Skilled Workers As Part Of The Canadian Labor Market

In February 2002, the Canadian government launched an innovative strategy aimed at improving Canada’s economic status. In Canada, immigration is considered to be a key tool in meeting its economic needs and in making it a land of expanding opportunity by employing Skilled Workers as part of the Canadian Labor Market. Based on the program, Canada began a Skilled Workers Program in line with the 2002 Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).’ According to the regulations, a points system forms the basis for the qualifications to be a skilled worker. This system emphasizes human capital factors thought to be predictors of lifetime productivity and labor market adaptability.

The Canadian government announced that the country will start a 2-weeks processing time for skilled worker applicants. It will commence from June 12, 2017 and its believed to be a prosperous turn for Canadian companies to bring in skilled workers which will be quick and highly effective. Individuals with the necessary documents can hope to make it based on merit and skills. The government of Canada has extended many opportunities as well as so many ways for workers to make Canada their permanent residence.

According to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, there is a shortage of highly skilled labour which has become hindrance businesses growth, and this has also become the concern of policy maker including the governor of central bank Mark Carney.

However, it is stated that, there is no shortage of people looking for work. Approximately 1.4 million Canadians are estimated to be unemployed, the jobless rate is still above pre-recession levels and youth unemployment is nearly 14 per cent. In spite of this, employers of labour find it difficult to hire the right workers. However, the imbalance has implications for both the health of the labour market and the broader economy.

Unemployment is high, even as the number of job vacancies continues to rise, Mr Carney noted. According to statistics Canada,  in December there were 222,000 vacancies across the country. The Bank of Canada’s business outlook survey, released Monday, showed a slew of employers are struggling to fill positions. The survey showed 27 per cent of firms reported a labour shortage this spring, near a three-year high, though below levels seen last decade.

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