Serbia Tourist Visa – Eligibility, Requirements and Application

Serbia Tourist Visa is one of the most requested forms of visa whose eligibility, application, and requirement must be met.

It’s been proven that Serbia is a beautiful place to travel to because of its excellent historical sites and intriguing cultural history, which draw millions of tourists from across the world each year. The nation is situated in the middle Balkans in southeast Europe, with a population of approximately nine million.

In this guide, you will discover the requirement, eligibility, and application processes involved in getting Serbia Tourist Visa. If you are, let us dive right in.

Visa Policy For Serbia

In this Serbia Visa Guide, you will find all the information you want on Serbia’s visa policy regarding different nationalities from around the world, various kinds of visas, particular requirements, and more. You must have a reservation for a flight before you can apply for a visa to Serbia.

All visitors must get a visa from the Serbian diplomatic missions, except for those who are citizens of nations that do not require visas. However, according to the accords, the Serbian government permits nationals of specific nations to travel to Serbia without a leisure and business travel visa.

Nevertheless, residents of other nations must get a visa from the Republic of Serbia’s Embassy or Consulate General.

Who Needs a Serbia Visa

The interesting fact is that not everyone is eligible to enter Serbia visa-free. So, the question becomes what countries do not require a visa to access Serbia. For three months within 180 days, Serbia is accessible without a visa. Here is a highlight of such countries;

All the EU citizens Grenada Oman
Albania Holy See Palau
Andorra Iceland Peru
Antigua and Barbuda Israel Qatar
Argentina Japan Saint Kitts and Nevis
Armenia Kosovo San Marino
Australia Kuwait Seychelles
Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan Singapore
Bahrain Liechtenstein South Korea
Bolivia Macau Switzerland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
Brazil Moldova Tunisia
Canada Monaco Turkey
Chile Mongolia Ukraine
Costa Rica Montenegro United Arab Emirates
Cuba New Zealand United Kingdom
Dominica North Macedonia The United States
Georgia Norway Uruguay

Looking at the list above, you will require a visa to enter Serbia if your country isn’t listed there. This leads us to discuss the Serbia visa requirement.

Serbia Tourist Visa Requirement

As we stated earlier, you can visit Serbia visa-free only if your country is listed in the mentioned countries. However, as long as your country is not listed, you will need a visa.  

Here is the visa requirement for entering Serbia;

  • Genuine Passport: Your passport must have at least two blank pages, be in excellent shape, and be valid for three months before the date of return.
  • Two Images: The pictures need to be recent—within the previous six months—color, passport-sized, and recently taken.
  • A Request Form: Fill out the application form with the most up-to-date information. Filling out the application with incorrect information or leaving blank spots might result in denying your visa.
  • Payment Of Fees: You may complete the visa fee payment when presenting your papers at the consulate or embassy. Make sure to include the payment recipe with any other needed paperwork.
  • Travel Health Coverage: Proof that, should you experience a medical emergency while in Serbia, you have current health insurance with a coverage limit of €20.000.
  • Bank records: You need a document produced by your bank that contains the last six months’ worth of bank statements. This document must attest to your financial stability and ability to support yourself while visiting Serbia.
  • Confirmation of the Flight Schedule: The date, time, name of the aircraft, and the time and day of your return journey are all included in this paper.
  • Serbian Accommodation Evidence: This document must attest to your housing arrangements in Serbia. This document may be a rental agreement, a hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from a friend or family member, etc.
  • Invitation Letter: You require an invitation letter from one of the following, depending on the reason for your travel to Serbia:
    • Friend or family member if you travel to Serbia to see friends or relatives.
    • If you are traveling to Serbia for business, contact a local business.
  • If you are coming to Serbia for tourism, you must provide documentation proving that you are doing so through a travel agency.

Note: Ensure that all of your papers are authentic or notarized.

Application Process: How to Apply for a Serbian Visa

You must lodge your visa application to the Republic of Serbia’s Embassy or Consulate General abroad to get a visa. To make the application process simpler, adhere to these steps:

Call the Serbian embassy or consulate in your area. Make an appointment to submit your visa application by contacting the Serbian embassy or consulate closest to your home country. An appointment is required to process your visa application as swiftly as possible.

Assemble the necessary paperwork for the visa application. Make sure you collect all of the required paperwork. The embassy should also provide you with a thorough list of the paperwork you need to bring.

Deliver the paperwork to the Serbian embassy or consulate. Once you have collected all the essential documents, you must deliver them to the Serbian embassy or consulate in your place of residence. Arrive promptly for the appointment.

Await a response. After completing all necessary processes, you must wait for a response. The same embassy where you filed your visa application will send you a text message or email with your visa answer.

Various Types of Visas For Serbia

We promised to discuss Serbian visa categories that differ based on the length of stay and the intended use of the visit. The following visa types are available, which are dependent on your kind of stay;

Visas of Type C (Short-Term)

You may be eligible for one of the following visa types if your visit to Serbia is limited to 90 days or less than 180 days.

Visa for tourism in Serbia

Tourists who intend to travel to Serbia for sightseeing must apply for a tourist visa. For individuals and groups, a Serbia tourist visa may be obtained from a country’s consulates, outside visa providers, or accredited travel agencies.

Business or participation visa for Serbia

A business or fair participation visa is issued for those who want to go to Serbia for business-related activities such as meetings, events, business fairs, or unpaid training without labor or gainful work. The application must be accompanied by invitation letters from organizations and professional chambers.

Family, friend, or relative visit visa for Serbia

If you want to go to Serbia to see a friend or family member who lives there, you must apply for a visa. In addition to other needed documentation, applicants must submit an invitation letter from the person they are visiting to be granted a visa.

Visa for Serbian cultural, sports, or conference visitors Visas for Serbian cultural, sports, or conference visitors are given to people or groups traveling to Serbia to participate in cultural events or activities. The application must be accompanied by additional supporting documentation, an invitation from the receiving association, and confirmation papers from the governing ministry.

Serbia Internship or Short-Term Study Visa

Students who want to study in Serbia for academic reasons are granted a short-term education or internship visa. The applicant must provide supporting documentation, including a letter of acceptance from the recipient university, evidence of appropriate housing funds, and sponsorship paperwork if the applicant does not have sufficient financial resources.

You can get all Higher Education details from the official Serbia government website.

D Type (Long-Term) Visa

Even though the applicant’s nationality is on the list of those exempt from visa requirements, category D visas are necessary for stays in Serbia that last longer than three months for various reasons. If you fall under one of the following categories, you may be eligible to apply for a long-term visa to Serbia:

  • A student who wants to pursue higher education, take a language course, or engage in a long-term internship.
  • An employee who will work seasonally or for a company with a Serbian location
  • A professor, researcher, or scientist to work at a Serbia research center that has been accredited
  • A person whose first-degree relative is a citizen of Serbia
  • A patient who will get ongoing medical care at a medical facility in Serbia
  • A private businessperson who is the creator of a company that would assist Serbia economically

Serbia Transit Visa

Those whose nationality is ineligible to transit to another destination from Serbia must apply for a transit visa for Serbia. A transit visa for Serbia can be obtained for one or more transits and allows the holder to leave Serbian territory and enter a third country for up to five days.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Serbia in Schengen? 

Serbia is a member of the EU. However, it is not a member of the Schengen Area. Therefore, to enter any Schengen nation, nationals of Serbia must submit an ETIAS visa waiver application.

Can we convert a visit visa to a work visa in Serbia?

A single, double, or numerous entries into Serbia are all permitted with this visa. More than 90 days cannot be spent in Serbia by visitors holding Type C visas. Employees must get both a work permit and a temporary residence permit to live and work in Serbia for an extended period.

Is it easy to get a job in Serbia?

In Serbia, experts with high levels of education have an advantage over individuals with low levels or no education in finding employment. For instance, it is difficult for an immigrant to get jobs as a loader, gardener, or janitor here.


Hope we did justice to your inquiries about Serbia Tourist Visa? We are glad it was helpful. Since you plan to visit Serbia, you would like to know the Top 12 Places And Times To Visit Serbia This Year. That should serve as a tour guide.

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