Short-Term Programs With Long-Term Impact In UC Berkeley

Short-Term Programs with a long-lasting effect on your career success are in high demand at this continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley. It is commonly known to national and international students as UC Berkeley Extension. The school’s selection of short-term programs provides the opportunities for learners to prepare for university study in United States, or expand their career knowledge while immersing themselves in the incredible San Francisco Bay Area which serves as home to Silicon Valley.

Short-Term Programs With Long-Term Impact In UC Berkeley

The intellectual and academic quality UC Berkeley offer is what attracts students. It is a top-ranking public university that has faculty and alumni who have won 107 Noble Prizes, 36 in Science and Economics since 2000, which is a third behind Harvard and Cambridge universities. UC Berkeley faculty and alumni have also received 14 Fields Medals for Math, 22 Turning Awards for Computing, 20 Oscars for film-making as well as 117 Olympic Gold Medals.

Marcos Bento successfully started work as a corporate strategy analyst at EDP, a global renewable-energy company, after completing the UC Berkeley Extension semester-long study.

The time i spent studying at UC Berkeley Extension was the time of my life, not only because of the classes and instructors, but also because of the city’s atmosphere and the Bay Area, and also meeting friends who share the same values, views, personal and professional goals,” Bento explains.

Practical in nature, the programs at UC Berkeley are created for applicants who are currently working or are ready to enter the workforce. Providing real-world technical skills and insightful working opportunities, at the institution, you are allowed to select a program that suits your career direction and effectively shapes your success. One of the aims of UC Berkeley is to inspire students both in and outside the classroom.

UC Berkeley Extension Programs

Students at UC Berkeley Extension have the opportunity to acquire a Berkeley-quality, World-class education though immersive and Professional Diploma Programs. If you meet the English Language Proficiency requirements, you’re free to dive into seven different subjects areas of Project Management, Corporate Finance and Financial Analytics, Digital Marketing Management, UX/UI Design, Data Science, Business Administration and Management, International Business Development and Entrepreneurship and Startup Management, all providing immersive and professional diploma pathways.

By researching into the Data Science subjects area, you will be able to find out how UC Berkeley Extension grants you the skills to collect, process, analyze as well as interpreted data in order to guide business strategies and decisions through their one-semester Immersives, which leads to a full diploma.

How does it work?

If you decide to go for a one-semester Project Management Immersive or the one-semester Advanced Project Management Immersive, you will be required to adopt the core skills as outlined by the industry-standard Project Management Body of Knowledge and will be given a certificate after completion.

If you decide to study for two semesters, you’ll dig deep into the subject area, be qualified to apply for an internship as well as Optional Practical Training (OPT). When you add electives to explore complimentary or enhancing subjects areas, you will be awarded a diploma for completing a Professional Diploma in Project and Agile Management and have opportunities for internships and OPT.

Subjects for a short-term program at UC Berkeley Extension vary, but each discipline leaves a lasting impact on your résumé. Therefore, you have a choice to choose between an Immersive in finance, an advanced Immersive in project management or a full diploma in data science.

Internship opportunities

Did you know that you can start working through a three-month internship at a leading San Francisco or Silicon Valley company, that is if you  successfully complete an Immersive – or both? The perfect opportunity to put your newfound skills to work, gain work experience and expand your professional network, internships enables you to see first-hand how a U.S. business runs, giving you a competitive edge when you’re ready to land a full-time position in your desired field.