Saint Paul College Scholarships- How To Apply

Saint Paul’s College is a Roman Catholic College located on the Fort Garry Campus of the University of Manitoba. Every year, about $100,000 is made available to students as scholarships or bursaries, or other awards.

Saint Paul College was established in 1926 and since 95 years ago remains the major Catholic higher education institution in the province of Manitoba.

Located in Winnipeg, the school also contains an institute that offers courses and provides research dedicated to global peace, justice, and conflict resolute know as the Arthur V. Mauro Institute.

Some other facilities in the school include The Near Eastern and Biblical Archaeology Laboratory (NEBAL) and the Fr. Harold Drake Library.

Courses offered at Saint Paul college are integrated with that of the University of Manitoba, making them of acceptable global standards.

The school tutors an average of 1300 students at a time out of which about 850 are full-time students.

Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries at Saint Paul College

Scholarships at Saint Paul’s College include entrance scholarships for students who just recently applied to the school and also scholarships awards for those who are already students of the school.

Most merit scholarships at St. Paul’s College are automatically given to students of the college who deserve them. Certain other awards, however, require that students make an application.

Usually, awards and merits will be given to students during the Academic Award Ceremony in January and the Academic Exercises in September.

Students can fill applications for awards and scholarships (when required) online and send them to [email protected]

Bursaries at St. Paul’s College are given to full-time students who are in need of financial aid. This factor accounts for 50% of the eligibility criteria for selecting bursary recipients. Other factors considered in awarding bursaries to students are:

  • A GPA of 2.50 in the immediate past fall or winter session or a C+ average.
  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities at the college
  • Special circumstances
  • Where bursaries are meant for new students of the school, other factors will be considered.

The deadline for application for bursaries is the last Friday of the month of September. Students who are considered for bursaries will be informed by an official letter in the month of December.

Some of the scholarships and bursaries at Saint Paul College are:

Campus Ministry Community Service Award

Students who are active participants in St. Paul’s College Campus Ministry are those who benefit from the Campus Ministry Community Service Award. Beneficiaries are selected based on their level of participation and other determining criteria.

Military and Hospitaller of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem Ecumenical Scholarships

This award is given to the student with the best performance (or highest marks) in an essay written by students who have successfully completed the Introduction to Catholic Studies course. The best essays are submitted to the Dean of Studies for review from which one is selected.

Susan Deane Paulinian Award

The Susan Deane Pualinian Award is for international students enrolled in the ICM program. Students are selected for the award based on their academic performance, participation in extra-curricular activities, and their goodwill to others.

The Bob and Marnie Puchniak Family Graduate Scholarship

A student who is a graduate of St. Paul’s College and is enrolled for a Master’s or Doctorate degree program in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manitoba benefits from this award. Students are required to submit an application for this award.

The Honourable Philip S. Lee, CM, OM, and Family Scholarship

International students of St. Paul’s College who display excellent academic performance, and active participation in extra-curricular and communal activities can benefit from this award. Interested applicants can apply online using the application form.

The Jesuit Entrance Scholarship

This scholarship is available for high school students who have just been admitted to study at St Paul’s College. Students are required to apply for this scholarship and the application deadline is the last Friday in July.

Certain catholic high schools in Canada also recommend their students for this scholarship. These are:

  • Boniface Diocesan High School
  • Mary’s Academy
  • Maurice School
  • Paul’s High School

Some other entrance scholarships are also awarded to students of certain Catholic high schools. They are:

Entrance Scholarship Catholic High School
The Ellen Dryden Finlay Entrance Scholarship St. Mary’s Academy
The St. Paul’s College Alumni & Friends Association Inc. Entrance Scholarships St. Boniface Diocesan High School

St. Mary’s Academy

St. Maurice School

St. Paul’s High School

The Larry and Leta Lee Entrance Scholarship

Just like the Jesuit Entrance Scholarship, this scholarship is open to newly admitted students of St. Paul’s College. A single application will cover the Jesuit Entrance Scholarship and the Larry & Leta Lee Entrance Scholarship.

The Martin Kavanagh-La Verendrye Fellowship

Graduate students of St. Paul’s College who are taking a graduate program at the University of Manitoba can benefit from this award. The award is meant to support students who will be making research related to the legacy of La Verendrye. Interested students will need to submit an application online.

The Rosemarie Schilling Finlay Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student of St. Paul’s College who is advancing his/her studies with a Master’s or Doctorate program at a recognized university. Such a student must have made significant contributions to the college community while he/she studied.

TJ Rice Scholarship

The TJ Rice Scholarship is awarded to a full-time student of the school who demonstrates admirable and acceptable values. The beneficiary of the award is voted by teachers and other members of staff.

Scholarships and Awards Available at the Arthur V. Mauro Institute Centre for Peace and Justice Peace and Conflict Studies

The Arthur V. Mauro Institute of St. Paul’s College is the center for peace, justice, and conflict resolution-related studies. It makes these scholarships available to its students:

  • His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Fellowship
  • Dr. Majorie B. Blankstein CM Graduate Scholarship in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Mr. Harold Buchwald, CM QC Graduate Scholarship in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Dr. Chief Oren Lyons Graduate Scholarship in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Rabbi Michael Melchior Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Fellowship
  • Louis Riel Graduate Scholarship in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Dr. Karl T. Riese Graduate Scholarship in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein, QC, BComm, LLB Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate Scholarship

Other Scholarships and Bursaries available at St. Paul College are:

  • Christopher A. Brock Bursary
  • Diane Dowling Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Adam Giensinger Scholarship
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. Michael Trainor Scholarship
  • Dr. Oleh W. Gerus and Mrs. Yvonne M. Gerus Scholarship
  • Dr. Philip Clark Bursary
  • Jeanne Perreault and Marcel Lemaire Bursary
  • Kenneth H. Kustra, CA Scholarship
  • Knights of Columbus Manitoba State Council Bursary
  • Marion Bremmer Memorial Bursary
  • Matthew, Elizabeth, Marjorie, Charles, and Ilene Meder scholarship
  • Peter Grigoriev Memorial Bursary
  • Stella English Memorial Bursary
  • Todd Davison Memorial Scholarship
  • Wyrzykowski Family Bursary

How to Apply for Scholarships and Other Awards at Saint Paul College

Applications are usually required to benefit from bursaries at St. Paul’s College. Some scholarships also required that students fill an application form. It is important that you check the application requirement of any scholarship or bursary so you don’t fall short of the eligibility requirements. Students who need to submit an application should complete a financial aid application at

You do not need to accept a loan when you apply for student aid if you are not interested in one. Students are not allowed to defer bursaries unless approved by the Dean of Students with a written notice. Students may be denied bursary if it is perceived that their financial situation has improved.

Other financial aids may have uniquely designed application forms that allow students to fill in all the information required of them. Ensure you fill in all your information correctly. You should also provide details (where required) of how you participate in the extra-curricular activities of the school as these can improve your eligibility for some of the scholarships.

If you are applying for a bursary and you are required to provide your budget. You should be as accurate and truthful as possible and this is usually monitored using other means. If you are not sure of how much you have spent in the past months, you may provide rough estimates of your spending.

If you have not yet registered as a St. Paul’s College member, you may still apply for awards. However, you must apply to become a member before September when classes will begin.

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