Sauder School of Business UBC And Its MBA Courses

The Sauder School of Business is considered to be one of the top academic business schools across the globe.

Saunder school of business is one of the leading universities when it comes to MBA. They are ranked among the top 25 internationally recognized for business research by Financial Times. It maintains a worldwide reputation for excellence in research.

The Sauder School of Business UBC contributes to being a faculty which is situated in Vancouver on Point Grey Campus of University of British Columbia, UBC.

AACSB has given accreditation to this business school. This school is outstanding among top MBA schools in Canada with competitive programs.

About Sauder School of Business UBC

The Sauder School of Business is considered to be one of the top academic business schools across the globe. It offers a global business perspective to the students.

These programs are responsible for the generation of generation leaders who will be driving shape and change organizations and industries across the globe.

It was established in the year of 1956. It was in 2003 when the business school was renamed in the honor of Dr. William Sauder. The university has educated more than 50,000 students in the two campuses in Kelowna and Vancouver.

The business school has a wide array of brilliant and experienced faculties that confer amazing education to the students here. The business school has more than 100 full-time faculty members.

Sauder School of Business UBC Alumni

As you complete courses from this business school, you become an integral part of the engaged and active alumni network. You can get several benefits has become a part of this alumni. You can thus get involved in alumni career services, UBC Transcript Services. You can reap the benefits of MBA alumni course facilities.

The alumni community of this business school is present across the globe with an eye to fostering the engaged, connected, and proud alumni population.

The alumni offer opportunities for empowering professional development, personal growth, and connections to the community through a plethora of tailored events and programs.

Regardless of where you are traveling or residing, there are more opportunities for connecting with fellow Sauder alumni. This is an excellent option for rendering support to the new career direction. It is also effective in pursuing professional interests and create a network of your own.

Saunder School of Business ranking

Saunders School of Business had been exceptional in its MBA and other degree programs in areas such as Economics and Management. It is among the top-ranked universities in the world and has maintained its position as the best business program for four consecutive four years.

Take a look at the recent ranking of Saunders School of Business

  • Ranked 1st in Canada for Business and Economics by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • Ranked 34th for business and Economics studies by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • Ranked 10th in top global business schools report of 2021 by Forbes.
  • Ranked  #111-120 World University Rankings 2021 by QS Global
  • Ranked 51st in the world Ranking 2021 for the quality of its open enrolment programs offered to management professionals.

The Sauder School of Business UBC MBA Courses and Programs

Diploma in Accounting and Sales Management

The Sauder School of Business offers diploma programs in Accounting and Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. The program is focused on conferring marketing and sales professionals with the best practices and skills for performing at the supreme level in the organization.

The graduate of Diploma in Accounting opens several doors for a wide array of career opportunities in the industry, public practice, and government.

Bachelor of Commerce

The business school offers a bachelor of commerce program to the students. It provides chances for studying at the top business school amidst the surrounding snow-capped mountains as well as the Pacific Ocean of Vancouver.

This is a four-year program that trains the students to understand the fundamentals of business and management skills that help the students to be successful in their careers.

Master of Management

It also comes up with the different master of management courses such as a master of business analytics, master of management in operations research, bachelor and master of management dual degree, Ph.D. in business administration, MSc in Business Administration, master of management in operations research, master of business analytics.

Professional Master of Business Administration

This is a 24 monthly program aimed at professionals who want to become business leaders. PMBA is done on weekends and online and students can easily apply what they learn in their professions.

If you are searching for the leading MBA program which will confer the prerequisite confidence and skills for becoming a world-class leader, you should opt for the courses of this business school.

The school offers professional MBA, full-time MBA, Dual JD/MBA, and international MBA courses to the students.

The Sauder School of Business Admission Requirements

The candidates for the MBA program are chosen against different competitive requirements with an eye to ensuring that they have experience, leadership, and vision.

For applying for the MBA course, the student should complete the bachelor’s degree for the time duration of three to four eyes along with an average B+ from a recognized institute.

A degree for the time duration of three years is accepted from Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The candidates require to have a CGPA of 3.3 or 76% marks.

It is essential to have a minimum score of 550 on the GMAT. It is necessary to have the 50th percentile in every test section or a minimum score of 150 on the quantitative and verbal sections in GRE. For the competitive requirements, the student should have a GRE score of more than 310 in the sections of quantitative and verbal sections or a GMAT score of 650.

The candidate should be having the minimum experience of full-time work for the duration of two years after completion of a bachelor’s degree. For the competitive requirements, it is necessary to have full-time experience for the time duration of 3 to 5 years.

It is a prerequisite to add at least two references. The email addresses of these references need to be provided via the application and they will be contacted via emails. Professional references are given more preference. No separate letters will be accepted.

The candidate should be capable of speaking, writing, and comprehending English fluently. Candidates who have completed their degree from the universities outside USA and Canada need to qualify for the English proficiency test examination.

Scores of past 6 weeks should be taken up for ensuring that you have got the prerequisite time for writing the test. You should ensure that the scores of the tests are sent to the college from the testing service organization directly.

Duration of MBA Program at Sauder, UBC

The full-time MBA program, offered by this business school helps in overcoming different global challenges from several perspectives with the full-time MBA program. The course confers practical experience and specialized career tracks.

Professional MBA is a 24 monthly program that is designed for working professionals. It offers comprehensive broad-based management education along with online exams. Classes are conducted on each of two to three weekends.

This business school offers a part-time MBA program for the time duration of 20 months which features an award-winning curriculum, leading UBC facilities along study in Vancouver for the time duration of two weeks.

This business school confers the full-time MBA program for the time duration of 16 months which offers empowerment to the candidates for embracing the challenges and changing the businesses and livers for the better.

The GIE or Global Immersion Experience is mandatory which lets the candidates pursuing full-time MBA courses for spending two weeks abroad.

How to apply for admission into Saunder School of Business

Before a student starts to apply for admission into Saunders School of Business, he must take one of the following exams

Test Required Score
GMAT 550
GRE 155
TOEFL (Pint) 600
IELTS 70 overall band
CAEL 70 overall band

Required documents

  • Original Transcripts
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Resume
  • Passport and visa application

Steps for Applying Online:

  • Fill the online form before April 7, 2021
  • Pay the fees (CAD145.75 non-refundable) via MasterCard or Visa only
  • After applying, a confirmation letter is emailed to you after you click “Submit this Application” at the end of the process.
  • Upload and submit the required documents before June 30, 2021.

Sauder School of Business Campuses

The UBC Sauder School of Business is located at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. UBC School of Business campus is also located in Vancouver and the other in Okanagan.

The UBC Vancouver Campus is located at the Point Grey Peninsula which is surrounded by forests on three sides and the ocean on the fourth side. The campus offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to its students.

Frequently Asked Questions About Saunder School of Business

Q. Does Saunder offer scholarships to international students?

Ans. Yes, Saunders offers a scholarship, loans, awards and other financial assistance to international students who merit them.

Students who submit the needed documents before the deadline receive the UBC Saunder School of Business scholarship provided at the entrance level to 20% – 30% of every class.

Q. How much is the tuition fee at Saunders School of Business?

Ans. The cost of studying at Saunders School of Business varies according to situations and programs. The cost for Canadians is not the same for international students.