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How to Apply for a Spain Working Holiday Visa, and its validity

It might interest you to know that you can get a Spain Working Holiday Visa and work in Spain for up to One year. This visa program allows youths of selected nations to work in Spain for a limited time. Thus, if you meet the requirements, you can apply for a visa. Hoverer, you must come from one of the eligible countries.

So, if you want to visit Spain. This is an opportunity; plus, you will be eligible to work this time. So, why not make use of this opportunity. What could be the barrier? Is it that you are not qualified? Or that you don’t know the requirements? Worry no more, because, through the following lines, you will get every information you need. And thus, it will become easy for you to apply for Spain Working Holiday Visa.

In this article, you will learn what Spain’s Working Holiday Visa is. The eligibility and eligible nations, the validity of the visa, and the application process for this visa type.

What is Spain’s Working Holiday Visa?

Simply put, Spain Working Holiday Visa allows you to work while holidaying in Spain. However, only the youths of certain countries qualify for it. Moreover, you can only use it to work in Spain for 12 months. This visa is not renewable. Thus, you cannot apply for an extension.

Eligibility for Spain Working Holiday Visa

To apply for a Spain Working Holiday Visa, there are certain conditions that you must meet. Therefore, you can only qualify for this type of visa if you meet the requirements below. They include:

  1. You have not previously obtained SWHV before
  2. Visiting Spain for holidays
  3. When there is no Spanish citizen for your job
  4. Your ability to obtain a valid work permit in Spain
  5. That you can only work in Spain for six months
  6. Not work more than three months for one employer
  7. When your employer is eligible to employ foreign workers
  8. Proof of accommodation in Spain
  9. That you can cover your travel cost
  10. Prove that you will return to your country when your contract expires

Eligible countries for Spain Working Holiday Visa

As mentioned before, only citizens of a few countries qualify for this type of visa. This means that only youths of the countries listed below are eligible for a working holiday visa in Spain. They include:

  1. Australian citizens between 18 and 30 years.
  2. Canadian citizens who are from 18 to 35 years ( for only 1000 citizens annually)
  3. Japanese nationals from 18 to 30 years
  4. South Koreans who are from 18 to 30 years
  5. Nationals of New Zealand from 18 to 30 years

Jobs you can do in Spain with a Spain Working Holiday Visa

With a Spain Working Holiday Visa, you can do any of the following jobs. They include:

  • Being a language teacher in Spain.
  • Working as a receptionist in Spain
  • Becoming a receptionist in Spain.
  • Performing the job of a model in Spain.
  • Working as a cook.
  • Assisting in the kitchen in Spain.
  • You can also perform other jobs in tourism, service, and info tech.

Necessary documents for Spain Working Holiday Visa

To apply for a Spain Working Holiday Visa, you will need the following documents. They include:

  1. Your valid passport
  2. Spain Working Holiday Visa application form
  3. Two photos
  4. Your previous visa in Spain
  5. Return ticket
  6. Proof of financial means
  7. Clearance from the police
  8. Medical certificate
  9. Spain health insurance
  10. Education credentials
  11. Proof of knowledge of the Spanish language
  12. Confirmation from the Department of Immigration and Border Control
  13. Foreigners’ Identification Number (NIE)
  14. Job offer letter from a Spanish employer

Valid passport

First of all, you must present your passport. This will act as further proof of your identity. Your passport must contain a space for a visa stamp.

Visa application form

In addition to the passport, you must also fill out an application form. In this form, you must give your personal information. That is your name and country of origin. Then, you must provide the reason for moving to Spain. Another important piece of information is the duration of your stay.


You must also provide two passport-sized photos. The photos must be the same in size and color. Secondly, it must meet the Schengen photo visa requirements. 

Proof of financial means

Another important document is proof of financial means. Simply put, you must have enough money to stay in Spain. The minimum amount is 532.5 euros for each month you spend in Spain.

Clearance from police

This certifies that you have no criminal record. In addition, it helps to prove that you won’t be involved in criminal activities while in Spain.

Medical certificate

You must also submit a medical certificate. This must be from the last three months. Thus, you will meet your doctor for this. Otherwise, you may not obtain a Spain Working Holiday Visa.

Education credentials

To visit Spain for a working holiday, you must have completed at least 2 years of higher education. Therefore, you must provide proof of your level of education.

Offer letter from a Spanish employer

You must also provide an offer letter for the job you will do in Spain. Thus, you must contact your employer for this.

Application guidelines for Spain Working Holiday Visa

We assume you have known the requirements and eligibility for Spain Working Holiday Visa. But you may wonder how to apply for it. Do not worry because that is what you will get now. To that end, the steps below will help you apply for a working holiday visa in Spain.

Step 1. Look for the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country

First of all, you must find out the location of the Spanish embassy in your country. Also, you can apply through a service provider. So, whichever method you use, you will have to find the location for easy contact.

Step 2. Contact the Embassy

Once you find out where the embassy in your country is located, then, you will have to contact the embassy to know the best time to apply. You should know that it can take up to 7 months to process your application. Therefore, you have made your move in time.

Step 3. Get a valid job in Spain

Now, you know the location of the Spanish embassy in your country. So, it is ti,e to look for a seasonal job in Spain. Though it may not be easy, however, you can look for jobs online. Or better still, use a job-finding agency for that purpose. Meanwhile, do not forget to collect an offer letter from your employer in Spain.

Step 4. Book an appointment

Suppose you can get a job offer in Spain. Then, you will have to fix a date for your interview. Normally, the authorities won’t listen to you without an appointment. So, you will need to contact them for a date for your interview.

Step 5. Gather your documents

Ok, you have already found a job in Spain. So, your next move to obtain a Spain Working Holiday Visa is to gather all the documents mentioned above.

Step 6. Attend Spain Working Holiday Visa interview

The first you must know is that you must attend the interview on time. Otherwise, your visa may be denied. So, try everything possible to be in the embassy on time for your interview. In addition to that, take all your documents while going to the embassy. In addition, you will be asked to provide your biometrics if you have not been to a Schengen nation before.

Step 7. Pay your Spain working Holiday Visa fee

Of course, the visa is not free. Therefore, you must pay your visa fee. However, the Spain Working Holiday Visa fee varies according to location. For instance, the citizens of the USA pay €167, while Canadians pay €100. On the other hand, if you are from Japan, South Korea, and New Zealand, you will pay a visa fee of €80.

Step 7. Move into Spain

You will have to move into Spain within 90 days of obtaining your visa. Therefore, you must be ready to travel to Spain as soon as possible. First, however, you must apply for your Foreigner’s Identity Card within 30 days of arriving in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spain’s Working Holiday Visa validity?

The validity of a Spain working Holiday Visa is 12 months. However, you can only work for six months while in pain. In addition, you cant work for the same employer for more than three months. Therefore, you will have to find another employer after three months.

Can I extend my Spain Working Holiday Visa?

No, you cannot extend or renew this type of visa. Thus, you must return to your home country once your visa has expired.

Can I move to Spain without a job?

Yes, you can immigrate to Spain without a job offer from a Spanish employer. However, you will have to find a visa type that does have a job offer as a requirement. For example, international students and tourists do not need a job to enter Spain.

What are the in-demand jobs in Spain?

Suppose you are looking for in-demand jobs in Spain. Then, you can look for employment in the following sectors. They include Sales, Engineering, Technology, Marketing, Administration, Finance, and Legal personnel.


In summary, Spain’s Working Holiday visa can be easy to get. But it would help if you did the right thing. That is, you will have to follow the right steps as provided above. Then, you will make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Above all, you must have all the documents you need. With this, your next destination will be Spain.

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