Spain Business Visa: How to Apply, Requirements and Fees

If you want to travel to Spain for specific business-related purposes, you must apply for a Spain business visa.

Spain is a renowned destination for business trips. In addition, you can trade in Spain without the government charging taxes on your profit.

Generally speaking, Spanish business visa requirements are not strict, making it easy for foreign businesspersons to get a visa for their purpose of travel. Therefore, getting a visa allows you to grow your business internationally in the European market.

Moreover, the Kingdom of Spain is well-known for having an economy that supports businesses. Therefore, Spain’s economy has a significant impact on businesses. The country also has state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications technologies and an open and competitive market.

Spain boasts of diverse industries, which include manufacturing and tourism. Therefore, foreign businesspersons interested in doing business in Spain need to know the visa requirements before anything else.

Read on to learn more about the Spanish business visa, including its requirements, fees, duration, processing time, and more.

What is a Spain business visa?

A Spanish business visa is a type of visa that allows foreigners to stay in Spain for up to three (3) months to execute business-related activities.

These business activities include attending meetings and conferences, training, and other relevant activities. To qualify for a business visa, your purpose of travel to Spain must be for an unpaid job.

Citizens of many countries need to obtain a Spain business visa before traveling to the government for business purposes.

Exemptions for Spain business visa

Not every foreigner must apply for a Spanish business visa, as certain exemptions exist.

The following is a list of persons exempted from applying for a business visa to Spain.

  • Citizens and resident permit holders of any of the Schengen Area countries
  • Nationals of European Union countries
  • Citizens of the EFTA Member States, which include Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway

Cost of getting a Spain business visa

While applying for a Spanish business visa, you must pay a fee of €80 for visa processing. However, the diplomatic mission won’t hesitate to ignore your visa application if you don’t pay the fee while submitting your supporting documents.

Spain business visa processing time

The processing time of Spanish business visa applications is about two (2) weeks. By this time, you should receive your visa (if approved) or a refusal letter (if the visa application got rejected).

In few cases, Spain’s diplomatic missions take longer to process visa applications, which may be up to one month.

Spain business visa requirements

To obtain a business visa to Spain, you must satisfy several requirements. These include providing the documents stated below.

  • Completed application form for Spain business visa
  • Two (2) identical and recent photos taken not more than the last three (3) months
  • Valid passport or travel document that is legal for at least three months after your intended date of leaving Spain
  • Copies of travel document or passport pages that features your visa stickers and stamps
  • Invitation letter from a Spain-based company in the Spanish language. Remember that the letter must contain one or more reasons why you must travel to Spain for your business.
  • Work/employment certificate that describes your job position, salary, and date of job commencement
  • Proof of reserved accommodation, such as a hotel booking featuring the hotel’s information, your name, as well as your period of stay
  • Proof of funds or financial support of at least €575. Your accounts statement or a letter of support is required to prove this.
  • Round-trip flight ticket that bears your name and other relevant information
  • Valid Travel Health Insurance coverage that is worth not less than €30.000
  • Proof of civil status, which include a ration card, your child’s birth certificate, marriage certificate, or late spouse or partner’s death certificate

Ways to acquire a business visa for Spain

Suppose you are considering applying for a business visa to Spain. In that case, the following steps can guide you to a successful application.

  1. Put together all required documents
  2. Book an appointment with a Spanish embassy or consulate
  3. Fill out the application form for a Spanish business visa
  4. Attend visa interview and pay the visa fee
  5. Wait until completion of visa processing

Step 1: Put together all required documents

To get a business visa to Spain, the first step you must take requires you to gather all supporting documents for your visa application and processing. The supporting documents include copies of your valid travel document pages, proof of funds, invitation letter, and proof of Travel Health Insurance policy, among others.

Note that none of these documents have exemptions during the visa application process. In addition, the diplomatic mission’s office may also ask you to provide additional documents depending on your application type.

Step 2: Book an appointment with a Spanish embassy or consulate

As the second step in getting a Spain business visa, you must book an appointment with a Spanish embassy/consulate in your country or any nearest location.

It is essential to book the appointment, as most diplomatic missions do not attend to persons who don’t have an appointment with them.

Step 3: Fill out the application form for a Spanish business visa

The third step in getting a Spanish business visa involves filling out the visa application form, which is the same as the Schengen visa. After completing the form, you need to append your signature to it.

Step 4: Attend visa interview and pay the visa fee

Next, ensure that you attend your visa interview on your appointment date. The discussion will take place at the Spanish embassy or consulate in the country where you live.

You must also pay your visa fee during your visit to the diplomatic mission.

Step 5: Wait until completion of visa processing

After completing the steps mentioned above, all you have to do now is to wait for the diplomatic mission’s decision. Unfortunately, this process often takes fourteen (14) days.

The validity period of a Spain business visa

Business visas to Spain are valid for three (3) months over six months. The visa permits you to travel and stay in Spain to carry out your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who does not need to get a Spanish business visa?

Citizens and permanent residents of certain countries are not required to obtain a Spanish business visa. This is because of their exemptions and visa-free travel. These include citizens of EU and EFTA member countries and permanent residents and citizens of Schengen Area countries.

What are the documents necessary for a Spain business visa from India?

The documents needed for a Spanish business visa from India include a valid Indian passport, a recent passport-size photo, a letter of invitation, a round-trip ticket, valid Travel Health Insurance coverage, proof of civil status, etc.

Is there a 6-month visa for Spain?

Yes, you can get a Spanish visa valid for more than six months. To be eligible, you must possess a valid passport, travel health insurance, a round-trip ticket, proof of accommodation, funds, and civil status. With these requirements, you need to apply for a Spanish long-stay visa to enable you stay for up to six months in Spain.

Can I travel to Spain for business from the UK?

You can enter from the UK to Spain for business purposes. To do this, you must apply for a Spanish business visa. This type of visa is required since you are not a citizen of an EU, EFTA, or a Schengen Area country.

How long does a Spain business visa take to process?

The processing of Spanish business visas can take up to 30 days. However, it usually take two weeks. Since the processing time is not preset for each visa application, ensure that you allow plenty of time for processing, as it is impossible to speed up the process.

How do I get a Spanish business visa?

The best way to acquire a Spanish business visa is through an embassy or consulate of Spain in your country of residence. You’ll need to show different documents to facilitate your business visa application.

How much does a Spain business visa cost?

The cost of getting a business visa to Spain is €80. You can apply for the visa yourself without hiring an immigration lawyer or representative.

What is the duration of a Spanish business visa?

Spain business visas have a duration of ninety days. Therefore, they will become no longer be valid after their duration period.

How can I know when my Spain visa application is approved?

If your Spanish visa application is approved, you’ll be informed by the diplomatic mission.

Do Spanish business visas allow their holders to work in Spain?

No, Spain business visas disallow its holders from working in the country even if their visa is still valid.


In conclusion, a Spanish business visa allows you to expand your business in a foreign market. The Spanish government is eager to welcome businesspersons from different countries.

By fulfilling its requirements and following the above application process, you’ll most likely get the visa to facilitate your business venture in Spain.

Thanks for reading!

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