Saskatchewan Held New Entrepreneur Stream Immigration Draw

Saskatchewan immigration has finally conducted the much-awaited new Entrepreneur stream draw on September 5. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) draw invited Forty-five (45) candidates for Saskatchewan immigration.

Applicants scored an average of 125 points to be eligible, with the lowest-ranked applicant getting an application scoring 120 points.

Under the SINP Entrepreneur stream, candidates first come to Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit, before being selected for Canadian permanent residence after their business has been confirmed.

Interested applicants must have a net worth of $500,000, and invest a minimum of $300,000 if their business is situated in Saskatoon or Regina or $200,000 in any other Saskatchewan city.

Saskatchewan government so far invited 263 candidates to file an application through the Entrepreneur Stream in 2019, after sending invitations to 824 candidates during 2018.

The recent draw saw exactly the same number of invites sent out as the previous draw. The biggest draw to date occurred in October 2017, when 265 applicants were invited.

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Stream Draws

Date of Draws Lowest score Average score Highest score Number of invitations
September 2019 120 125 150 45
July 2019 120 125 155 45
May 2019 120 125 135 43
March 2019 120 125 140 39
January 2019 115 120 150 90
November 2018 115 120 135 84
September 2018 110 115 135 71
July 2018 100 105 135 187
April 2018 90 100 135 231
January 2018 80 95 145 251
October 2017 80 100 135 265 
July 2017 80 100 145 98 
May 2017 80 105 140 142
March 2017 95 110 135 107
December 2016 120 120 130 14
September 2016 110 115 135 57
May 2016 110 120 155 88
October 2015 110 125 155 70

Saskatchewan immigration is planning one more 2019 Entrepreneur draw on November 7.

The province took a giant step by increasing the frequency of draws at the end of 2018, from every three months to every two months. The year 2019 will become the first year to see six Entrepreneur draws held.

What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program also commonly known as SINP, is a specific immigration program of the Saskatchewan province of Canada. The SINP enables Saskatchewan to nominate qualified candidates for the permanent residency in the province and subsequently recommend them to the federal government. The processing time for application intake is yet to be fixed by SINP. The SINP nominates the candidates based on the following criteria, i.e. Age, educational qualification, work experience, skills, adaptability and so on.

The Saskatchewan immigration Enterprenueur/investor stream is a three-stage process:

  • Expression of interest
  • Invitation to file an application
  • Nomination

The expression of interest has to fulfil the following minimum entry eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum net worth investment of $500,000 legally acquired.
  • At least three (3) years of management or relevant entrepreneurial experience.
  • Minimum investment of $300,000 in Saskatoon or Regina, or $200,000 is any other areas of Saskatchewan.

The individual enters a pool where he receives a score. The top-scoring persons are invited to submit an application.

Applications must include:

  • Business Establishment Plan confirming figures in expression of interest, and with a minimum of one-third ownership of a company in Saskatchewan province, unless investment is $1 million or above.
  • Must be ready to be active in the operations and management of the business.
  • Establishment of two or more jobs for Canadian permanent residents or citizens. if the business or company is situated in Saskatoon or Regina.

The Saskatchewan immigration website says: “Please note that the SINP reserves the right to have Business Establishment Plans evaluated by experts or third parties identified by the Saskatchewan government. The evaluation carried out by third parties will focus mainly on the preparation and due diligence conducted by the candidate in preparing their proposed business plan.”