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Top 9 International Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Do you desire to work for a Canadian company or employer? In that case, we can assist you in achieving your dreams by providing information on some of Canada’s best international recruitment agencies.

This topic was first published a couple of years ago but has now been revised for 2023 such that the list of employment agencies in Canada we provided are relevant, up-to-date, and helpful.

International recruitment agencies are foreign-based companies that help companies and employers fill vacant positions with foreign talents from other countries. They search and hire qualified foreign workers who can create more value for their employers. Whether you are already in Canada or overseas, international recruitment agencies can help you get a job for sustainability.

Also, they are helpful to foreign nationals in getting a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from a Canadian employer. Canadian employers are also assisted in applying for an LMIA for foreign nationals.

Thus, having a positive LMIA is one of the essential requirements for foreign nationals who want to work in Canada. As a foreign national, you will likely need assistance finding a job in Canada. Moreover, never forget that your reward (wages/salary) for working is what you will use to sustain yourself, settle your bills, and prolong your stay in Canada.

Some recruitment agencies in Canada also link immigrants with Canadian employers or establishments seeking highly skilled workers to hire. Hence, most Canadian employers frequently search for highly skilled immigrants to occupy specific positions through recruitment agencies.

The Importance of Leveraging the Top Canadian Recruiting Agencies

  • Using recruitment firms reduces stress and saves time.
  • They have the right contacts (company and employers)
  • They encourage and assist with career plans.
  • Provide chances for a range of employment opportunities.
  • They provide foreigners with employment in Canada

Some of the Best International Recruitment Agencies in Canada

Here are the lists of some of Canada’s best international recruitment agencies;

  1. Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services
  2. Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd.
  3. Global Consulting Group Inc.
  4. WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.
  5. Hays – Recruitment Agency Toronto
  6. Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants
  7. Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.
  8. Work Global Canada Inc.
  9. AngusOne Staffing

Canadian International Recruitment Services is among the best international recruitment agencies in Canada. They help small, medium, and large Canadian employers and companies handle staffing needs.

Besides, you will be opportune to choose a job from hundreds of available jobs in diverse fields. They can also help you get recruited by a Canadian employer that provides accommodation and other unique employee benefits.

1 Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services;

Global Hire is one of the best international recruitment agencies in Canada. Their immigration consultancy company is based in Edmonton, Canada. More so, they provide many immigration services to foreign nationals. Such services include naturalization service, assistance in Express Entry programs like Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class, etc.

Furthermore, Global Hire’s team consists of adept and experienced immigration experts who are helpful in the immigration and recruitment process. Besides, Global Hire serves as foreign workers’ specialists to Canadian employers, job seekers, etc.

2 Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd.;

Canadian Staffing Consultants is also another best international recruitment agencies in Canada. Their office is based in Toronto, Canada. They offer various recruitment services, including financial consulting, financial planning, flexible staffing, payroll services, staffing services, and staffing solutions.

If you are a foreign national highly skilled in a field, you can contact Canadian Staffing Consultants for recruitment in a small and large Canadian company. In addition, Canadian Staffing Consultants help employers in Canada to be able to recruit highly skilled, experienced, and qualified foreign nationals.

3 Global Consulting Group Inc.;

Global Consulting Group is one of Canada’s best international recruitment agencies that you can consult for a job. As a foreign talent, they can help you to exceed your skills and qualifications by seeking recruitment from the right Canadian employer.

Hence, Global Consulting Group has helped foreign nationals from various countries to recruit in multiple sectors. Such sectors include healthcare, information technology, engineering, financial services, etc.

4 WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.;

WorkVantage is a licensed Canadian recruitment agency. They are among the best international recruitment agencies in Canada. Besides, they possess 14+ years of experience hiring job seekers for Canadian employers. In addition, WorkVantage serves employers in any Canadian province or territory to be able to recruit workers from different countries.

Moreover, WorkVantage is well-versed in getting qualified foreign workers for Canadian employers. They also assist Canadian employers in sorting the paperwork for LMIA. WorkVantage’s worldwide connection with agencies allows them to hire foreign workers directly.

Therefore, if you are from Tunisia, Mexico, the Philippines, Jamaica, Kosovo, Ecuador, Taiwan, St. Lucia, Vietnam, etc., you are guaranteed to get employment through WorkVantage’s influence.

5 Hays – Recruitment Agency Toronto;

As one of Canada’s best international recruitment agencies, Hays Recruitment Agency can get you hired by a Canadian employer for temporary work, contract jobs, or permanent jobs. Hays – Recruitment Agency was founded in 2001 with over 200 staff in 8 offices.

Thus, there are several reasons why you can consider Hays – Recruitment Agency as an ideal option. For example, suppose you are a professional in IT, construction, accounting & finance, facilities management, office professionals, property & resources & mining, etc. In that case, you can allow Hays – Recruitment Agency Toronto to assist you in getting a good recruitment offer in Canada.

6 Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants;

Including Canada’s best international hospitality recruitment agencies, Renard International can help you recruit in the hospitality sector or the regulated cannabis industry.

They have been operating for about 51 years, and their agency is focused on recruiting job seekers to occupy finance & accounting positions and executive-level management positions.

However, reaching out to Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants will impact you because of their determined staff. They will also assist you in fulfilling each of your career needs and reaching your full potential.

7 Goldbeck Recruiting Inc;

Goldbeck Recruiting includes Canada’s best international recruitment agencies that serve job seekers and Canadian employers. Goldbeck was set up in 1997 and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Moreover, Goldbeck Recruiting is a reliable recruitment and executive search firm with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Besides, Goldbeck Recruiting provides Canadian employers and job seekers with many services, such as background checks, contingency recruitment, executive recruitment, executive search, human resources consulting, job placements, permanent placements, recruitment campaigns, workforce planning, etc.

Thus, you can contact Goldbeck Recruiting Inc if your career is specialized in IT, accounting, sales & marketing, executive search, administration, customer service, engineering & technical trades, executive search, healthcare & biotech, human resources, production & operations, etc.

8 Work Global Canada Inc.;

Established in 2012, Work Global is one of Canada’s best international recruitment agencies. You can consult Work Global, as Canadian employers constantly look for skilled foreign workers to fill vacant positions when there is a labor shortage.

Whether you are a Canadian international student, temporary or permanent resident, or seeking recruitment advice from Work Global, you can avail yourself of several job opportunities.

Besides, Work Global’s wide-ranging services to Canadian employers and international job seekers include Human Resource consulting, labor market solutions, immigration & naturalization service, immigration consultations, study permit processing, work permit processing, business immigration, etc.

However, if you wish to get employed in Canada, you can visit Work Global’s website to view job listings from Canadian employers.

9. AugusOne Staffing;

A recruitment company called AngusOne Staffing specializes in locating and placing market-leading talent across many industries. A BC-owned employment firm, it was founded in 1986 by Sarah Angus to meet the professional recruitment needs of Vancouver, the province of British Columbia, and Western Canada.

They assist both native-born and foreign-born clients in finding jobs that advance the careers of their applicants as well as making notable and significant improvements to their corporate team and performance.


Ensure not to make the mistake of regarding recruitment agencies with employment agencies. They are pretty different from each other.

An international recruitment agency in Canada will make you a worker for a Canadian employer, while employment agencies will make you one of their employees.

Employment agencies will consider you a staff under them even though you work for another employer.


Are recruiting agencies worth it?

Yes, they are. You can save a lot of stress that would have been used up while seeking employment through recruitment agencies. If traveling to Canada for work has always been your wish, contact one of Canada’s best international recruitment agencies.

How can I get a job in Canada from overseas?

If you want to get a job in Canada from a foreign country, you must first receive a job offer letter from a Canadian employer. You can achieve this with the help of an international recruitment agency.

The Canadian employer is required to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to support your application. Upon receipt of a positive LMIA, you need one of its copies to apply for your work permit.

How can I contact recruitment agencies in Canada?

There are a few ways that you can contact recruitment agencies in Canada. First, you can search for them online or in the phone book. Another option is to go through your local job center, which often has a list of hiring agencies.

Finally, you could ask family and friends if they know of good agencies looking for workers.

How to find the best job agency in Toronto?

  • IT recruitment agencies can be an excellent option for finding a job in Toronto. However, many agencies specialize in different types of work, so research is essential to find the best one for you.
  • The best way to find an agency that is the right fit for you is to ask for recommendations from friends and family or do some online research. Once you’ve narrowed your options, interview each agency thoroughly before signing up.
  • Ask about the services they provide and what kind of jobs they typically place their candidates in. It’s also essential to get a sense of the agency’s fee structure and what, if any, additional costs you may incur.

What are the benefits of employment agencies in Canada?

  • Canadian Employment agencies can help connect foreign workers with jobs in their expertise and help companies find qualified employees to fill vacant positions.
  • Employment agencies have a vast network of contacts, and they can help job seekers connect with reputable hiring companies. They also provide candidates with interview training and resume advice, which can help secure a job.
  • Employment agencies are an essential resource for companies as well. They can help businesses find qualified employees to fill vacant positions and provide screening and interviewing services. This helps to reduce the amount of time and money that companies spend on recruiting new employees.

How can I find a job agency near me?

A quick internet search for “job agencies near me” will yield many results. You can also try contacting your local Chamber of Commerce or Workforce Development Board for a list of reputable job agencies in your area.


We hope the information will guide your decision to apply for a job in Canada and succeed.

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