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How to Apply for a Serbia Official Mission Visa

Serbia Official Mission Visa grants you access to one of Europe’s oldest nations. Interestingly, you can stay up to 90 days in Serbia with this visa. Amazing! Right? Meanwhile, it is essential to acquire basic information about the visa application processes, fees, and requirements, before applying for Serbia Official Mission Visa. More so, you need to get adequate information about the country – Serbia, as well as the culture of the Serbians.

About Serbia Visa

Serbia is a Schengen country, and visa-free entry is available for all European Union (EU) passport holders, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. In addition, these countries’ nationals do not require a visa to visit Serbia for tourism or business purposes, provided they hold valid passports with at least six months remaining before the intended travel date.

What is a Serbia Official Mission Visa?

A Serbia Official Mission Visa is a specific visa that allows citizens of certain countries to travel to and work in Serbia. This type of visa differs from regular visas because it requires the applicant to have an official mission or assignment from their home country. The purpose of a Serbia Official Mission Visa is usually political, economic, cultural, or humanitarian.

Diplomatic and official visas are issued for individuals to enter a foreign country on formal government business. Government officials, employees of private companies, journalists, technicians, NGO representatives, personal employees, use them, and others who need to travel on official duties. The term official also includes “treatment,” which includes people accompanying patients traveling to receive medical treatment.

How is a Serbia Official Mission Visa Different from Other Types of Visas?

This type of visa differs from regular visas because it requires the applicant to have an official mission or assignment from their home country. As a Serbia Official Mission Visa is different from other types of visas, it has special requirements and requirements for documentation. Additionally, it is valid for a specific period.

This visa allows you to visit Serbia and perform official duties while in the country. As such, it is required if you travel to Serbia to fulfill an official duty. Official responsibilities can include working, studying, conducting research, attending a conference or meeting, performing military service, or working at a Serbian diplomatic mission.

Who can use a Serbia Official Mission Visa? 

Anyone eligible can use a Serbia Official Mission Visa. This includes citizens of countries that have diplomatic relationships with Serbia. Additionally, citizens of countries with which Serbia has economic relations can also use this visa. This includes countries such as China, Japan, and the United States.

The Official Mission Visa is issued to official representatives of foreign countries and international organizations headquartered in Serbia, who are in charge of an official mission of the country they represent and have diplomatic or service passports. Such a type of visa can be obtained with or without an entry visa sticker. On the other hand, official representatives of foreign countries and organizations not headquartered in Serbia can enter the country with the official mission visa only if they have an entry visa sticker.

General Requirements to Apply for Serbia Official Mission Visa

The Serbia Official Mission Visa is an official document that allows foreign nationals to visit Serbia for official purposes. Foreign nationals who are not visa eligible may apply for this visa through their local Serbian Embassy or Consulate.

When applying for a Serbia Official Mission Visa, there are certain documents you will need to provide to complete your application. These include:

  • A valid passport with at least six months of remaining validity and two blank visa pages.
  • A completed visa application form, plus one copy.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs of yourself.
  • A letter of invitation from the Serbian government or organization you will be visiting, plus any other relevant supporting documentation.
  • Proof of financial means to support your stay in Serbia, such as bank statements or a letter from your employer.
  • A travel insurance policy that involves medical coverage and evacuation in case of emergency.

Serbia Official Mission Visa – How to Apply

There are four basic stages to take in order to obtain a visa for Serbia.

#1. Schedule a meeting at the appropriate consulate.

You must deliver your application to your nation’s Serbian Republic’s Embassy or Consulate General. On our convenient embassy page, you may discover the one that is nearest to you.

#2. Complete the application.

After making an appointment at the appropriate embassy, you must acquire the required paperwork (see below for additional information on what this entails) and complete the application. Fill it out in legible print.

#3. Show up for your appointment to turn in your paperwork.

Deliver your paperwork in person. Inquires with some common questions regarding the reason for your visit, among other things, during the session. You will need to pay the cost and supply a passport photo.

#4. Obtain your passport.

After your appointment, your application gets checked by the consulate, and you will be notified of the results. The processing time will change depending on where you apply and the kind of travel pass you want. If your application is accepted, you will need to return to the consulate to get your passport stamped with your travel authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a Serbia Official Mission Visa?

Confidential cases (Approved by the embassy) – normally take 15 calendar days for a fully completed application with proper documentation, which is handed in at the VFS Visa Application Centre. Always ensure to send in your applications before peak season. The processing period may be extended up to a maximum of 30 calendar days in individual cases, notably if further scrutiny of the application is needed or in cases of representation.

Where do I apply for a Serbia Official Mission Visa?

Make an appointment with the Serbian embassy or consulate in your home country to submit your visa application. The appointment is required so your visa application can be processed as soon as possible.

How long can I stay in Serbia with an Official Mission Visa?

If you are coming to Serbia for an official mission, you can stay for up to 90 days with an Official Mission Visa. If you need to stay longer, you can apply for an extension at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, it would help if you got a residence permit for a longer-term stay. To obtain a residence permit, you need to prove the following: (1) you have a job in Serbia, (2) you have a bank account, (3) you have a place to live, (4) you have enough money to support yourselves. After you get a residence permit for a longer-term stay, you can stay in Serbia for more than 180 days without any further permits. As an alternative to (1), (2), (3), and (4), you can show your permanent residence permit from your home country.

Can my Serbia Official Mission Visa get Rejected?

If you intend to apply for this visa, it is essential to be aware that your application may get rejected. The reasons for rejection may include these common ones:

  • Not meeting the eligibility requirement: In order to qualify for this visa, you must meet certain criteria. This includes having a valid passport and being employed by a registered company. Your application may be turned down if you don’t comply with these standards.
  • Incorrect or incomplete documentation: When applying for any visa, it is essential that all required documentation is complete and accurate. If any of your documents are missing or incorrect, your application will likely be rejected.

Can I extend my days in Serbia with a Serbia Official Mission Visa?

You can extend your days in Serbia with an official Mission Visa. If you need to stay longer than the original period of stay granted on your visa, you may apply for an extension at the nearest Serbian Diplomatic Mission.

Can I pay my Serbia Official Mission Visa Fees Online?

No, paying your Serbia Official Mission Visa Fee online is impossible. Usually, when you have to pay your visa fee online, it is a personal visa, not an Official Mission Visa. Official Mission visa requires you to go through the nearest Serbian Embassy or Consulate to process the visa application. The fee for an Official Mission Visa starts from 40 EUR up to 200 EUR and depends on your chosen embassy.

What should Foreign Nationals expect when applying for a Serbia Official Mission Visa?

Most applicants who apply for this visa will receive a visa approval letter. However, applicants may experience some delays in their application process. Additionally, applicants are liable to pay additional visa fees, depending on the type of visa they are applying for.

How can Foreign Nationals apply for a Serbia Official Mission Visa?

The most common way foreign citizens apply for this visa is through their local Serbian Embassy or Consulate. However, foreign nationals may also apply for this visa through the Serbian Visa Application Center if they reside in a country with diplomatic relations with Serbia.


In conclusion, with Serbia Official Mission Visa, you get a chance to visit the Schengen country for a maximum duration of 90 days. And, of course, don’t leave the country without tasting the national brandy, rakija.

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