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Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program – Easy Guide

You can participate in the province’s labor market and live permanently in Canada through Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Canada has 13 divisions based on provinces and territories rather than states like some countries.

Furthermore, there are ten provinces and three territories in Canada.

So then, each Canadian province/territory has a dedicated Provincial Nominee Program that allows foreign nationals to immigrate within a province and become permanent residents of Canada.

These Canadian provinces and territories include Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, as well as Northwest Territories.

Moreover, the province of Quebec does not have a Provincial Nominee Program but makes provisions for foreign nationals who want to reside and work permanently in Quebec.

What is Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Provincial Nominee Program is a program for workers with appropriate skills, work experience, and education who want to become a Canadian permanent residents in a particular province.

Certainly, the Government of Saskatchewan created Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program to support the immigration of skilled, educated, and experienced workers to the province.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

Commonly known as Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), the Government of Saskatchewan founded this program in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Moreover, Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program can help you fulfill your desire to reside and work permanently in the province through various categories.

When you procure a Canadian permanent resident card via Saskatchewan PNP, your spouse, common-law partner, children, family members, and dependents can also grab the opportunity to immigrate to the province.

Furthermore, Saskatchewan PNP nominates foreign nationals who have the potential to meet the province’s labor market needs.

Besides, you must meet Saskatchewan PNP requirements to qualify for immigration through this nominee program.

The requirements must be met, including your work experience as a temporary foreign worker, proof of language proficiency, educational qualifications, Canadian work permit, and sponsorship.

If you meet the requirements, you will most likely get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) in a Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program drawing.

In addition, the Government of Saskatchewan decides on Provincial Nominee Program applications. Their decisions on applications include Nominated, Returned, or Ineligible.

Saskatchewan PNP program categories

This Provincial Nominee Program requires you to apply under any of three (3) Saskatchewan PNP Program categories.

Besides, the Saskatchewan PNP login platform is accessible through OASIS.

Moreover, each of these Saskatchewan PNP categories has several subcategories.

You must satisfy the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program eligibility criteria under the subcategory you intend to use.

The following are the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program categories

  1.  International Skilled Worker category
  • Express Entry (EE)
  • Occupation In-Demand (OID)
  • Employment Offer
  1.  Entrepreneur and Farm category
  • Farm Owner and Operator
  • Entrepreneurs
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur category
  1.  Saskatchewan Experience
  • International Students
  • Hospitality Workers
  • Health Professionals
  • Truck Drivers
  • Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit category
  • Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit category

International Skilled Worker category

Three (3) subcategories are under the International Skilled Worker category of the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program.

Express Entry (EE)

EE enables skilled workers to immigrate, reside and work permanently in Canada.

Moreover, it would be best if you had an active Express Entry profile. You must also satisfy certain requirements of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

In addition, you must demonstrate your interest in living and working in Saskatchewan.

Occupation In-Demand (OID)

This is the only Saskatchewan PNP without a job offer requirement. Moreover, the Occupation In-Demand subcategory applies to highly skilled workers who still need a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.

Furthermore, this subcategory has more benefits as you can apply for a job, as well as for your Canadian PR at the same time.

In addition, you must be skilled in an in-demand job in the Saskatchewan labor market.

Employment Offer

The Employment Offer subcategory is suitable for skilled workers who want to immigrate to Canada and stay in Saskatchewan.

If you are a skilled worker, you need a valid job offer (full-time job) from an eligible Saskatchewan employer to qualify for Employment Offer subcategory.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category

This Saskatchewan PNP program category has three (3) subcategories as follows.

Farm Owner and Operator

You can apply under this subcategory if you possess initial experience regarding farm ownership or operator.

Furthermore, you must prove your farming experience and should be willing to set up or manage a farm in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Above all, you must have sufficient funds to engage in farming as soon as you immigrate to Saskatchewan, Canada.


This subcategory is for you if you wish to immigrate to Canada or own a business while living in Saskatchewan.

Moreover, you can join a partnership with an existing business in Saskatchewan.

International Graduate Entrepreneur category

This subcategory is ideal for international students who intend to establish themselves as entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan.

As an international student in Canada, you must be about to complete studies at a post-secondary institution within Saskatchewan.

Moreover, you must be willing to organize a business venture in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Experience

Below are the subcategories under the Saskatchewan Experience category.

International Students

If you graduated from a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution, you could receive a nomination to apply for Canadian permanent residency via a Saskatchewan PNP draw.

Moreover, you need to provide a university or college completion certificate obtained for studying in an accredited Saskatchewan institution.

Hospitality Workers

As a temporary foreign worker who is presently an employee in Saskatchewan, you can apply through Hospitality Sector Project subcategory to become a Canadian permanent resident.

Moreover, you need work experience of at least six (6) months while working for a certified hospitality provider.

Health Professionals

You can apply through Health Professionals subcategory if you have been employed in the Saskatchewan health sector for at least six (6) months.

In addition, your work experience must be relevant to health, such as being a doctor, nurse, etc. It is also best to have a valid Canadian work permit.

Truck Drivers

This subcategory is for foreign nationals working for a licensed trucking company in Saskatchewan.

Furthermore, you must have a temporary work permit with a minimum work experience of six (6) months.

Moreover, it is required that you possess a job offer from a trucking company in Saskatchewan.

Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit

You can apply under this subcategory as a skilled worker if you have a valid Canadian work permit.

This can be your opportunity to immigrate to Canada and stay permanently in Saskatchewan.

Moreover, you must possess Saskatchewan work experience of less than six (6) months.

Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit

If you are a skilled worker in the agricultural sector, you can become a Canadian permanent resident via the Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit subcategory.

Furthermore, it would be best if you had a job offer from an authorized employer in Saskatchewan. You must also have a valid Canadian work permit and Saskatchewan work experience not below six (6) months.

Saskatchewan PNP processing time

Below are the estimated processing times for various Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program subcategories.

International Skilled Worker:

  • Express Entry: 22 weeks
  • Occupation In-Demand: 23 weeks
  • Employment Offer: 3 weeks

Entrepreneur and Farm category:

  • Entrepreneurs: 10 weeks

Saskatchewan Experience:

  • International Students: 1 week
  • Hospitality Workers: 1 week
  • Health Professionals: 4 week
  • Truck Drivers: 1 week
  • Existing Work Permit: 1 week

Most importantly, note that Saskatchewan PNP processing time is subject to change every three months.

Saskatchewan PNP job approval letter

The Saskatchewan PNP job approval letter permits an employer to recruit a foreign national through the Saskatchewan PNP program.

Furthermore, job approval processing time takes an average period of 9 weeks.

Applying for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program without a job offer

Suppose you need help getting a provincial nomination without a job offer in Saskatchewan. Then, you can consider applying for Occupations In Demand (OID) under International Skilled Worker, as it doesn’t need a job offer.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program eligibility

To become a permanent resident of Canada under the Saskatchewan PNP, you are required to meet the following criteria.

  • First, you must get at least 60 Saskatchewan PNP points out of 110 before applying for the program.
  • Second, you must provide valid English or French language proficiency test results.

Proof of language proficiency requirements

If you wish to pass the Saskatchewan PNP draw 2021 cut-off, you must take one of these approved language proficiency tests.

Moreover, you need to exceed the minimum scores for each band.

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Reading 3.5, Speaking 4, Writing 4, Listening 4.5
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP): Reading 4, Speaking 4, Writing 4, Listening 4
  • Test de connaissance du français pour le Canada (TCF Canada): Reading 342, Speaking 4, Writing 4, Listening 331
  • Test d’évaluation de français pour le Canada (TEF Canada): Reading 121, Speaking 181, Writing 181, Listening 145

Finally, you can manually determine your Saskatchewan PNP draw 2021 score based on how the Government of Saskatchewan allocates points to satisfy each criterion.

Saskatchewan PNP draws 2021 NOC list

Occupations In-Demand (OID) and Express Entry programs have requirements for education and work experience.

Moreover, your job must be classified under NOC Skill Type 0, Level A, or B.

  • NOC Skill Type 0 (Management jobs), Skill Level A (university certificate required), or Skill Level B (college or apprenticeship completion)

Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program’s latest draw was held on September 27, 2021, in which 391 non-Canadians were offered an Invitation to Apply (ITAs).

In conclusion, you can start applying if you are sure that you have met the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program eligibility requirements.

Even without a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program calculator, you can know your eligible category using the Program Selector Tool.

FAQs about Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program

How do I make inquiries about the Saskatchewan PNP program?

Via phone or email

Can a refugee claimant apply for Saskatchewan PNP?

Foreign nationals with a pending refugee claim are ineligible for Saskatchewan PNP.

Is a job offer required for Saskatchewan PNP?

Yes, but you are not required to apply through Occupations In Demand, a subcategory of International Skilled Worker.

What is the minimum age requirement for the Saskatchewan PNP program?

Saskatchewan PNP age requirement ranges from 18 to 50.

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