Saskatchewan PNP Processing Time 2019

Are you searching to know how Saskatchewan PNP processing time will be or How much time it will take to get PR in the Saskatchewan PNP Program? This article will enlighten you more about the processing time for SINP.

Saskatchewan is a beautiful Canadian province to want to live and settle permanently. The SINP is a Provincial Nominee Program that provides you with the route to come to Canada as a permanent resident. SINP operates in coordination with the immigration refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

It invites residency applications from talented and skilled workers, who want to live and work in Saskatchewan, Canada. Subsequently, the SINP evaluates the profile of the applicants and nominate the successful candidates to the IRCC for Canada PR.

Now, if you have applied for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and wish to know about the processing time. Check it out below!

Saskatchewan PNP Processing Time 

Normally, the processing time to get PR in the Saskatchewan PNP Program will depend on the Saskatchewan PNP stream you choose to apply it.

The SINP processing time is updated every three (3) months to get the latest average of SINP application processing time for every SINP stream.

For instance, if you wish to apply in SINP – Occupation in Demand program, it may take about 8 months or 27 weeks to process. Express Entry streams take up to 29 weeks to process.

Note that the average processing time calculated above is the average processing time for 80% of applications. Furthermore, the time is calculated when the application is received to when it is processed.

What is the process to apply in SINP?

The Saskatchewan PNP Program has some key sub-categories. You may research and apply under the most relevant SINP category. Below are the main SINP Streams:

  • International Skilled Worker (ISW) Category: This category was designed for foreign skilled workers, who are wishing to live and work in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category: This category for immigrants from overseas countries, who are currently living and working in Saskatchewan.
  • Entrepreneur Category: It is for entrepreneurs or international businessmen who want to start a business in Saskatchewan province.
  • Farm Category: This category is for experienced farmers, who want to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

You can opt for any of the above categories to submit an application for the same. Hope we are able to enlighten you more about the Saskatchewan PNP processing time.

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