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Serbian Embassy in Canada – 10 Consular Services

Most certainly, the Serbian Embassy in Canada provides top-notch consular services for Serbian citizens. They make living in Canada swift and worthwhile, so we advise you to find the Serbian Embassy or Consulate nearest to you in Canada to know more about the services they render.

However, we have the list of the top 10 Consular services offered by the Serbian Embassy in Canada, their address and contact details, as well as the Canadian embassy in Serbia- all in this article. Don’t miss out!

What is an embassy

Simply, an embassy is the headquarters of a particular country in another country. It is where the affairs of the citizen of a foreign country is overseen. Therefore, Serbian Embassy in Canada is the headquarters for Serbian government representatives serving in Canada.

Originally, the embassy has the ambassador who stands in the gap for the Serbian president in Canada.

Most certainly, the Serbian embassy is located in the capital city of Canada while the consulate is located in some major cities.

About Serbia

Interestingly, the Republic of Serbia is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, that covers the southern part of the central Balkans and Pannonian Plain. The country is landlocked and borders Romania and Bulgaria to the east; Hungary to the north; Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro to the west; and FYR Macedonia to the south. Also, it borders Albania through Kosovo.

The capital of Serbia is Belgrade (which is one of the largest in East-Central Europe, and among Europe’s oldest cities). Without a doubt, the Official Language is Serbian while the religion in Serbia is Orthodox – 84.6%, Catholics – 5%, Muslims – 3.1%, Protestants – 1%, atheists – 1.1%, other – 0.8%, undeclared or unknown – 4.5% (2011 est.)

Addresses of Serbian Embassy in Canada

Unquestionably, the Serbian embassy in Canada is in Ottawa, the address and contact details are below. Likewise, there is a consular address in Vancouver, we have provided the address, telephone, and mail address in this section.

Serbian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada

Address: 21 Blackburn Avenue Ottawa, ON K1N 8A2. Canada

Telephone: (+1) 613 233 6289; (+1) 613 233 6280

Fax: (+1) 613 233 7850

Email: [email protected]


Serbian Honorary Consulate in Vancouver, Canada

Address: 7411 Vantage Way, Delta, Vancouver, BC V6J 4J5. Canada

Telephone: (+1) (604) 940 3838; (+1) (604) 220 1105

Fax: (+1) (604) 946-5418

Email: [email protected]


Addresses of Canadian Consular in Serbia

Perhaps you need to visit the Canadian consular in Serbia. Here, we have the contact details of the Canadian embassy and consulate that you can place a call through to in Serbia. Note that the Canadian Embassy is located in Belgrade.

Canadian Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia

Address: Kneza Milosa 75, 11000 Belgrade. Serbia

Telephone: (+381) 11 3063 000

Fax: (+381) 11 3063 042; (+381) 11 3063 035

Email: [email protected]


Office hours: Monday-Thursday: 08:00-16:30; Friday: 08:00-13:30

Top 10 Services Provided by Serbian Embassy in Canada

If you are looking to know the services provided by the Serbian Embassy in Canada, we have listed the services you are likely to be offered at the embassy. Check below

  • Jurisdiction
  • Consular Tax Fees and ways to pay
  • Travel documents/Issuance of Biometric Passport
  • Documents Certification
  • Status Issues
  • Citizenship
  • Customs
  • Issuing Visas
  • Military Service
  • Other Services

How to Apply for Passport at Serbian Embassy in Canada

Without a doubt, a passport function is to prove your identity and to prove that you are a citizen of the Republic of Serbia. Note that, any passport issued at the ministry of interior under the name of an individual cannot be used by any other person.

Undoubtedly, if you are applying for a new passport you will have to apply in person. Also, if a child is applying, the presence of the child is necessary as well.

Requirements to apply passport at the Serbian embassy in Canada

Here are the necessary and required documents to apply for a passport at the Serbian Embassy in Canada

  • Your previous Serbian biometric passport (if it is not your first time applying)
  • Also, you must provide proof of your legal stay in Canada, providing proof such as a work permit, residence permit card, Canadian passport, and student visa.
  • A completed signed form
  • Likewise, a statement that the authority in the Republic of Serbia may officially obtain the necessary data for the decision-making process.
  • However, if you need your new passport delivered to you at your address you must bring along with you a self-addressed prepaid envelope that contains your tracking number.
  •  However, if your previous passport expired for more than 7 months, the tax fee to issue another one is 114 CAD.
  • Also, if your previous passport is the red one or the blue one you will have to provide proof of your Serbian citizenship or fill out a new application form.
  • Unquestionably, if you are applying for a biometric passport for the first time since you got your Serbian citizenship and you have the decision of the ministry of interior of Serbia confirm you as a citizen of Serbia, you can then proceed to the registration into Serbian books of a vital record.
  • If you apply for a minor child, both parents must be present at the Serbian Embassy in Canada. However, if one of the parents is not present he/ she must tender a consent signed at the office of the Canadian notary public.
  • Most certainly, your passport will be ready within two months. However, if you need an urgent procedure, then bring proof of urgency so that your passport can be ready in less than 2 months.

Deliverance of new passport

Interestingly, in case the applicant is not available to pick the passport, the Passport can be collected to a personnel that the applicant chooses. However, the authorized person must bring the following documents.

  • An authorization letter that in the Serbian language;
  • Also, the applicant’s passport;
  • And the valid passport of the authorized person

It is important to know that the Serbian Embassy in Canada will not accept the request for a biometric passport for children that are born in Canada until their birth is in the vital records in Serbia. Likewise, an individual who is married in Canada and applies for a new passport with a changed name unless the change of family name has been registered in the vital records in Serbia.

Loss/Theft of passport

However, in the unfortunate case of the theft or loss of your passport, you need to report immediately to the Canadian police department. Likewise, obtain the police report on the case. Then, the Serbian Embassy in Canada may initiate a procedure to declare your missing passport invalid. Afterward, you can apply for a new passport or travel documents in person.

Requirements to declare a Serbian passport lost

You have to submit the following documents to declare that your Serbian passport has been missing

  • A valid driver’s license or identity card that is issued by the Republic of Serbia and a photocopy of your lost passport. Fortunately, you can submit any Canadian identification documents if you don’t have any documents from the Republic of Serbia
  • Police report
  • A signed and completed statement about the loss or theft of your passport
  • You have to pay a consular fee of about 34 CAD

Issuance of the emergency travel documents to return to Serbia

Without a doubt, an emergency travel document serves to return to the Republic of Serbia and is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. Not only can these passports be issued to an individual that lost their passports but also to individuals whose passport has expired, or otherwise prescribed by the law on travel documents.

The following are the required document for emergency travel at the Serbian Embassy in Canada.

  • Driver’s license, identity card, expired or metric passports issued by the Republic of Serbia
  • However, the Canadian identification documents will be accepted if you don’t have any documents issued by the Republic of Serbia. However, you must provide proof of Serbian citizenship.
  • Two identical photographs of size 3.5 x 4.5 that perfectly reflect your image taken from the front ( not profile or semi-profile ) with no hat or a scarf.
  • The form for the travel documents must be accurately filled and signed on both sides. Note that the signature must be certified by a notary public if your request is sent by mail
  • Consular fee of 65 CAD
  • Also, you must submit a self-addressed return envelope that was prepaid postage and the date of your travel and contact number- if you submit your request by mail.
  • However, minors under 18 years must come along with their parents or tender a written consent of a parent that is not present.

How to get a job in Serbian Embassy in Canada

Without a doubt, to get a job at the Serbian Embassy in Canada, you need to pass a series of oral and written exams, and meet all the employment requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Do Canadians need a passport to visit Serbia?

Basically, Canadians do not need a visa to visit Serbia for not more than 90 days.

Is Serbia is a safe country?

Yes, it is.


Without a doubt, the Serbian Embassy in Canada is responsible for serving the Serbian citizens in Canada. The citizen services offered by the embassy are top-notch. However, ensure to meet all requirements to obtain a Serbian passport in Canada

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