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Russia Private Visa – Eligibility, Fees and How to Apply

If you intend to travel to Russia to visit a family or friend, you will need a Russia private visa. It is also possible to obtain this visa if you are going to Russia to care for a sick family or attend to a death case of a family. 

If that is your case, we have compiled the information you need to make it to Russia through a Russia private visa. You will also learn about the meaning of this type of visa, its cost requirements and how to apply.

What is Russia Private Visa?

Suppose you wish to go to Russia for personal reasons, including visiting friends and family. In that case, you will need a specific type of permit. This permit is called Russia Private Visa. Moreover, you can receive it through an invitation under Russian law. Your host will apply for the visa for you. To qualify for the application, they must be Russian citizens or residents. A Russia Private Visa can be either single or double entry.

Do you need a Russia Private Visa?

The visa system that Russia operates is not easy to break even. As a non-Russian citizen, you must get a Russia private visa to visit anyone in Russia. The only exceptions to the rule are citizens of South Ossetia and Belarus. They can stay in Russia for as long as they can visa-free.

Aside from that, certain citizens of other countries can come to Russia without a visa. For such nationals, they can stay in Russia for up to 90 days, for whatever private purpose they came.

How do you apply for a Russia Private Visa?

To apply for a Russia Private Visa, you must follow some simple and quick steps. They include:

  • Consider if you need a visa to enter Russia: You should find out if your country is among those that can come to Russia through a visa. If that is the case, you should go on with the visa application process.
  • Receive an invitation to apply for a Russia Private Visa: Your host is to get the invitation to apply for you to visit Russia. When that happens, you should start your application.
  • Complete the visa application form: The form is available online. You can access it on the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website.
  • Gather the supporting documents: Put the rest of the relevant documents together to apply for a Russia private visa. We will look at them individually as we progress.
  • Apply for a Russia Private Visa: You will need to visit the Russian embassy or consulate in your home country to submit your application in person. If there is a visa-processing center, you may go there to process your application. 

What happens after you enter Russia?

After applying for your visa and collecting your passport (which contains your visa), you can move to Russia. Upon your arrival, you need to follow two steps to complete your application. They include:

  • Obtain the immigration card: This card has two matching parts. You will receive it when you get to the Russian border from the police on duty. Besides, you must complete both parts of the card by filling in the relevant information. After doing so, the border police will give you one of the cards while keeping the other. 
  • Register your Russia Private Visa: The second step is to register your visa if you stay for one week or more. You will need a print of your visa, passport and immigration card to register. You will also need your Russian address to complete the registration. If you stay in a hotel, the hotel will be responsible for the registration. If it is at a private home, your host will do so. You may also pay some fees to this effect.

What are the relevant Documents for Russia Private Visa?

You will need to present your documents for a Russian private visa to verify your identity and reason for visiting Russia. Each of them is important. Hence, you must provide them with all.

#1. Visa support for a private visit

Your Russian host is to complete an invitation on your behalf. They must do it according to the Russian Federation law. Moreover, they can apply in any of the following:

  • The Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation (MVD of Russia): Your host must apply here in paper or electronically.
  • The Ambassador of Russia in your home country: If you are travelling with a Russian citizen (whether family member or friend), they should address the letter to the Russian embassy in your home country.
  • Letter of invitation legalized at the Russian notary office: This is a case when your host (family member or friend) is an EU citizen. The applicant must show proof of their Russian residence permit and relationship with you.

#2. Health insurance policy document

You can only produce this requirement if you are a citizen of Iran, Liechtenstein, Israel, Monaco, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. Besides, a Russian insurance company or foreign insurance company must issue it. It must contain your name, date, policy number and other applicable documents. 

If your reason for traveling to Russia is to get an acute medical treatment or visit a sick or deceased relative, you must tender: 

  • An official medical or death certificate
  • Proof of your relationship with the ill or dead person
  • Documents stating other family relatives, which a registrar’s office issued

What is the Fee for a Russia Private Visa?

The fees for a Russia private visa vary according to so many factors. Such factors include your nationality, the number of proposed entries and the processing time. In addition, your visa type will affect the cost of acquiring it.

How long will it take you to obtain a Russian Private Visa?

Averagely, it will take up to 10 days to process a Russia private visa. However, it can be less or more. For instance, if you need a quick visa, you may apply for expedited processing, which does not take more than three working days to process. Sadly, not every country is eligible for expedite processing and for that reason, you may not qualify. Again, to obtain the expedite process, you must be willing to pay more than the actual visa amount. 

Here is the processing time for individual countries:

  • Nationals of Angola, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and India – one working day, three working days or seven calendar days
  • Citizens of Japan – one to three working days or seven calendar days
  • Nationals of other countries – three working days or seven to 20 working days

If you need the visa urgently, you may consider a tourist visa to Russia. But if that is not the case, you can wait for the processing time.

Can you extend your Russia Private Visa?

It is possible to extend your private visa in some cases, one of which is on the grounds of prolonged illness. However, in other cases, it may not be possible. Therefore, you should know your visa’s expiry date to avoid complications on your departure from Russia.

What is the Validity of a Russia Private Visa?

The Russian private visa can last for up to 90 days. However, it can last longer in some cases. Officially, you may get a visa that would last for one year. However, every type of visa in Russia is designed to last between 90 and 180 days, except for a work visa. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for a Russia private visa?

There is no stipulated processing time for this visa; it depends on your country and the time you want the visa.

Can I extend my private visa in Russia?

Extending your legal stay in Russia for up to a year is possible. Therefore, you can extend your visa. Sometimes, you may not be fortunate to get a one-year extension.

How can I get a private visa from India to Russia?

An Indian can get a Russia private visa that lasts for up to three months. Firstly, you will get an invitation to Russia from your host. Then, get a Russian Business Invitation from India using the letterhead of an official company.

Can a friend invite me to Russia?

Your friend can invite you to Russia through a private visa. Nevertheless, your friend must be a Russian citizen or permanent resident. The person will have to go to the local department of the immigration police and fill out a form. The form will be signed and offer you the chance to start your application. 

How long can I stay in Russia on a private visa?

Russia private visa can be a single- or double-entry and last up to 90 days.

What is a Russia private visa?

A Russia private visa allows you to visit Russia for some personal reasons, including visiting friends and family. Your host will arrange for the invitation.


Do you need a visa to visit Russia? Yes, it would be best if you had a specific visa to come to the country. This visa is called Russia private visa and can last up to 90 days. We hope you find the relevant guide through this article. 

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