Spouse Dependent Visa- Eligibility And Requirements

Spouse Dependent Visa: Eligibility And Requirements. Before applying for a spousal visa ensure to follow the details below for guide.

What is A Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is that which allows the husband or wives to join her spouse who permanently resides in the country. The spouse visa is slightly different from the marriage visa in that the spouse visa allows a spouse who is free from immigration control to join his spouse in the country while the marriage visa allows the partners who have the lawful residence to bring their overseas partners to join them.

The spouse visa normally allows the holder to work for a two and half year without restrictions but at the end of the year, he is allowed to apply for an extension which can last for 5 years.

Requirements For The Application Of The Spouse Visa

  • The both parties must proof that they have met each other physically and are legally married to each other. Documents will help proof this.
  • The both parties will proof that they have the intention to permanently live with each other
  • The sponsor must show that he meets the financial requirements to take care of his spouse.
  • they must meet the English Language and accommodation requirements

Eligibility Criteria To apply For The Spouse Visa

  • You must be able to support yourself and partner financially
  • You must be a citizen

Application Fee For The Spouse Visa

The amount to be paid for a spousal visa is £1,523 plus the Immigration Surcharge of £200 per year for each applicant. You will also need to pay separately for legal help if you have used any. If you need your application to be express then you will need a premium service which requires extra pay. You will need to show your financial ground to take care of your spouse for example if you are applying for your spouse alone, you should be earning at least an annual income of £18,600 and for spouse and one child you should earn an annual income of  £22,400 and if its more than a child, then you have to add the  £22,400 to your annual income.

You can also combine income if you are unable to meet the financial requirements for example, you combine your employment and self employed income, Combine income from rent etc.

Documents Required For the Application Of Spouse Visa

  • Passports
  • financial situation
  • Paperwork which shows your relationship status