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Saudi Arabia Transit Visa – Duration, Eligibility, and Application

Indeed, you may not be going to Saudi Arabia, but you may need to apply for a Saudi Arabia transit visa. 

You see, most travelers need a Saudi Arabia transit visa if their destination requires them to stop in the country.

Sometimes, you do not necessarily have to purchase only the visa of your designated country; you may also need a pass or a transit visa if you have to use a connecting flight.

In this case, the country you need to stop briefly in will require you to apply and obtain their visa before you drop off and continue your journey.

So, this is what Saudi Arabia requires for all travelers who intend to go through this route before proceeding to their destination.

Now, with this knowledge, you must check if you need to make a stop in Saudi Arabia on your next trip. Then, read on to find out how to apply for this visa as soon as you need it.

About Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set in western Asia, in the Arabian Peninsula.

It is also the second largest country in the Arab world and the fifth largest in the Asian continent.

Now, Saudi has borders with the Red sea, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, and the Persian Gulf.

Furthermore, this country is big on religion, and it is also a significant factor that shaped its culture.

Religion also is an essential factor in the legislative and governing systems of the country. This religion, Islam, is the dominating religion of the country and almost oppresses any other flimsy religion that the citizens try to practice.

By the way, this country just began to grant women some right to daily activities, which women in other countries enjoy seamlessly.

This reform began only in 2017 because a new crown prince took over power in the country.

So, long before now, women were voiceless in Saudi Arabia and never participated in sports, politics, or any front.

But, things are beginning to improve for Saudi women. And they now participate in driving, voting, and sports. 

In food, the country enjoys a variety of cuisines but, still, religion forbids them from eating some foods like pork.

All these notwithstanding, the kingdom has the largest economy in the middle east. It has flourishing natural resources and export oil and gas in tons. 

Speaking about rich countries, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes this list.

Who needs to apply for a Saudi Arabia transit visa?

Travelers of all nationals except those from visa-free countries can apply for Saudi Arabia if they stay in the country for 48 to 96 hours.

To begin with, you need to apply for a visa to the country you are traveling to. After that, contact your visa agent or airline to take care of it.

Say you are applying for this visa yourself, you must submit some requirements at the Saudi Arabia embassy in your country.

The Saudi government, however, makes a few exceptions to the transit visa rule.

First, Saudi Arabia does not issue this visa during Hajj or Ramadan.

Also, solo traveling women can not apply for this visa themselves. They must have a companion before they are qualified for this visa.

Criteria for applying for a transit visa through Saudi Arabia

When you finally know that you can apply for the transit visa, you must move ahead to check out the criteria that will further verify your eligibility.

So, before you pick up your phone to start the process, check out these criteria and make sure you meet the mark.

The visa for your final destination is in your possession already

Your flight to your final destination will surely leave within 12 hours, and you have your ticket for the flight ready.

Your flight must go through the Dammam, Jeddah, or Riyadh international airports.

Finally, you do not have any reason to leave the transit area of the international airports in Saudi Arabia.

How can I apply for a Saudi Arabia transit visa?

You have to apply for this visa physically at the Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate in your country.

The first major thing you should do is download the application form from their website. Then, go to the transit visa section, fill it out correctly and print it out.

Then, proceed to the Saudi Arabia embassy in your area and submit your application form.

In addition, you must pay a visa fee of SR 300 if you need to stay in the country for 96 hours.

Else, you pay a fee of SR 100 for a stay of 48 hours.

Furthermore, the embassy might ask you relevant questions regarding your travel and why you opted for this visa type.

Requirements for Saudi Arabia transit visa

The embassy expects you to submit these requirements as a transit visa applicant:

  • Correctly filled out and signed visa application form
  • A document is known as the declaration of Saudi Arabia’s laws
  • Your passport that is six months valid
  • Passport photograph (1)
  • Correctly filled out Saudi Arabia transit visa questionnaire
  • Evidence of your booking
  • Resident permit of your original country

How long does it take to process a transit visa for Saudi Arabia?

We advise you to start your visa process a few weeks before your due date.

For this visa, it takes the embassy or consulate about a week to process your visa.

Saudi Arabia e-transit visa

Travelers who need a transit visa from Saudi Arabia can now use the evisa portal. 

The ministry of Saudi Arabia’s foreign affairs has been kind enough to permit these services for nationals of all countries.

Nonetheless, the eVisa favors those who will stay in Saudi Arabia for at least 12 hours before taking off again.

Steps to apply for your transit evisa

Browse the official website and login

  • Click on ‘individuals.’
  • Choose ‘register’ to create a new account if it’s your first time. If it’s not your first time, please skip this part.
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions of the application
  • Follow the prompts and fill in your details accurately
  • Upload your passport photograph sized 2×2
  • Click on a transit visa
  • Finish up and click on save

Safety measures for traveling

Saudi Arabia experiences bad weather between June to August. So be prepared for strange weather while you wait to connect your flight.

Stay alert and watch your surrounding. Though the airport may seem secure, still, nothing is certain.

Watch out for protests and avoid getting entangled in them.

Be mindful on Fridays because the kingdom is religious, and prayers go up on Fridays.

Respect the officers’ rules and instructions, and avoid conflicts. This may make you miss your flight and waste money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are additional visas offered in Saudi Arabia?

So, aside from the transit visa, which you need if you must make a stop in Saudi Arabia before moving on, there are other visas too.

Saudi Arabia tourist visa

You can apply for a Saudi Arabia tourist visa. This visa is for travelers who wish to travel to the country for tourism.

Also, you can now apply for the electronic tourist visa if your country is eligible.

Saudi Arabia visits visa.

Those with family or friends residing in Saudi Arabia will obtain this visa if they want to visit.

Additionally, this visa has two types. First, those from eligible countries can apply for this visa online. Then, if your country is not suitable, you must apply for this visa physically.

Saudi Arabia Work visa

You can call this visa an employment visa. It is for anyone going to work in the country.

Before applying for this visa, you must meet the requirements, and your employee must obtain a work permit.

The Umrah visa

An Umrah visa is a free visa to Saudi if you are a Muslim and going to the country to perform Hajj or Umrah.

The business visa

This applies to travelers who wish to transact business in Saudi Arabia. 

Student visa

Students can apply for a visa to further their education in Saudi Arabia. However, there are strict rules guiding this visa type.

How long will I wait for my Saudi Arabia visa?

Your visa process might take days if you apply physically. However, your visa will be ready within three days if all goes well. Meanwhile, it takes at least 30 minutes for your online visa application to be out.

Do I need a transit visa for Riyadh airport?

First, where you are coming from matters here, if you qualify and meet the criteria, you can apply for the airport transit visa.


The transit visa is just for travelers that must pass through Saudi Arabia. Again, though, the visa is available to everyone, irrespective of their country. You must meet the strict requirements before you can obtain this visa.

The transit visa stops during the Hajj or the Ramadan periods. Therefore, you must be more in tune with the dates in Saudi Arabia so your travel does not get grounded against your wish.

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