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Saskatchewan Polytechnic International Awards, Canada

Apply for the Saskatchewan Polytechnic International Awards before it is too late. Preference is given to international students for many wide and national award competitions. Students can apply for government financial assistance and access non-repayable funding with federal and provincial student grants.

A number of scholarships are available to support students’ secondary and post-secondary education. In addition, there are a few opportunities exclusively for international students below.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is an excellent school in Canada. This Polytechnic was founded in 1907 as a public research university and is the largest university in its province. It currently includes approximately 20,000 undergraduate students and 4,000 postgraduate students. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is Saskatchewan’s primary public institution for post-secondary technical education and skills training.

Programs and Tuition for International Students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

International students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic have a variety of courses to choose from and have special tuition fees.

Below is the list of courses and tuition fees for international students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Tuition Fees for international students

The tuition rates for international students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic is different from that of local students and students with a permanent residence permit. All amounts are in approximate Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

The rates listed on the program pages are the tuition rates Canadian students pay. International students are not eligible for the same tuition rates because Canadian taxpayers subsidize the tuition rates for Canadian students.

International students are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $10,000 within 30 business days of receiving a letter of acceptance.

The tuition fee for each course can be downloaded from the campus website.

International students can find the approximate international tuition and fee amounts for the next academic year on the International Programs page.

What do the fees cover?

The fees cover the following expenses for the students

  • Administrative fees

These are fees charged for administrative costs for providing services for the duration of a program. These include costs associated with student ID cards, transcripts, transfer credits, prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) application, and graduation.

The following withdrawal fees also apply:

Continuing education/extension, home study, televised and online course withdrawal fee
withheld from students who withdraw after the posted deadline:
$100 per credit course
Co-op withdrawal fee for mandatory co-op programs $125
Co-op withdrawal fee for optional co-op work terms

(For the first semester of a work term if the student withdraws by October 31, February 28(29), and May 31. Monies paid for subsequent co-op semesters will be fully refunded upon withdrawal. No refund for the first semester of a work term if withdrawal notification is received after the aforementioned dates)

50% refund
Domestic student tuition deposit switch fee (after the first switch) (except SCBScN) $250
International student tuition deposit switch fee (59-30 days before program start) (except SCBScN) $500
International student tuition deposit switch fee (29 days before the program start-up to and including the fifth scheduled day of the program (except SCBScN) $1000

If you want to know the administrative fee for any specific program at a per credit unit rate, see Saskatchewan Polytechnic Fee Schedule (pdf), section A.

  • Application fees

Non-refundable application fees are charged for the cost of processing applications and documents associated with the admission process. The application fee must be paid at the time of application and is required for each application to a Sask Polytech program and location.

Domestic applicants

  • Online application fee $75
  • Paper application fee $100
  • Domestic applicants with international documents are charged an additional assessment fee of $75.

International applicants

Online application fee of $150 which includes an international document assessment fee.

Programs exempt from application fee:

  1. Literacy and Adult Education programs
    Programs delivered through a Saskatchewan regional college or Gabriel
  2. Dumont Institute
  3. Skills Training
  • Camp and conference fees

Camp and conference fees are charged for transportation, lodging, and food for these events.

  • Applied Learning/Laboratory fees

The applied learning/lab fee is assessed on all programs with laboratory components. It includes costs associated with consumables and non-consumable resources associated with the development and implementation of the offering.

For program-related fees, see Saskatchewan Polytechnic Fee Schedule (pdf), section B.

  • Learning Support fee

This fee is $1.75 per credit unit. It covers costs associated with supporting learning, whether remotely or in person.

  • Service fees

These fees apply to miscellaneous items not covered by the administrative fees. They are charged to the user of the service rather than to the general student body. This is applied to the services you use personally.

Application for graduation
(for students not admitted to a program)
Audit (non-refundable) 75 percent of tuition
Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA) and CLBA transcript (non-refundable) $250
Continuing Education/Extension deferred exam $50
Deferred payment of tuition $100
Duplicate completion document (certificate, diploma, degree, etc.) $30
Duplicate TLR and/or PART card $15
Duplicate student identification $15
Freedom of Information request $20 for the application

The first hour of processing is free,
$30 per hour thereafter

Grade/student appeal $30
International document assessment fee $75
For assessment of international documents for regional college and Saskatchewan Polytechnic applicants and students.
Late payment of tuition or fees The greater of $100 or
1 percent per month
Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) $25
Proctoring of non-Saskatchewan Polytechnic examination (individuals and groups)
  • Students’ Association fees

These fees are used to support advocacy, student programs, events, and services that enhance the post-secondary experience.

The students’ association fees are set annually by the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students’ Association General Council in accordance with the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students’ Association Bylaws.

  • Technology fee

A technology fee is charged for providing learning supports, mobile, and other types of connectivity on- and off-campus to access program and course learning and assessment materials.

Tuition deposit and tuition fee

These fees are charged for providing the education, training, and credentialing of a program.

Once you are accepted, a non-refundable deposit toward your tuition is required to confirm that you accept the admission offer.

Tuition deposit amounts:

Domestic applicants (not applicable to Skills Training) $600
International applicants $10,000
International applicants in subsequent program $2,500
International applicants to bundled programs

  • Assessed at program one ($7,500)
  • Assessed at program two ($2,500)
Tuition deposit for credit extension courses (permitted only for students waiting for a student loan or sponsorship funding) $100 per course

International students with Permanent Residency

International students with permanent residence permits are allowed to pay the same tuition fee as Canadian students. This is effective from September 2018.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic requires a Permanent Resident Card in order to confirm Canadian residency and reduce an international student’s tuition to the domestic rate. When this proof is provided, the domestic tuition rate is effective for all subsequent terms in the program.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic International Students Awards

There are a number of awards available for international students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Any eligible student can apply for them. They include:

International Dean’s Scholarship

Value Of Award:

  • Master’s: $18,000 for up to two years
  • Doctoral: $22,000 for up to three years

Eligibility For The Saskatchewan Polytechnic International Awards:

  • Register for the first time in a thesis or dissertation based program at the U of S
  • Entrance GPA of at least 85%
  • Show evidence of previous research productivity as demonstrated by authorship of refereed journal publications or conference presentations/publications


    • Nominations for International

Dean’s Scholarship

    are made by academic units after you’ve applied


  • Round 1: December 1
  • Round 2: February 2

Country Eligible For The Scholarship:

Students from the countries below may benefit from our partnership agreements around the world.

  • China
  • Ecuador
  • Vietnam

How to find an award

When you are searching for eligible awards, you will have to observe the following steps

  • Select your program from the program drop-down list to bring up awards specific to your program.
  • Select “Any Program” from the program drop-down list to bring up awards that are not specific to a campus or program. These awards may have additional requirements to be met, so please read carefully.

Requirements for applying for Saskatchewan Polytechnic international students awards

International students who want to apply for Saskatchewan Polytechnic international students awards must provide the following information.

Personal Information

On the Personal Information page, you are required to fill out all boxes marked with a red asterisk (*). You do not fill the box for the High School and High School Division boxes, you will just enter “N/A” as this information does not pertain to you.

Academic Achievement

As a 1st or 2nd-year International student, there is a designated box on the application to enter your cumulative average, located near the bottom of the Academic Achievement page. You do not need to fill out any other portion of this page.

1st Year Students

Your high school marks are required for your academic achievements, so you will need to complete a semester on campus before you can apply for student awards.

This means that you can use your 1st-semester cumulative average to apply for any award.  A specific award for 1st-year International students will be made available for application in the December – February posting.

2nd Year Students 

As a 2nd year international student you can apply for student awards starting in April using your cumulative average from the 1st year of study. This applies to all second-year students.

Financial Need

You do not need to fill out the Financial Need page of the application, because your financial information is not necessary to qualify for academic achievement-based scholarships at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Additional Information

Additional information will be required of you by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, then you will only need to fill out this page. This additional information is required in the eligibility or selection criteria on the Award Selection page.

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