an equivalent of at least €50 per day or €500 in total.
  • Police clearance certificate obtained from your home country
  • Evidence of prepaid accommodation in Romania, such as a hotel booking or invitation letter from a close relative or friend who is your host
  • Travel health insurance that values no less than €30,000
  • Round-trip travel ticket

Documents Required for Romania Transit Visa Applications

It would help to have a transit visa to journey through Romania to another country. To obtain the visa, you must provide the following additional documents to the Romania embassy or consulate in your country of residence.

  • A valid visa, as well as a travel/flight ticket for the destination country
  • A valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle’s registration (required supposing you are traveling to Romania by road with your vehicle)

Documents Required for Romanian Short-Stay Visa Applications

Foreigners who intend to visit Romania for no more than 90 days must obtain a Romanian Short-Stay Visa. This type of visa is usually issued to persons traveling for sightseeing or business.

The following is a list of the additional documents needed to process Romania’s Short-stay Visa applications.

  • A letter of invitation, which can be issued by a Romanian company, event organizers, or any other relevant individual
  • Proof of criminal record such as a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Documents Required for Romania Long-stay Visa Applications

Supposing you wish to enter Romania for more than 90 days, you must get a Romanian Long-Stay Visa. Foreign nationals need this type of visa to study and work in Romania.

Below is a list of the additional documents needed to facilitate applications for Romanian Long-Stay Visas.

  • Proof of family ties or relationship (required by persons traveling to reunite with a close relative in Romania)
  • Evidence of accommodation set aside for you in Romania
  • Proof of enrollment in a Romania-based university, as well as evidence of paid tuition fees (applicable to international students who intend to enter Romania for study purposes)
  • Professional license for your occupation and a Romanian Work Authorization (required if traveling to work in Romania)

How to Get a Romanian Visa

Here are the steps to take in getting a visa to Romania.

  1. Assemble your application supporting documents
  2. Book a visa appointment with a Romanian diplomatic mission
  3. Complete the Romanian visa application process online
  4. Submit your visa application supporting documents
  5. Wait for Romania’s embassy’s decision
  6. Travel to Romania

Step 1: Assemble your application supporting documents

To get any Romanian visa, you must first satisfy all of Romania’s requirements. Then, you have to prepare several documents which prove to the diplomatic mission that you have met the conditions and requirements for getting a Romanian visa.

Be sure that you have digital copies of each of your supporting documents. Supported formats include pdf, txt, RTF, jpg, jpeg, gif, BMP, or png.

Step 2: Book a visa appointment with a Romanian diplomatic mission

The second step in getting a Romanian visa requires you to arrange an appointment with any Romanian diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) close to you.

Step 3: Complete the Romanian visa application process online

Next, you must begin your visa application process via the official Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Again, you’ll need an internet-enabled computer to complete the process.

Moreover, your computer must have the latest version of a PDF file reader app such as Adobe Reader.

Step 4: Submit your visa application supporting documents

As long as you have booked an appointment with a Romanian embassy or consulate, you can now visit for submission of your supporting documents.

Depending on the visa type, you must pay a visa fee, which ranges from €80 to €120.

Step 5: Wait for Romania’s embassy’s decision

By now, you must have completed all necessary steps toward getting a Romanian visa. You’ll then have to wait for at least ten days (workdays) for the diplomatic mission to decide whether you deserve a Romanian visa or not.

Step 6: Travel to Romania

Once your Romanian visa gets approval, you can book your flight to Romania without delay.

Romania Visa Validity Period

The following are the validity periods of each type of Romanian visa.

  • Short-Stay Visa – 90 days
  • Long-Stay Visa – more than 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Romania a country in Schengen Area?

No, the Republic of Romania is not one of the 26 European countries in the Schengen Area.

Which countries need a visa for Romania?

Citizens of many countries need a visa before they can travel to Romania. These countries include Bolivia, Cape Verde, Afghanistan, Belarus, Mozambique, Gabon, Kuwait, Nigeria, Morocco, Papua New Guinea, Sierra Leone, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, Qatar, Mali, Iraq, Tanzania, and Kyrgyzstan.

How long does it take to get a Romanian visa?

In most cases, it takes between ten to fourteen days to get a Romanian visa.

Is it easy to get a Romanian visa?

Yes, it is very easy to get a Romanian visa. You can apply for it through the internet, which offers more convenience.

How much is the Romanian visa fee?

The cost of getting a Romanian Transit Visa or Short-Stay Visa is €80, while Long-Stay Visas cost €120.

How do I get a Romanian work visa?

To get a Romanian work visa, you need to possess a Work Authorization, which will be provided to you by your employer. They will procure it from the Romanian Inspectorate General for Immigration. In no more than 60 days, you will have to use the Work Authorization to facilitate your Romanian work visa application at the diplomatic mission.

Can I use a Romanian visa to enter Schengen Area?

No, it is not allowable for Romania visa holders to use the same visa to enter any of the countries in the Schengen Area. Therefore, you may need a separate visa to enter your preferred country in the Schengen Area.

Can I enter Romania with a Schengen visa?

Yes, foreign nationals with valid Schengen visas can travel to the Republic of Romania without getting another visa.


To sum up, it is essential to consider all Romania visa requirements, which are relatively easy to meet. As long as you fulfill its needs, obtaining the visa should take not more than two weeks to one month.

Thanks for reading!

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