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South Korea Business Visa – Documentation, Fees and Application

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of traveling to South Korea for business? Then it would help to understand how to apply for a South Korea Business Visa.

South Korea is a gorgeous country with the 12th largest economy globally. The country’s economy is a resilient and vibrant economy that is based on hi-tech. You can conduct business in different sectors, such as electronics manufacturing. South Korea is proud of being the world’s largest electronics company.

This blog post will provide an overview of the documentation, fees, and application process for a South Korean business visa. Remember that requirements may vary according to your country of citizenship and the purpose of your trip.

About South Korea Business Visa

A South Korea Business Visa is a visa that authorizes a foreigner to enter South Korea for any form of commercial-related activities.

Business visas are categorized by the length of stay and activities carried out during the visit. Short-term business visas are valid for up to 90 days and allow for activities such as attending meetings, conferences, or seminars. Long-term business visas are valid for up to one year and qualify for activities such as working or investing in a South Korean company. In addition, you can apply for a single-entry or multiple entries visa.

This type of South Korean visa is suitable for specialists seeking employment at a public or private organization in Korea. You should be able to repair, install, or operate imported machinery. Furthermore, Applicants can be a specialist in a foreign investment company.

Requirements for the South Korea business visa

Before applying for South Korea Business Visa, make sure you gather all of the documents listed below.

#1. Completed Business Visa Application Form

Candidates can download the candidates form online from the embassy’s website. It would help if you filled it in with the information needed to complete the form. Please note that you can also get the form at the embassy. Please fill out the form and sign it with a black or dark blue pen.

#2. Passport photograph

One passport photograph is part of the South Korean business visa requirements for Indian citizens. An up-to-date photograph of 3.5 by 4.5 inches should be color neutral and must cover the face. It should also cover 80% of the frame. The applicants must take it on a plain white background, visibly shot with a straight face and neutral facial expression.

#3. Valid international passport

Part of the South Korean business visa requirements for Pakistan citizens is an international travel document valid for six months from when you wish to return to your home country. Getting a scanned copy of the former passport is advisable. Lastly, it should have a minimum of three blank pages for the visa stamp.

#4. Medical Certificate

Additionally, the applicant must provide a medical certificate to enter South Korea. The health declaration form will ensure that you have no illness that will threaten the citizens or residents of the country. Part of South Korea’s visa requirements for US citizens is to be fully vaccinated against Corona Virus before entering the country through the form.

#5. Flight Itinerary

Similarly, proof of flight reservation is a vital South Korean business visa requirement. Please note that foreign nationals must provide this document to show they will return to their home country. Furthermore, it can be detailed proposed itineraries (of flight and hotel) or a return flight ticket.

#6. Covering Letter

The company sponsoring the applicants should provide a cover letter stating why you travel. It would help if you introduced yourself in the letter and included the company’s information which should be issued on its letterhead. The letter must come along with the official seal and signature. Please note that it’s the first document that the embassy will see.

#7. Official invitation letter

An official letter from the South Korea Company you’re working for is part of the South Korean business visa requirements for Indian citizens. Since you’re going for business, the company should present its Business registration license. The letter should contain the authority’s signature, designation, name of the company, and stamp. Please note that Applicants should address it to the diplomatic mission in the country.

#8. Proof of Funds

Applicants should provide evidence of sufficient financial means to cover the duration of their stay. It’ll demonstrate that you can cater to yourself throughout your entire period in the country. It can be in the form of recent bank statements or income tax returns. The bank statement should have the bank’s stamp and signature on every page.

#9. Payment of Singapore Work Pass Fee

The South Korean business visa cost for US citizens is $40. However, it varies from one consulate to another.

South Korea Business Visa application fee

You can make payments for your South Korea Business Visa through the South Korea Visa portal. For example, for a single-entry visa for a stay of up to ninety days, you’ll pay $40 through your credit or debit card. Candidates staying for more than ninety days will pay $60.

How to Apply for a South Korea Business Visa

Applicants can either apply for themselves in person at one of the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Korea abroad. Or through the sponsor on behalf of the foreign citizens.

The following are easy steps toward getting a business visa for South Korea:

Step One: Find the nearest South Korean Embassy

The first step is to research the closest South Korean embassy or consulate in your home country. Next, you should get an invitation letter from the company you want to visit.

Step Two: Submit the Application

The next step is to apply at the embassy. After booking an appointment at the embassy, you should gather all the required documents for the business visa. Then, the visa officer will ask fundamental questions about the purpose of your visit to South Korea.

Step Three: Wait for the Visa Result

After submitting your application at the embassy, you should wait for your visa result. The Korean business visa processing time is fifteen days. However, it depends on which embassy or consulate you visit.

Step Four: Receive your Visa

The government of South Korea will grant your application if they’re satisfied with your documents. Please note that you’ll get an SMS or email with the visa details. When you enter the country and wish to stay longer than ninety days, you should register your visit at a local immigration office in South Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the bank balance required for a South Korean visa?

One of the vital South Korean visa requirements is proof of funds. You need evidence of funds to show that you can cover all living expenses throughout your stay in the country. The minimum bank balance you should have in your account is $3000 if you stay for ninety days.

What is a c3 visa in Korea?

The C-3 visa is a legal document authorizing foreigners to visit Korea for a short period. It’s suitable for tourism, transit, recovery, or visiting family members. Please note that Applicants can’t use this Short-term visa for any academic program. Furthermore, it’s appropriate for non-profit purposes.

To obtain this type of visa, you’ll need to present your visa application form, a colored passport picture, original passport, residence permit, and so on.

What is E 7 visa in Korea?

An E-7 visa is for foreigners with contracts with public or private Korean companies. You’ll use this visa to work in areas designated by the Ministry of Justice. To obtain this visa, you must gather documents such as a visa application form, passport photo, and passport and pay your visa fee. Due to the growing Korean economy, there is high demand for foreign employment.

Can I work in South Korea with a tourist visa?

No, holders of a South Korean tourist visa can’t work or engage in other remunerated activities in the country. Instead, an applicant must apply for a work permit from an embassy or consulate in her home country.

How can I stay in Korea permanently?

By obtaining a permanent residency in South Korea, you’ll be able to leave the county without getting a re-admittance permit. There are different ways you can pay to stay in Korea permanently. One way is to invest almost 600 million KRW ($500000) in a Korean business. The other way is to get married to a Korean citizen.

Candidates can also obtain a permanent residence visa, the F-5 permit, by getting a degree in South Korea. After staying in South Korea for three years, you’ll be free to change jobs and create business ventures with this visa type.

Applicants will provide documents such as a passport, Alien Registration Card (ARC), application form, proof of income, rental contract, evidence of clear criminal record, and KIIP certificate.


In conclusion, if you intend to do business in South Korea, have all the proper documentation and fees. The application process is relatively straightforward, but it is essential to ensure everything is in order before moving forward.

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