St.Francis Xavier University Admission Requirements for International Students

It is necessary that you know St.Francis Xavier university admission requirements for international students, if you intend to study in one of the top ranked universities in Canada.

Admissions at Saint Francis Xavier University, brings into a cauldron diversity and academic excellence, being acclaimed for its community spirit and as the best primarily undergraduate university in Canada, StFX is a returning student first choice institution.

St. Francis Xavier University is a public instituted undergraduate liberal arts university sited in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Popularly known as StFX, It is a member of the Maple League, a group of primarily undergraduate universities in Eastern Canada.


St. Francis Xavier University has been ranked by Maclean’s Magazine as the top “Primarily Undergraduate” university in Canada for five consecutive years (2002–2006). StFX has also ranked first in alumni support between the period of 2001 – 2006.

Thereafter, in 2007, Maclean’s changed the criteria of the “Primarily Undergraduate ranking”, this resulted in St. Francis Xavier been placed third in the category.

Earlier in 2009, Maclean’s reported that St. Francis Xavier University students ranked first in choosing to return to their current institution, among other categories.


St Francis Xavier University is organized into:

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Science
  • The Gerald Schwartz School of Business
  • Faculty of Education
  • The Brian Mulroney Institute of Government
  • The Coady International Institute.


The Faculty of Arts encompasses the following departments and programs:

  • Anthropology
  • Aquatic Resources
  • Fine Arts
  • Canadian Studies
  • Catholic Studies
  • Celtic Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • Development Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • History
  • Humanities Colloquium
  • Modern Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Public Policy & Governance
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • Social Justice Colloquium
  • Sociology
  • Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Music and Jazz Studies (The first bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies in all of Canada).

The Faculty of Science offers the following departments and programs:

  • Aquatic Resources
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Earth Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Human Kinetics
  • Human Nutrition
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Nursing and Physics.

The Gerald Schwartz School of Business offers degrees in

  • Business Administration, with majors in
    • Accounting
    • Enterprise Development
    • Finance
    • Information Systems
    • Leadership in Management
    • And Marketing

The Faculty of Education offers degrees in: Adult Education and Education.

The Music Department at StFX is the host of one of North America’s leading undergraduate jazz studies program.

Saint Francis Xavier University also offers graduate programs leading to Master of Arts (M.A. Celtic Studies), Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Master of Education (M.Ed.) degrees.


The minimum requirements for high school students, is an overall average of 70% in Grade 12, and no marks acceptance that is below 65% in each of the required subjects.

Also, admissions to limited enrolment programs at StFX are highly competitive, therefore, minimum grade eligibilities and requirements are subject to change.

For a comprehensive high school requirements, please click on the following links, for each category:

St.Francis Xavier University Admission requirements are based on your home country, that is where you obtained your university preparation education, such as your high school or secondary school and your program of choice.

In addition, each faculties and programs at StFX have their own specific admission requirement, thus, meeting the minimum St.Francis Xavier University admission requirements may not guarantee you admission into StFX, unless all other program specific requirements are satisfied


If you are a student whose first language is not English, you are normally required to submit proof of English language proficiency.

When proof of English language proficiency is required, you must achieve the following minimum score or above on a recognized English language proficiency test:.

Recognized English language proficiency tests:

Test Minimum score
IELTS 6.5 overall and no lower than 6.0 in each band
TOEFL 90 iBT and no lower than 20 in each band
CAEL 70 overall and no lower than 60 in each band
C1 Advanced 180 overall and no lower than 170 in each band
C2 Proficiency 180 overall and no lower than 170 in each band

Nonetheless, you may not be required to provide proof of English language proficiency:

  • If you have studied the last 2 years in a high school or university where the language of instruction is English.
    • Note that a proof of English as the language of instruction must be included in your application, either through a letter from the school or on the transcript.
  • As a student in the Nova Scotia International Students Program (NSISP), studying at a Nova Scotian high school, and you have successfully achieved a minimum 70% average in your Grade 12 English, or its equivalent
  • You have successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma with English Language A

If your test scores fall below the minimum English language requirement but you nevertheless meet admission requirements, you may be offered admission into the English for Academic Purposes program with conditional admission into a bachelor’s degree, provided you successfully complete the EAP program.


Saint Francis Xavier University welcomes and encourages applications from International Baccalaureate students.


  • If you complete and therefore qualify for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and obtained a minimum score of 24, you will be considered for admission.
  • The minimum grade score for any subject is 3
  • You can choose to submit a predicted or anticipated result for early fall admission and for scholarship purposes

Transfer Credit

  • Should you be admitted to StFX with a score of 30 or higher on the IB Diploma, and have received a score of at least 5 on all higher level and standard level courses, you will be granted up to 30 credits.
  • If however, you have any one minimum score falling below 5, your courses will be assessed individually for possible transfer credits.
  • Furthermore, if you have completed your IB courses but do not possess the diploma, or you scored less than 30 on the IB Diploma, it is possible that you may receive individual university course credit if you have achieved grades of 5, 6, or 7 in higher level courses.

For more information on admission requirements to StFX please visit the link: Admission Requirements (

Application Process and Cost of Tuition.

The academic year of the Saint Francis Xavier University is made up of of two semesters.

Thus, one year of bachelor studies will cost you about 15,000 USD. And a master’s degree at StFX will cost you a significant amount of 15,000 USD each year.



2021-22 Tuition/Fees (Annual Totals) Residents Commuters
Tuition Flat Rate (12-18 credits per semester) $38,852 $38,852
Technology Fee (2021-2022) $650 $650
Room (2021-2022 Double Occupancy) $6,148 n/a
Meal Plan (Platinum option – 275 meals with $100 flex dollars and 8 guest meals) $6,324 optional
Lab/Course Fees see lab fees  see lab fees
Orientation Fee $115 $115
Student Health Insurance (must be waived by student) $1,923 $1,923
 Vehicle Registration $130 $110


Tuition and General Fees – For International Students


Tuition $9,370.00
International Student Fee $9,370.00
Information and Technology Fee $430.00
Facilities Renewal Fee $209.00
Fitness & Recreational Fee $123.00
Students’ Union Fee $180.00
Student Union Bloomfield Renovation fee $25.00
Health & Wellness Expansion Fee $125.00
Health Plan $1,230.00
Total $21,068.00



You are automatically considered for this entrance scholarship when you apply to StFX and send your first-term Grade 12 transcript not later than March 1.

Scholarship Value Eligibility
$5000 Entrance Scholarship $5,000 ($1250, renewable for 4 years) All 1st-year, full-time undergraduate students with a scholarship average of 85-89.9%. Open to all students.
$7000 Entrance Scholarship $7,000 ($1750, renewable for 4 years) All 1st-year, full-time undergraduate students, with a scholarship average 90-95.9%. Open to all students.
$12,000 Merit $12,000 ($3000, renewable for 4 years) All 1st-year, full-time undergraduate students, with a scholarship average 96% and higher. Open to all students.

The final amount of the entrance scholarship that is awarded and applied to you will be based on your final marks for the five Grade 12 courses used to meet admission requirements for your program.

Please, take note that final Grade 11 equivalent subject marks may be used initially to estimate the entrance scholarship to be awarded.


In-­course scholarships are offered to students that have completed a minimum of one academic year of 24 credits both for the fall and winter terms in fulfilment of a first degree.

These scholarships  are merit-based, that is, they are awarded on the basis of your academic performance at StFX. Therefore, a minimum average of 80% is required.

It is important to know that:

  • Should you be eligible for more than one university funded scholarship either  for in course or a renewable scholarship, you will receive the largest to which you are entitled.
  • You do not need to apply again for scholarship renewals or for in course scholarships at the end of each Academic session (Fall/Winter).
  • Students will qualify for $1,000 should they have an average of 80% or higher based on 24 credits completed in the Fall/Winter terms
  • All students ranked within the top 5% of their group qualifies for $2,000.
  • If you rank first in your group, you qualify for $5,000.
  • Note that all students are grouped by year of study and type of degree program.


Students who are admitted with an average of 80% or higher in a full time course and who are currently enrolled in studies are qualified to apply.

Scholarship Value Eligibility
StFX Transfer Scholarship $2,000 CDN Non-renewable All students transferring full-time to StFX, student must be accepted with an average of 80% or higher on a full time course load and have a minimum 80% average. Open to all nationalities. Apply by May 30.
Schwartz Transfer Entrance Scholarships $9,000 ($3,000, renewable for 3 years) All students transferring full-time into the BBA program from the Nova Scotia Community College system or an equivalent college in Canada. Minimum 80% average with no fewer than 24 credits in the past year of study. Open to Canadian residents.


Angus J. Kell Bursary

Description: This is offered to a student who will be entering full time, first year studies at StFX for a degree or diploma program in September 2021 immediately after graduating from Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School, Antigonish, Nova Scotia only.

Eligibility: The student must have a satisfactory academic record in addition with a good leadership in cultural, athletic or community service. Nevertheless, preference will be given the children of employees of Kell Enterprises, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Award Value: Up to $1000

Class of ‘54 Bursary Endowment Fund

Description: This bursary endowment fund was founded in 2004 in celebration of the 50 years anniversary of StFX Class of 1954

Eligibility: Qualifying students must be graduating from a Nova Scotia public high school and admitted to StFX as a full time student in the fall academic term of the same year.

This bursary is need-based and therefore, will be awarded to a student in financial need, who otherwise will not be able to attend university as a result of financial difficulties.

Award Value: Up to $6000