Saskatchewan Polytechnic Admission Requirements In Canada 2019

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Admission Requirements:

Candidates applying to a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program must arrange to send their  final, official high-school transcript via mail to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Registration Services directly from the institution or organization maintaining official records, before August 1.

See webpage for details.

To be qualified for admission based on post-secondary credits, related post-secondary transcripts must be submitted within 60 days of the date of application.

Eligibility for transfer credit, related post-secondary transcripts must be submitted by the program start date.

Admission to Saskatchewan Polytechnic constitutes admission to a specific program, managed by a specific campus, and based on specific admission criteria.

Admission requirements are established for all approved programs. They can be found on each program’s official web page and published in official print materials.

The established admission requirements consider the academic rigor, curriculum content, industry standards and other factors directly related to a student’s success in the program.  Admission requirements may change in accordance with Sask Polytechnic Policies and Procedures.

Admission requirements may include the following:

  • Minimum grade levels
  • Minimum average grades
  • Minimum grades in required courses
  • Minimum scores on admission exams
  • Proof of proficiency in specific skills
  • Demonstrated successful work experience in a designated field
  • Demonstrated successful completion of a relevant post-secondary education course(s) and/or skills training
  • Specific licenses, professional memberships or eligibility for licensure or membership
  • Evidence of good character
  • Minimum age requirement where required by statute
  • Special admission provisions

In cases where Saskatchewan Polytechnic requires a specific grade level standing as an admission requirement, the following may be used as applicable:

  • Saskatchewan Regular grade level
  • Saskatchewan Adult 10 or Adult 12
  • Saskatchewan GED 12 *
  • Modified Saskatchewan grade level subjects (11, 21, 31)
  • 15 passed credits (includes apprenticeship level) from a recognized post-secondary institution

GED 12 is accepted in the absent of the grade level for all high-demand programs for which an overall average is not required.

Where no specific prerequisite subjects and no overall average are required, an applicant may generally present regular (10, 20, or 30 level), or modified (11, 21, or 31 level) courses. Alternate courses (18, 28, or 38 level) are not acceptable.

Where specific subjects or an overall average are required, only regular (10, 20, or 30 level) courses are accepted.

In cases where Saskatchewan Polytechnic requires a specific grade level standing plus a specific overall average, in the overall average calculation, the following subjects are used:

  • English Language Arts A30
  • English Language Arts B30
  • highest grade in 20 or 30 level social studies*
  • highest grade in 20 or 30 level mathematics*
  • highest grade in a 20 or 30 level science*
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