Saskatchewan Immigration Reasons People Are Moving To Saskatchewan, Canada

A large number of people are flocking to Saskatchewan due to several reasons. Or you may have heard of people migrating to Saskatchewan and wondered what’s responsible for this Saskatchewan Immigrations. Saskatchewan is a prairie province in western Canada, the only province without natural borders. Nearly 10 per cent of its landmass is composed mostly of rivers, reservoirs, and lakes. Besides its natural endowment, the alluring outdoor urban lifestyle has been the most endearing factor encouraging the movements of people to Saskatchewan.

It’s a place that offers numerous opportunities to enjoy various activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, camping and many more. Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons for Saskatchewan Immigration or why people are migrating to Saskatchewan.

1. Beautiful Commercial Cities: 

The province of Saskatchewan is a major hub for commercial activities, with a large number of cultural and heritage attractions. The are many jobs and work opportunities in Regina, the largest city in Saskatchewan. It is a city which enjoys economic prosperity. To the West of Regina, you will find Mortlach, a charming town for leisure. It’s among the best places to live in Saskatchewan. You will love it here if you are a fan of culture and music.

2. High salaries for skilled immigrant workers

Saskatchewan continues to be one of the highest destinations for immigrants and skilled workers in Canada. According to statistical research, not less than 9000 people migrate to Saskatchewan each year in search of job opportunities. The average weekly wage for a migrant worker is approximately $970 for the past five years. Also, with the friendly immigration policy by SINP, the process for migration into the province has attracted a good number of immigrant workers who are looking for high salaries offers.

3. High Job opportunities

There are more than 140,000 jobs available in the Saskatchewan Province. With a good number of startup companies, the unemployment rate in Saskatchewan has continued to be the lowest in Canada.

4. The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

For six (6) consecutive years, Saskatchewan has had more people moving to the province from other parts of Canada due to its SINP program. The program is divided between three categories of people who want to migrate to the province, which includes Entrepreneur and farmers, International skilled workers and those with Saskatchewan experience. Under the skilled worker category, skilled workers can easily apply via the Express Entry system with their educational qualifications, skills and experience and as well as language proficiency. Check requirements for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee (SINP).

5. The Graduate Retention Program

The Graduate Retention Program is an income tax credit system that helps post-secondary graduates by refunding teaching fees of $20,000. The program helps post-secondary graduates who are willing to stay and search for job opportunities in Saskatchewan for more than a period of seven years.