Somalia Visa Requirements – Application, Types and Documents

Somalia calls to mind terrorism, civil war, and kidnapping, among others. However, a lesser-known picture of Somalia is of friendly natives and welcoming people. Somalia is hardly anyone’s favorite choice for a visit because of the constant restiveness in the country. But travelers are allowed to enter if they fulfill Somalia’s visa requirements.

Somalia is a country in the eastern part of Africa, situated in the Horn of Africa. Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Kenya border it. Most of Somalia is dry and barren land, and in the past, the country has experienced drought, which resulted in famine. However, the country is on the road to recovery and is gradually opening up to foreigners.

To visit Somalia, you need a Somalia Visa. Also, you must know the right documents to gather and the type of visa you require. This article will examine Somalia Visa Requirements – Application, Types, and Documents.

Somalia Visa Policy

According to the government of Somalia, all foreign nationals wishing to visit the country must obtain a visa. Also, citizens of all countries can obtain a visa on arrival in Somalia. However, not all ports of entry issue visas on arrival. Only 5 points of entry issue visa on arrival, and you must use them if you require a visa on arrival in Somalia.

About the Somalia Visa on Arrival

The Somalia Visa on Arrival (VoA) is available to all foreign nationals. It is valid for 30 or 60 days in some cases. However, the visa on arrival can only be obtained at specific points of entry to Somalia.

Points of entry for visa on arrival in Somalia

Here is a list of the five points of entry where you can obtain a visa on arrival in Somalia

  • Bosaso Airport
  • Garowe Airport
  • Abdullahi Yusuf Airport
  • Aden Adde International Airport
  • Kismayo Airport

Once you arrive at any of the above airports in Somalia, you can apply for a visa on arrival.

Requirements for a Somalia Visa on Arrival

You have to present some required documents at any of the designated airports in Somalia before getting a visa on arrival. They are:

  • A valid passport
  • A passport-size photo
  • A return flight ticket
  • Proof of accommodation
  • An invitation letter for your visit
  • Any other supporting document

Please note that the immigration officer may require additional documents to show that you are eligible to enter Somalia.

Also, the immigration officer retains the right to deny or grant you a visa on arrival, even if you submit all the required documents and pay the visa fee.

Other Types of Somalia Visa

There are other types of Somalia visas that you must obtain by visiting a Somalia embassy or consulate in your country of residence. They are:

Somalia Short-Term Visa

If you envisage that your visit to Somalia may last longer than 60 days, it would be better for you to obtain a consular visa. This type of visa is valid for about 90 days and can be used for tourism, family visits, business trips, short-term work, or other non-permanent stays.

Somalia Long-Term Visa

Visits to Somalia that will last longer than 90 days are usually accompanied by a Somalia Temporary Residence Permit. In this case, you will obtain a short-stay visa from a Somali embassy in your country of residence. Still, when you enter Somalia, you must obtain a Temporary Residence Permit to cover the duration of your stay in the country. However, you should get more information from the embassy to which you intend to apply. For example, you need a long-term Somalia visa to visit the country for work, study, or to join a family member.

Requirements for a Somalia Visa

The requirements for a Somalia visa differ according to the type of visa you are applying for. Here are some of the visa requirements. Please note that additional requirements may be needed by the Somalia embassy or consulate you wish to apply from.

1. Visa Application Form

This must be completed, signed,

2. Valid Passport

The passport must be valid for at least six months after your arrival. It must have at least one free visa page and be issued in the last ten years.

3. Two Identical Photos of you

The photos must not be older than six months. The must be clear, with a measurement of 3 x 4 in size.

4. National Identity Card

Any card that will identify your nationality will be sufficient.

5. Residence Permit or copy of a visa

It is required if you apply from a country different from your home.

6. Travel Itinerary

This can be your flight reservation and hotel accommodation, including the hotel’s contact information.

7. Supporting documents

If you are traveling for business or private visits, you must submit an invitation letter from the Somalian resident.

How to Apply for a Somalia Visa

Suppose you do not want to apply for a Somalia Visa on Arrival, probably because you intend to stay longer than 60 days in the country. In that case, you must visit a Somalian embassy.

Step #1. Apply for a Somalia Visa

Visit the website of the Somalia Immigration and Naturalization Directorate, and apply for a visa. However, some Somalian embassies may prefer you print out the application form and submit the completed form in person. If so, download and print out a copy of the Somalia Visa Application Form, fill it out and present it at the nearest Somalia embassy in your country of residence.

Step #2. Gather the required documents

You must submit these, the visa application form, and the visa fee at the embassy. Ensure that you have the correct documents and that the information you submit is correct. Incorrect information can lead to your visa being rejected.

Step #3. Submit your biometrics

This may be necessary if you are a first-time traveler. First, however, the embassy will decide if you must submit your biometrics and sit for a brief interview. The interview is to satisfy the visa officer that your intentions for visiting Somalia are genuine and that you will not be a security risk to the country.

Step #4. Wait for your visa

You may want to track the progress of your visa application. For example, if you applied online, visit the Immigration and Naturalization Directorate of Somalia to track your application. If all goes well, you should receive your visa in no time and be on your way to Somalia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing period for a Somalia Visa?

A Somalia Visa on Arrival is issued as soon as you arrive in the country through any of the earlier mentioned five points of entry. However, a consular visa takes about 13 to 15 days, depending on the country from which you applied.

What is the fee for a Somalia Visa?

A Somalia Visa on Arrival costs 50 USD for a single-entry visa with 30 days validity. This fee can change depending on your country of residence or nationality.

A Somalia Short-term visa costs between 30 to 60 USD. This can also change depending on your country of residence or nationality.

Please note that the visa fee is non-refundable, no matter the outcome of your application.

Why was my Somalia visa application rejected?

There are various reasons why your visa application to Somalia could be rejected. It could be that you did not provide correct or adequate information while filling out your application form or did not show proof of sufficient funds. Other reasons abound, but whatever happens, you will receive a notification from the embassy that your application is unsuccessful. Reasons for rejection will be indicated, and you can apply for a visa again if your condition improves.

Is it safe to travel to Somalia?

Somalia has seen its fair share of bombings, terrorist acts, and other crimes. As a result, people hesitate to visit. However, not all parts of the country are unsafe. South-central Somalia, and Mogadishu, may not be the safest part of the country, so it is essential to apply caution when in these areas. Moreover, your government may be unable to help you if anything goes wrong.

What happens if I overstay my Somalia Visa?

If you overstay your Somalia visa, you will become an illegal resident. This is unacceptable in Somalia and may lead to strict corrective measures or a fine for overstaying. In addition, Somalia allows a visa extension if you feel you will stay longer than the validity period of the visa issued to you. Therefore, you should extend your Somalia visa before it expires.


Before you visit Somalia, you must find out what travel advisories recommend. Also, be sure of the type of visa you require and the requirements you must submit. Applying for the correct visa will eliminate the danger of rejecting your Somalia visa application. And before you visit Somalia, as with any other country, you should find out all you need to know about the country. Here’s another interesting article on Somalia titled Visit Somalia – Top Places, Food, Arts, and Culture

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