Scholarships/Bursaries And Grants At Herzing College

The school admits students for online learning and has an Online Student Support Centre in Edmonton.

Herzing College offers a variety of scholarships made available only to deserving students. Bursaries and grants may also be available through the Provincial Governments and the Federal Government of Canada.

For the past 55 years, Herzing College has successfully graduated about 50,000 students in various disciplines of life. There are campus locations in Cambridge, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

The school also admits students for online learning and has an Online Student Support Centre in Edmonton. Herzing College has its administrative headquarters located in Montreal, Quebec.

The Montreal and Toronto campus has provisions for teaching its programs certain courses in English, French, or both. Other campuses have programs taught strictly in the English Language.

As a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) with the Government of Canada, Herzing College admits both local and international students. Initially, the college was oriented to take computer technology programs only.

However, it has grown to expand its scope towards other career paths. Diploma and certificate programs offered in the schools cover the major fields in:

  • Business
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Legal studies
  • Media
  • Technology

When Herzing College celebrated its 55th anniversary recently, it made special scholarship opportunities available to students. These scholarships, as well as those already existing, are open to all students of the school who have met the criteria for them. Other than these, the school also offers grants and bursaries, and also allows its students to benefit from external financial aids.

In this article, the most common of Herzing College’s scholarships, grants, and bursaries have been highlighted. But before you can benefit from any of such scholarships, you need to most importantly, be a student of Herzing College.

Herzing College Admission and Procedure for International Students

Depending on each campus, some of the programs available for international students in Herzing College are:

Program Campus
Montreal Ottawa Toronto Winnipeg
Accounting and Payroll Administration ü
Business Administration ü ü ü
Community Services Worker ü ü
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting ü
Computer Network Technology ü
Early Childhood Education ü
Law Clerk ü
Medical Laboratory Assistant ü
Network Administration ü
Occupational Health and Safety Officer ü
Pharmacy Assistant ü
Programmer Analyst ü
Supply Chain Management and Logistics ü
Website Design ü


Herzing College admits international students who have an overall IELTS score of 6.0 or more As an international student, you will need to follow these procedures to apply for a program at Herzing College:

  • Download and complete the International Student Registration form. Click can be found on the Herzing College Website through the international students’ webpage.
  • Make all necessary application payment through the Credit Card Payment form also available on the institution’s webpage
  • Send all completed worms to [email protected]

Once your application has been received, Herzing College will begin processing your admission

You can get updated news on application periods and the deadlines, as well as the timetable for the different seasons through the College’s webpage. Herzing College is an institution based in Quebec. Once you have been admitted for a program you will receive a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec or the Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ).

The CAQ will be used in applying for a Study Permit with the IRCC after which you can immigrate to Canada and begin your study. Once you receive CAQ from the college, you should begin the application process for a Study Permit to ensure you arrive in Canada in time for your program.

Scholarships, Bursaries, And Grants Available at Herzing College

John Brandt Award

The John Brandt Awards offers three students of Herzing College a financial aid of C$1,000 each every year. The scholarship is given based on student’s applications which are reviewed by the senior management team.

William R Rootham Scholarship

Every year, up to $20,000 ($5,000 per each campus) is made available for selected students who are interested in taking programs or certifications in technology such as networking, web design or programming. This financial aid is referred to as the William R Rootham Scholarship.

Students that qualify will be awarded C$1,000 will be spent on schooling expenses as the program requires. The scholarship is usually applied for prior to the beginning of classes at the college.

You may apply for the William R Rootham Scholarship through the admissions department. Students are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in enrolling for a course in technology
  • A minimum score of 25 in the Herzing Alternative Admissions Test.
  • A need for additional funding to be able to cater for tuition fees or living expenses. Such expenses must be less than the proposed financial aid for each selected individual.

Every academic year, only one or two students are selected as beneficiaries of the scholarship award per criteria in each campus. You can apply for the scholarship if you meet any of the eligibility criteria above.

  • For taking a program in technology, one student stands a chance of getting a C$1,000 award on each campus.
  • Scholarship award for participants of the Herzing Alternative Admissions Test is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Two winners from each campus will be selected to receive C$1,000.
  • This award is also granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Two winners from each campus will be selected to receive C$1,000

In total, a sum of C$20,000 is awarded to 20 different students yearly for the William R Rootham scholarship.

Alumni Referral Scholarships

Each Alumnus of Herzing College is eligible to offer scholarships to students of the institution. The awards are:

  • C$1,000 for a 9 months program or longer or C$500 for a program of under 9 months. This award can only be given by an alumnus to a relative studying in the school.
  • C$500 for any student an alumnus decides to award in the school

Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Prairie Equity Scholarship

This scholarship award is specifically for students who are radio and/or television broadcasters in the college. Only one student benefits the sum of C$2,000 through the scholarship. The selected student is selected based on being part of a minority group such as aboriginal persons, women, persons with disabilities, and other minorities.

The Devon Zelmer Memorial Award

The Devon Zelmer Memorial Award is also given out annually to a radio and/or television broadcaster student who is in dire need of financial aid to complete a program.

Changing Landscape of Media Scholarship

This scholarship offer is open to all radio and television broadcasting students in the college. Interested applicants will write a 500 to 700-word count essay on the topic: “how media has changed over the past 25 years and how the internet and social media have defined mainstream media.”

All submissions must be made to the Radio and Television Broadcaster Instructional staff for review. One student who is judged to be the best will receive a C$1,000 award.

Internship Expense Assistance Scholarship

Through the Internship Expense Assistance Scholarship, Herzing College collaborates with internship employers to make sure they give interning students employed under them some form of financial assistance weekly.

The financial aid is given out so the student can cover certain expenses incurred during the internship such as travel, accommodation, feeding, etc. If you are eligible and qualify for the Internship Expense Assistance Scholarship at Herzing College, you will receive a minimum of C$100 as a weekly stipend during your internship.

Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship allows a sum of C$1,000 to be given to any student who scores 28 or more in the Herzing Alternative Admissions Test.

High School Scholarships

Students of Herzing College may receive certain financial awards from the High Schools they attended before then. The High School Scholarship can be:

  • High School Graduate Scholarship Program: This award is for students of the college who are just recent graduates from High School. Such students are eligible to receive a scholarship of up to $60 per month from the college all through the period of a specified program. To apply, students should submit an application to the college which should include a recommendation for the award from any of the officials of the high school attended by the student.
  • High School Faculty Scholarship Award: This award is given by each high school annually to three students of their choice who just got admitted to the college. For programs with a duration of 9 months or more, selected students may receive C$1,000, while students taking programs less than 9 months may receive C$500

The Five Star Excellence in Bookkeeping Award

This award, given by Five Star Accounting allows one Accounting and Payroll Administrator student of the college to receive an award of C$1000. The award is given annually and the selected student must have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence in bookkeeping.

Asides from the general scholarships offered to students of Herzing College, each local campus may also have special funding offers for their students. You should check with the administration of your campus to find out what other scholarship offers, grants, and/or bursaries may be available for you.

As a student of Canada, you may also be a beneficiary of certain grants and loans the Government of Canada awards to students. You may contact the Student Aid and Education Planning of Canada for more information on what grants, bursaries, and loans you are eligible for.