South Sudan Visa Requirements – Types, Apply and Documents

Do you know that the South Sudan visa requirements are relatively simple? Yes, they are! However, this does not imply that visitors who do not have a legitimate reason for visiting the country are permitted to enter its territory.

The South Sudan visa policy favors foreign investors, businesses, and tourists the most. Following its independence in 2011, the government of South Sudan established a business and visa policy that encouraged the immigration of foreigners. These policies, however, are for foreigners who contribute to the country’s economic growth through investment and tourism.

Read on to learn about the South Sudan visa requirements you must meet.

About South Sudan

South Sudan is a Northeastern African country rich in biodiversity, including lush savannahs, swamplands, and forests which are homes to many wildlife species.

Before gaining its independence in 2011, South Sudan was part of the Republic of Sudan. A good number of the country’s population is predominantly Christians.

There is also the part of the culture that tends to adhere to animist beliefs. However, it is still not very popular with tourists due to recent turmoil.

Furthermore, the country’s economic situation is poor compared to neighboring states. However, there are many positive aspects of South Sudan that you can discover.

One of the most exciting things to do in the country is to watch Dinka tribal wrestlers. You can therefore enjoy watching these regional sports. You can also go to Nimule, known for having heaven on Earth.

South Sudan visa requirements – Meaning

South Sudan visa requirements are preconditions outlined in the South Sudan visa policy for every foreigner entering its territory. Before the South Sudan embassy issues a South Sudan visa to a foreign national, they must satisfy every requirement outlined in the country’s visa policy.

Ensuring that your travel documents align with the South Sudan visa requirements is the best way to avoid visa rejection or delay. Because of variations in travel purposes, the South Sudan visa requirements differ.

Notwithstanding, the basic requirements for South Sudan visas are the same. All you need to do is; enquire from the embassy, gather all your documents and proceed to process your visa. You can also visit the South Sudan visa application official website.

South Sudan visa requirements

#1. Southern Sudan application form

South Sudan visa application form filled out in clear and correct English. Also, sign your name on the form.

#2. Passport-size photo

The passport photo should be a recent photo capture. It must include a whole-face capture with a light background.
Also, you must look directly at the camera while maintaining a neutral facial expression. Avoid wearing uniforms or wearing colors that match the background.

#3. A copy of international

The South Sudanese visa application requires a copy of the main page of the international passport. In addition, the international passport you can submit must be valid for six months beyond your arrival date.
Furthermore, it should have more than two blank pages.

#4. Copy of ID Card

A birth certificate or national identification card will suffice.

#5. Residence Permit/Visa Copy

You must submit a copy of your residence permit if you are not living in your home country.
Also, you need to submit a residence permit if your residence and citizenship are in different countries

#6. Vaccination Certificate

The South Sudanese embassy in your country requires your yellow fever vaccination certificate.

#7. Flight Ticket Reservation

Copies of your flight entry and return reservations are necessary. Keep them handy and submit them to the embassy if they request them.

#8. Proof of Accommodation

You must provide all necessary information about your lodging.

Present your current hotel reservation ticket with the full address (name, street, city, zip code, contact information, booking ref.) to the embassy.

If you are staying in a private home, you must include a copy of the house owner’s resident card (front and back). In addition, fill out the address on the application form.

#9. Travel health insurance

The embassy requires that you submit current and valid individual travel insurance certificates.

#10. Entry approval letter

The host should request an entry approval letter on your behalf. The South Sudan immigration stamp must appear on the letter of approval. You are mandated to submit the entry letter to the South Sudan embassy in your country.

#11. Certificate of police clearance

Your country’s national police commission must issue you a certificate of negative criminal record

#12. Invitation Letter

Your host should send an invitation letter to your email. The South Sudan embassy accepts invitation letters endorsed by the immigration office in South Sudan.

You should submit this letter to the South Sudan embassy in your country during your visa application procedure.

#13. Proof of visa fee payment

Attach your visa payment slip to the other documents and send them to the South Sudan embassy in your home country.

#14. Proof of sufficient funds

Your bank statement is perfect proof of financial resources. If your bank statement is not ready or available, you can use real estate, credit cards, cash, traveler’s cheques, vouchers, etc.

General instructions for South Sudan visa application

As part of its commitment to protecting its citizens and the rights of foreign citizens, the South Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs recommends the following travel tips and advice;

#1. The Sudanese Immigration and Passports Department must fill out a particular travel form.

This particular form is distributed to travelers on the plane before landing. However, in transit at the airport, the travel form is handed over to the airport’s competent employee.

#2. Entry requirements

Every foreign citizen must register with the Aliens Registration Department. The alien registration should also be within three days of your visit to South Sudan.

#3. Before Exit

Before leaving Sudan, residents must obtain an exit visa from the Sudanese government.

#4. Obtaining residency

You should go through the procedures of obtaining residency alone, especially if you are a student.

#5. Importation

If you want to import a car from another country, it must be less than a year old. Furthermore, It is illegal to bring any type of alcohol into Sudan.

#6. Driving

Those who wish to drive vehicles must obtain a Sudanese driving license.

#7. Travel within neighboring borders

You should travel to Darfur, the borders with Eritrea, North and South Kordofan, Kosti, and the Blue and White Nile states with caution.

#8. Movement within South Sudan

Always carry your proof of residency in Sudan (passport, student’s university ID, work permit, etc.) wherever you go.

#9. Health concerns

The South Sudan government mandates residents to bring sufficient medication with them in case of illness. The reason is the unavailability of many types of medicines in South Sudan.

Also, you should exercise caution when consuming food and beverages in restaurants to reduce the risk of transmitting infectious diseases.

#10. The Nile

Avoid approaching the Nile during rainy seasons. It can be disadvantageous.

#11. Entry Stamp

The embassy of South Sudan will reject the visa application of anyone bearing an entry stamp into Israel on their passport.

#12. Politics

You should not discuss politics in public or private places or on social media.

#13. Export

Exporting tiger skin and ivory from Sudan is illegal and a punishable crime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the South Sudan visa last?

The duration of the South Sudan visa depends on the applicant and the length of their travel purpose.
However, if you need to enter the country multiple times, the South Sudan visas provide multiple entry facilities.

Can I extend my South Sudan visa?

Yes, you can extend your South Sudan visa before it expires. However, you should contact the South Sudan Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Nationality, Passports, and Immigration.

However, you must apply at least two weeks before your visa expires.

What is the local currency in South Sudan?

The local currency of South Sudan is the Sudanese Pounds. 1 USD is roughly equal to 130 South Sudanese Pounds.

Can you submit additional documents or information during your South Sudan visa application?

Yes, you can. During your South Sudan visa application, the embassy can request additional documents. However, the embassy can request supplementary credentials if they experience challenges identifying and verifying your information.

Can you get a refund of your visa if the embassy refuses your South Sudan visa application?

No, you cannot. All South Sudan visa application fees are non-refundable even if your visa application is unsuccessful.

How long does processing a South Sudan visa take?

Processing the South Sudan visa takes between five to seven days. However, it is possible if the applicant meets all visa application requirements.

But if the requirements are not complete, the visa application will take more than seven days to process.

How much does the South Sudan visa application cost?

On average, the South Sudan visa fee costs $160. This cost excludes the service fee incurred throughout the visa processing period.

But the visa fees vary with the entry facilities: single or multiple entries. Also, the different embassies charge different visa fees.

Where can you apply for a South Sudan visa?

You can apply for a South Sudan visa at the South Sudan embassy in your country. However, you can get your South Sudan visa from the embassy near you if there is no South Sudan embassy in your country.

Does South Sudan issue e-visa to foreign citizens?

Yes, South Sudan issues e-Visa Ms to foreign citizens. However, the South Sudan e-Visa application is not for every country. The nationals of all countries except Egypt and Tanzania can apply for the nation’s e-Visa.

Moreover, the South Sudan e-Visa has single and multiple entry facilities.


Presenting all South Sudan visa requirements helps ensure the embassy does not misappropriate your information during visa processing. Also, getting acquainted with the visa requirements of South Sudan will aid your visa application. The steps above will help you experience a smooth visa application process.

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