Scholarships For International Students In America

Many believe the idea of going to college in America is rocket science. Little do they know that it is not as difficult as it seems. Most in American long for a more diverse student body. They offer all sorts of grants and Scholarships For International Students in order to attract them to come study abroad. Before leaving your home country to study elsewhere, you need to have a plan. If you have already gained addmission and have been accepted to a college or university in America, ensure you contact the international students adviser, admission counselor or financial aid office directly in order to request information and applications for any financial aid available.

Colleges and universities in America require students to prove that they can afford the expenses associated with getting a four-year degree. However, you must be certain that funding won’t be an issue to study in America. The best and easiest way to fund your career is through scholarships. Below are a few scholarship opportunity you need to lookout for.


For over 100 years and still counting, the American Association of University Women has been committed to empowering women. One most important and unique program AAUW provides is their international fellowship. This gives opportunity to women from foreign nations to come to the United States and conduct graduate or postgraduate study.

Students looking to study internationally are provided with may Fulbright Scholarships by the Institute of International Education. They have a mission to advance international education and make education available worldwide. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program enables students from other foreign countries to attain their Master’s degree or Ph.D here in the US.

In addition, Rotary Foundation is also dedicated to changing the world by serving in their communities as sell as all over the world. With over 34,000 Rotary clubs worldwide, members of the club volunteer at home and abroad to support education at all levels, improved job training, they also work to provide clean water and combat hunger. Their commitment is demonstrated to education by offering district and global grants. These grants can be used to fund undergraduate and graduate-level studies and can also be used for a number of projects.

College Specific 

Almost every colleges and universities render supports to some form of international study. Many of the universities provide generously to scholarship opportunities so that everyone can have an equal chance at studying in a foreign country.

In Connecticut, the Westleyan University offers a few scholarship programs for international students while the Freeman Asian Scholars Program are responsible for covering the cost of tuition and fees for a four-year course of study. Those eligible are students from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, but each year, only up to 11 highly-qualified individuals receive this award. This award is highly competitive and it ensures that it is awarded to students based on merit. It plays no favor to any particular background like, religion, colour, race or country. As long as the student is driven and smart enough, he or she can receive the Freeman scholarship.

Most schools offer scholarship programs to a wide range of people. These types of scholarships programs are not particularly for international students; however, they are given equal chance to obtain scholarships as students from America. An example of such schools is the Drake University. The Fine Arts scholarship is what they offer to students who demonstrate exceptional skill in art and design, music, or theater and or working towards a fine arts degree. Also, they provide athletic scholarships to students. You are eligible for both of these scholarships no matter your background.

Minot State University in North Dakota offers a scholarship known as The Global Award. This is offered to a first time undergraduate students from countries other than Canada. This scholarship covers 50% of tuition charged by the school. They also provide athletic scholarships to the hardest working student-athletes.

International Rhodes Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarship any student can achieve. It is not awarded based on academic achievement – even though it is a huge factor. It is awarded base on the applicant’s character, commitment to others as sell as their potential for leadership in their future careers. Those who are lucky to achieve this award get to pursue a degree or multiple degrees from Oxford University in the United Kingdom.