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Sobey School of Business MBA Programs

The Sobey School of Business contributes to being a leading business school which is located in Canada, Nova Scotia, and Halifax. Accredited by AACSB, it is founded in the year of 1934. The number of business schools who have received this accreditation across the globe is less than 5 percent. It has earned a high reputation as one of the most popular business schools in the country of Canada. It was in the year of 1992 when the school was renamed in the honor of Frank H. Sobey. The business school offers a wide array of undergraduate and MBA programs to the students. As the students are equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, they become the future leaders.

About The Sobey School of Business MBA

This business school provides a wide array of involvement opportunities and resources which will widen the learning as well as broaden the horizons. The resources are inclusive of career counseling, awards, scholarships, academic advising. There are more than 60 clubs and student societies across the campus. It is considered to be one of the leading business school faculties in the country of Canada. The business school has 75 full-time facilities where 97% of them are having Ph.D. degree. The business school also has 70 adjunct and part-time faculties.

The faculty members of this business school are recognized to be business experts, recognized by the nation who are highly engaged with the regional and local community. The classes of this business school are small in size, indicating that you will be capable of interacting with the faculty closely. Also check: Other MBA schools and programs in Canada.

The EMBA Alumni Association of this business school started in the month of February in the year of 2012. The mission of this alumni is creating a dynamic and strong community to render support to the current students. The alumni provide a strong focus on empowering EMBA alumni for ensuring professional and personal success and growth. The ultimate vision of the alumni is the development of an organization which will be creating a lifelong community of students that will dedicate to learn, education and supports the members. The alumni are known to be really effective in inspiring and supporting the current students.

The Sobey School of Business MBA Courses and Programs

The Sobey School of Business MBA Courses and Programs offers a series of programs which include bachelor of commerce, master of finance, master of business administration, master of technology entrepreneurship and innovation, executive master of business administration, master of management, co-operatives and credit unions graduate diploma in co-operative management, master of applied economics, Ph.D. in Management.

The MBA program of this business schools teaches responsible leadership and confers international, local and intercultural experiences which will be transforming a person and help in the cultivation of entrepreneurship mindset and innovative skills. Though it is known to be a two years program, it gets completed within the time duration of 16 months. They have come up with a cohort system, indicating that the students are accepted every year for the September start.

Master of Business Administration (CPA Stream) offers a sought-after business degree along with advanced standings in CPA professional education program. This program is meant for the working professionals and is accomplished in the time duration of 36 months. This program is considered to be the perfect combination of the amazing business skills of MBA degree along with specialization in accounting.

The executive MBA program of this institute is known to have the 5th program in the country of Canada. It helps in overcoming the different challenges of the business leaders and taking out of the comfort zone.

The Master of Finance is considered to be another popular program, offered by this leading business school which provides the prerequisite strategic financial skills in accordance with the demands of the global employers. The degree will get completed in just 12 months.

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The Master of Applied Economics is another famous program, offered by this business school which offers the required skills that are required for applying the tools of the economic analysis to different real-life issues in business and public sectors.

Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation happens to be a full-time program which is completed in eight months where classes are held in every alternate Friday and Saturday for the entire day.

Sobey School of Business MBA Admission Requirements

In order to seek admission in the MBA program of this business school, it is necessary to have an undergraduate degree from a recognized institute with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or equivalent. A minimum score of 550 is necessary for the quantitative and qualitative sections in the GMAT score along with 5.0 score in essays. This business school also accepts GRE scores. You need to have a minimum experience of 2 years. If you have the undergraduate degree for the duration of 3 years, your minimum working experience should be of three years.

In case you are a non-English language applicant, it is necessary to have the least TOEFL IBT of 100. A band score of below 22 is not accepted. In case the first language of a candidate is not English, it is essential to do the submission or official Pearson, IELTS or TOEFL score. However, it must be ensured that the score of the test is less than 2 years. A minimum score of 100 is required in TOEFL IBT wherein every section, the score should be 20 or above along with 5.0 in Essay Writing. Thus, a total score of 7.0 is required in IELTS. A minimum of 65 scores is necessary for Pearson.

For permanent and Canadian students, the date of application is 15th June. The start date of the program in September. For Chinese candidates, the deadline is 1st February whereas, for other international applications, the deadline is 1st April.

The Sobey School of Business MBA Tuition Fees

Domestic citizens require paying the tuition fees of $29,546 for the part-time and full-time courses. On the other hand, for international students, the cost of the program is $41,635. For Master of Business Administration (CPA Stream), the tuition fees that need to be paid by permanent and Canadian residents is $26,652.

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