Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time

2019 Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time. The 2019 spousal sponsorship processing time varies and it takes about a year. See details below.,

Do you know that Canada is such a wonderful place to reside that is why every one wants to find a way to the country (Canada). Most people have tried applying to Canada through different means without getting any positive outcome that is why they have choose the Spousal way as it is said that it is the easiest way to apply. It is the most popular way to apply and the amount of time taken to sponsor the 2019 application varies. The number of application that comes to the table and where the application is being processed, determines how long it takes to process the spousal sponsorship application.

2019 Average Processing Time

The average processing time for the application cannot be guaranteed though it is said that as at April 26th, 2018, the processing time was about 12 months (1 year).

Factors That affect The 2019 Processing Time

1) The spousal sponsorship processing time varies according to the location or country where the application is coming from

2) Incomplete application and wrong response to IRCC also affects the application. You should make sure your application and required documents are complete. If you do not have a way to go through this ensure to inform your immigration lawyer to avoid delays and denial when you do it yourself.

3) When applications are few, your spousal sponsorship will be processed easily but when there are too many applications to work on then the processing time will be delayed a little.

Types Of Spousal Sponsorship

  • Inland Sponsorship
  • Outland Sponsorship

Inland Sponsorship

Here, the foreign spouse must be a temporary resident of the country. He can either be a student, worker, visitor etc. Applicants can work for a Canadian employer while waiting for their spousal sponsorship application to be processed.

Outland Sponsorship

Here, the foreign partner will be living outside Canada but the sponsored individual will be giving the leverage to travel in and out of the country (Canada) while the application is being processed. The application process will be trough the country of origin’s visa office

How To Calculate 2019 Processing Times

The processing times are calculated based on the date the application is received to the day a decision is made on the application. The time it takes for your application to get to and move from IRCC depends on the country you reside.