Saint Mary’s University Scholarships

Saint Mary’s University rewards academic excellence with over $6.3 million dedicated to student scholarships annually.

If you’re thinking of continuing your education at SMU, you should also consider knowing the Saint Mary’s University scholarships for international students.

Saint Mary’s University (SMU) is a public university located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The school is best known for having nationally leading programs in business and chemistry, as well as one of the best Canadian women’s basketball programs.

The campus is situated in Halifax’s South End and covers approximately 80 acres (32 ha). Below is a plethora of scholarship options available to you at Saint Mary’s University.

Scholarship and Bursaries Available to New Students

Saint Mary’s University rewards academic excellence with over $6.3 million dedicated to student scholarships annually. There are a number of programs that reward students for academic strength or help those in financial need.

The following awards require separate applications.

  • Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary
  • Techsploartion Science Award
  • Halo Hero Award
  • The Bahamas Ministry of Education / Saint Mary’s University Scholarship
  • David Wang Scholarship


Renewable Entrance Scholarships

Students accepted by Saint Mary’s University for undergraduate studies with an admission average of 80%+ will be automatically considered for renewable entrance scholarships. Click here to See renewal criteria

Named Entrance Awards

In addition to the regular entrance scholarships described above, Saint Mary’s offers a number of named scholarship/bursary awards. There are hundreds of scholarships that have been established with the support of alumni, staff, community members, and businesses.

These scholarships require a separate application and supporting documents. Named Entrance Scholarships can only be applied for after you are accepted for admission. These scholarships include the Presidential and Santamaria scholarships.

These awards all have different eligibility criteria, such as community involvement, extracurricular activities, academic achievement, or financial need.

Complete the Named Entrance Award ‌form here to be considered for all of them.


  • You must be pursuing an undergraduate degree at Saint Mary’s University, Canada

Application Process

You may apply for all of these awards at once by filling out and submitting this form:

  • Named Entrance Award Application. Note: The deadline is March 1

See the Named Awards for which you are applying by filling out this form.

Please note the Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary and the Techsploartion Science Award require separate applications.


If you are awarded one of these scholarships you will be informed of the amount and other considerations.

Presidential/Presidential International Baccalaureate/Santamaria Scholarships

As a domestic and international high school student with an admissions average of 95% or higher, or an IB result of 36+, you are eligible to apply for the following:

  • The Presidential Scholarship and the Presidential International Baccalaureate Scholarship are valued at $9000 per year and are renewable over four years for a total of $36,000 (CAD).
  • The Santamaria scholarship is valued at $5000 (CAD) per annum and is renewable over four years for a total of $20,000 (CAD).


  • PIBS Scholarship Application this is part of the Named Entrance Award form
  • You will submit a 750-word essay based on your community involvement, contribution to school life, and plans for the future
  • A resume that should comment on such things as your involvement in community service, participation in student government, your athletic achievement, extracurricular activities, and volunteer and /or paid work.
  • And a letter of recommendation from your high school Principal, Guidance Counsellor, or Teacher


If you are awarded one of these scholarships you will be informed of the amount and other considerations.


In your first year, a grade point average of 3.67 in a minimum of 24 credit hours between September and April is required for the renewal of the scholarship.

In your second and third year, a grade point average of 3.67 in 30 credit hours is required between May and April for renewal.

Sobey Innovator Scholarship for Bachelor of Commerce Students

This scholarship is new from the school of business, which will be offered to 10 outstanding students with academic excellence, it is a renewable entrance award valued at $50,000 over 4 years and awarded annually.

These scholarships will be presented to exceptional students from across Canada in recognition of their accomplishments, and as encouragement and support for their success in the Sobey School of Business.

The initial scholarship in academic year 1 is $20,000.  The renewal value in academic years 2-4 is $10,000 per year.  The total value of the scholarship over four years is $50,000.

Note that this scholarship is renewable only if the student recipient achieves the university academic requirement for scholarship renewal as it may change from time to time.

For more information, visit the Sobey Innovator Scholarship page.

Harrison McCain Scholarship/Bursary

This scholarship is open to any high school student in Canada, with preference given to Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents. The criteria for the awards include a minimum 80% average in your senior year of high school, financial need, have leadership qualities, and a recognized initiative in funding your own education.

To be considered for this award you must complete and submit Harrison McCain Foundation Scholarship Application Form (PDF) to the Admissions Office by March 1.

Techsploration Science Award

Techsploration gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Saint Mary’s University in providing a renewable $2,000 scholarship to young women pursuing a Science Degree. Applicants may include both Techsplorer Alumnae as well as other female Grade Twelve graduates of participating Nova Scotia Techsploration schools.

All female Grade Twelve students may apply whether or not she was on the school team, if:

  • She has been accepted into a Saint Mary’s University, Faculty of Science program as a full-time student (30 credit hours). In order for the scholarship to be renewed the student must maintain full-time status each academic year.

This scholarship will be evaluated by the Assistant Registrar, Admission and Scholarships, Saint Mary’s University in consultation with Techsploration and will be awarded based on a combination of:

  • Have an academic achievement of 80% average upon leaving high school (in order for the scholarship to be renewed on an annual basis a minimum of 3.0 GPA must be maintained)
  • Submit a one-page essay
  • completion and submission of the Techsploration Science Award Application Form (PDF)

NOTE: If more than one candidate is identified as a finalist, we may consider financial need as further criteria.

The scholarship is valued at $2,000 per year and is renewable on an annual basis.

Your application must be received by the Award Committee by March 1. Any incomplete applications will not be considered. The recipient will be notified by April 15.

Halo Hero Award

Saint Mary’s University partners with Henley & Partners (primary sponsor) in support of the Halo Hero Scholarship.

The Halo Hero Award seeks to identify students in their last year of secondary school and tertiary institutions who deserves recognition for their exceptional acts of bravery and kindness, and their involvement in humanitarian efforts.

  • You must meet Saint Mary’s University admission criteria by program
  • You must be in your final year of secondary school (Fifth form)
  • must be a national of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Can be identified as deserving of recognition in the area of humanitarian efforts
  • The recipient must be accepted to full-time studies at Saint Mary’s University and meet eligibility requirements of the University and The Halo Foundation for renewability
  • A minimum of a 2.0 GPA is required for renewability

Value of awards

Three scholarships to be awarded each year:

  • One award:  $30,000 per year (CAD) – to a maximum of $120,000 CAD over 4 years.
  • Two awards: $17,000 per year (CAD) – to a maximum of $68,000 CAD over 4 years.


  • Click the link to access the Application form via the foundation halo website.
  • The scholarship application must be submitted by April 1st.

Bahamas Ministry of Education / Saint Mary’s University Scholarship

Saint Mary’s University is pleased to partner with the Bahamas Ministry of Education on this scholarship.

The objective of this award is to provide an opportunity for a public school student in the Bahamas that might otherwise not have an opportunity to complete a university degree. Both parties believe the award should be given to students who clearly demonstrate financial need and academic merit.


  • As a student, you must be accepted into a full time, undergraduate degree program at Saint Mary’s University
  • You must be in your final year at a public secondary school in The Bahamas
  • Should be 16-20 years at the time of application
  • You must have a 95% admission average (all A’s)
  • Must be a national of The Bahamas
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • A minimum of a 2.0 GPA is required for renewability

Value of award

  • One Award Annually: $24,000 CAD per year (renewable to a maximum of $96,000 CAD per student)


David Wang Scholarship

Saint Mary’s University gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Mr. David Wang in providing eight scholarships per year to academically talented Chinese students enrolled in a Canadian curriculum high school in China.


  • You must be enrolled (Grade 12) in Canadian curriculum high school in China
  • Make at least 80% or higher admission average
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from a high school Counselor, Principal or Teacher
  • Submit a 500-750 word essay (in English) outlining why you wish to study in Canada, and at Saint Mary’s University
  • Score a minimum 2.5 GPA (and full-time enrolment at Saint Mary’s University) is required for renewal

Value of awards

  • Eight awards each year valued at $5,000 CAD per year / per student (to a maximum of $20,000 CAD per student).

The award will be applied directly to your student tuition account in two installments per year (the first in September and the second in January). To be eligible, you must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree studies, or Intensive English Language Programs at The Language Centre (at Saint Mary’s University).

Application deadline

  • Click the link to complete the: David Wang Scholarship Application Form
    • You must complete and submit the scholarship application (along with an essay & reference letter) which must be received by April 1st. You must be accepted or conditionally accepted (for undergraduate degree studies) by Saint Mary’s University before applying for these awards.

TD Insurance Alumni Scholarship

TD Insurance & the Saint Mary’s University Alumni Association are pleased to partner in support of the TD Insurance Alumni Scholarship.

Saint Mary’s University strives to connect with and support over 50 000 alumni. This award seeks to identify students of alumni who deserve recognition for their community service and strong academic achievements so that they too can become citizens of the world.


  • This award will be given to a domestic or international student entering their first year of studies at Saint Mary’s University.
  • The student must meet the university admission requirements with intentions of pursuing a full-time, undergraduate degree.
  • You must be a dependant of a Saint Mary’s University alumna or alumnus. Your guardian’s name, graduation year, and degree will be required.
  • You will also prove to be identified as deserving of recognition in the area of community service.

Value of award

  • The value of the award will be $1500.00 annually, renewable for up to four years, and an amount of $6000.00.

Application deadline

  • Named Entrance Award Application.
  • The scholarship application must be received by March 1st. You must be accepted or conditionally accepted (for undergraduate degree studies) by Saint Mary’s University before applying for these awards.

Saint Mary’s University Faculties

Saint Mary’s comprises four faculties:

Saint Mary’s University Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees (includes all per-course mandatory fees)
Course Type Arts Commerce Science & Engineering Co-op
Nova Scotia *
Canadian/Permanent Resident
$763.70 $876.70 $843.70 $500.00
Out of Province
Canadian/Permanent Resident
$892.00 $1,005.00 $972.00 $500.00
International ** $1,906.00 $2,115.00 $2,054.00 $500.00

Tuition includes per course (half credit) mandatory fees: Arts Learning Resource ($10), Science Technology ($30), Sobey School of Business Career Services ($10), Campus Renewal ($37), Recreational Facilities Renewal ($11), Copyright ($3), Sport & Recreation ($6)***, Student Services ($7), System Technology Fee ($4).

Medical Plan – Full-time Canadian, Permanent Residents & International students

Canadian Full-time only
12 Month (Sept – Aug) $177.00
8 Month (Jan – Aug) $118.00
International Full-time/Part-time only
12 Month (Sept – Aug) $1,020.00
8 Month (Jan – Aug) $680.00

Application Fees, Deposits & Other Charges

Fee Cost
Undergraduate Applications $40.00
Residence Applications $25.00
Residence Deposits $500.00
Academic Appeal $30.00
Replacement Student ID Card $15.00
Reinstatement $50.00
Returned Cheque (NSF Charge) $20.00
Interest on Overdue Accounts 12.67% per annum

Deadlines- Tuition and fees for the University are due in full at the beginning of each academic term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Payment Deadlines

While academic pursuit can be quite daunting and expensive, Saint Mary’s University provides you with ample funding and scholarship opportunities, to support your academic financial requirements in other for you to fulfill your academic dreams.