Royal Roads University Scholarships For International Students

Many scholarships are available at Royal Roads University as financial assistance to international students.

Have you been curious about sourcing information about Royal Roads University scholarships for international students? Worry no more as this article contains updated information on Royal Roads University financial aids for non-Canadian students.

Royal Roads University is a public-designated university that has its main campus in Colwood, British Columbia. It is located at Hatley Park National Historic Site on Vancouver Island.

Following the decommissioning of RRMC in 1995, the government of British Columbia created Royal Roads University as a public university with an applied and professional degree-granting focus and considers alumni of RRMC to be part of its broader alumni community.

Royal Roads University has now graduated over 20,000 students in the fields of leadership, business, environment, communication, tourism, hospitality, and social justice who are working in over 60 countries around the world.

Academics at Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University offers applied and professional programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, focusing on graduate-level career development.

The University offers three academic formats:

i) on-site with 100% face to face learning

ii) blended, with part of the program taught in a face to face residency and the balance online;

iii) completely online.

Residency-based programs range from one to three weeks and are often held on-campus, but select programs host their residencies in unique locations around the world.

Royal Road Rankings

Based on the 2011 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Royal Roads University was ranked 1st public institution for an active and collaborative learning experience and for the level of academic challenge.

In 2008 The Globe and Mails Canadian University Report gave Royal Roads grades in particular categories along with 55 other universities. The grades are based on the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey. Royal Roads was one of the 14 universities in the under 4000 students assessment pool and received a grade of B.

International Students at the Royal Roads University

The Royal Roads University now has 550 foreign students, which is a significant increase from the last few years.

This, however, is the product of hard work aimed at strengthening international ties and foreign students’ overall experience.

Also, many programs that facilitate studying and living have been built particularly for foreign students.

For example, when studying in Canada, you are required to have health insurance. International students and their registration letters are also the focus of immigration advisory organizations. Besides, the orientation committee is working to ensure a smooth transition and has arranged a “New Student Orientation” to assist with accommodation.

Tuition Fee at Royal Roads for International Students

The Royal Roads University offers a variety of programs, and you can find comprehensive tuition fees here based on your preferences.

In general tuition fee for undergraduate programs goes from $21,200 to $42,400. If you are enrolling in graduate courses the tuition is from $31,900 to $51,100.

Tuition only pays for the cost of your course; you nevertheless, must pay for all your books, special activities, student services fees, student organization fees, food, housing, and other ancillary expenses.

There are still on-campus housing costs. Therefore, you can take any of your classes online, this will help adjust your living expenses.

Royal Roads University Scholarships for International Students

Many scholarships are available at Royal Roads University as financial assistance to international students. However, there are also jobs and programs available to help you settle into your new life in Canada.

Royal Roads University provides you with a multitude of financial assistance options, including grants, prizes, research scholarships, and other sources of financing.

A Student Line of Credit may be applied for by any full-time Royal Roads University student. This loan would provide you with any sum of money that your financial institution, credit background, and current financial status deem appropriate.

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. Royal Roads International Entrance Scholarship

The Royal Roads University International Entrance Scholarship will be given to outstanding international students from partner high schools who plan to continue their undergraduate studies at Royal Roads University.

This Royal Roads University scholarship is only open to applicants from certain institutions, and it is awarded based on nomination. Depending on the school and country of birth, the scholarship ranges from $1,000 to $3,000.

2. Royal Roads International Entrance Scholarship for Academic and Community Leadership

Eight $3,000 grants are eligible for Maple Leaf International High School graduates who showed the highest level of volunteer service and community leadership by their submission.

If this award is paired with the International Entrance Award, the cumulative reward value of this Royal Roads University scholarship will not exceed $3,000. The application process is straightforward, with a one-page essay detailing eligibility attached.

Graduate Scholarships

1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

At Royal Roads University, Vanier scholars pursue graduate research in the social sciences and humanities. They are exemplary students from Canada and around the world who are known as experts in their fields of study and societies.

Since this Royal Roads University scholarship is on a three-year period, you can only qualify for it once every three years.

There will be a short-form competition to find a future Vanier Scholar until the nomination is open. If the selection committee identifies a strong applicant, that student will be assisted with the whole application.

2. ICA Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is open to foreign students applying to Royal Roads University for graduate studies. College students who are either enrolled or admitted into a post-graduate program are eligible for a $2,500 scholarship at Royal Roads University.

Application letter, resume, a final notice of admission or enrollment, a record of most recent academic accomplishments, and two letters of reference are all necessary documents.

Royal Roads University creates incredible opportunities for both domestic and foreign students in a number of ways. They advocate for high-quality education that is focused on real-world experience and business awareness.

The university is actively working to strengthen international ties and create new links that will increase the level of its research.

For more information on Royal Roads University scholarships for international students. Please visit the Canada Scholarships Page!

Financial Aids and Awards


Maple Leaf International High Schools The following scholarships will be awarded through nomination by RRU’s President or designate upon recommendation by respective school counsellors:

  • 1 x $1,500 for Dalian
  • 1 x $1,500 for Tianjin-TEDA
  • 1 x $1,500 for Wuhan
  • 1 x $1,500 for Congqing
  • 1 x $1,500 for Luoyang
  • 1 x $1,500 for Shanghai
  • 1 x $1,500 for Yiwu
  • 1 x $1,500 for Zhenjiang

In late January, the Call for Nomination will be issued through Steven Chen, RRU’s Great China Cief Representative. Nomination to RRU’s Financial Aid & Awards office is due by April 15th.


Royal Roads International Entrance Scholarship for Academic and Community Leadership

Additional scholarships of up to $3,000 are offered through competition to Maple Leaf graduates entering an RRU undergraduate program.

Achieved academic excellence in high school and shows potential for academic success at RRU based on the university’s Learning, Teaching and Research Model.