Schulich School of Business York University MBA

The Schulich School of Business York University MBA programs are top ranked among other great Master of Business Administrative courses and programs offered in Canadian higher institutions. This article will outline admission requirements, tuition fees, program specializations, alumni information and guidelines for international MBA students seeking acceptance into Schulich School of Business in 2018/19. The Schulich School of Business contributes to being a popular business school of York University which is situated in Toronto, Canada. It offers a wide assortment of diploma, graduate degree and undergraduate programs in different streams along with a plethora of executive and Ph.D. programs.

About The Schulich School of Business York University MBA

The Schulich School of Business has ranked among the top business schools across the globe. Candidates can pursue the education in more than 80 popular management schools located in 40 different countries. This business school was founded in the year of 1996 when it was popular with the name of Faculty of Administrative Studies. It was in the year of 1995 when the business school was renamed after Seymour Schulich. He made a contribution of $15 million to this business school.

This business school offers education to almost 16,000 candidates in Canada as well as abroad. Students who take up courses from this business institute are eligible for the alumni. This allows them in getting connected with their classmates, create networking and become an indispensable part of the vibrant community of Schulich. As a student becomes a part of the online community or alumni of this business school, they can take participation in guest lectures, educational workshops, alumni events and a plethora of alumni benefits as well as services.

You can stay in touch with the fellow graduates and know what they are up to. As a part of the alumni, you are allowed to offer, employ and introduce for acting as the mentor for the graduating students. The alumni allow you to form connections which will be beneficial for the advancement of your career. You will get complete access to a wide array of perks by graduating from this business school. The Alumni is really helpful in expanding the professional network. You can integrate with the social networks complete and cultivate the helping culture and give back. The business school has hired a wide number of experienced faculties who have extensive knowledge about the course. Marcia Annisette, the associate professor of Accounting is known to be the dean of this business school.

Schulich School of Business MBA Courses and Programs

This business school comes with two undergraduate programs for the students which are known as BBA and iBBA. The graduate programs, offered by this institute are inclusive of MBA, Ph.D., IMBA, India MBA, EMBA, master of management, master of business analytics, master of accounting, master of finance, master of management, master of public administration, master of real estate and infrastructure.

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The MBA program at Schulich offers the prerequisite leadership skills and specialized knowledge that is helpful in getting the competitive benefits. You will be amazed to know that this institute allows you to customize your own MBA program. THus, you can consider switching between part-time and full-time enrolment. WIth advanced standing, it is possible to accomplish the program within the time duration of eight programs.

The business school offers MBA programs with India for the time duration of two years. It provides transformational management education to the brightest and best mind of India. The MBA/JD happens to be another popular course, offered by this business school. It is considered to be the perfect combination of different courses which will be preparing the demands of careers in law, business and a wide array of fields.

This institute provides a full time combined MBA/MFA degree program in Film, Theatre, Visual Arts and Dance. IMBA or International Master of Business Administration happens to be one of the well-renowned MBA program, offered by this business school. This international program is for those international and Canadian candidates who are willing to have a successful career in the international business and stand out of the ordinary in the crowd.

The Schulich School of Business Admission Requirements

It is necessary to meet the least admission requirements for applying for the course of MBA. However, just qualifying the admission requirements does not ensure admission as there are limited seats in every program. A holistic approach is opted while reviewing the application. In order to apply for the program, it is essential to complete the undergraduate degree from a well recognizes institute along with the least B average square. It is mandatory to have the minimum experience of 2 years of academic work.

If the application has completed degree with the time duration of three years, it is essential to have a working experience of at least 3 years. The candidate should be having valid GRE or GMAT score. It is necessary to have the acceptable score in GMAT or GRE for becoming eligible for the program. For completing the online application, the requirements are 2 videos,2 written essays, and 1 timed writer. You should be having at least two references and the latest resume. It is necessary to send unofficial copies of GRE and GMAT scores. Candidates also require sending unofficial copied of different transcripts from different post-secondary institutions.

Students who did not have English as the first language need to take the English proficiency test. The candidate needs to take the IELTS test where it is a must to have the overall score of 7.0. In case of TOEFL, it is essential to have the least score of 100 iBT. If the candidate has completed a full-time study for the time duration of 2 years from a recognized university in a country where the official language of the instruction was English, it is not essential to submit the test results of English proficiency. In case the candidate has completed graduation from Schulich School of Business and has B+ and above GPA and the application has been made within the next few years, there is no need to show GRE and GMAT scores. The tuition fees will also be waived off in this case.

The Schulich School of Business Tuition Fees

For permanent residents and citizens of Canada, the tuition fees in order to pursue full-time courses are $77,900. However, students who will be pursuing the part-time courses require paying $81,000 as the tuition fees. For international students, the total tuition fees are $99,400.

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