Steps Taken To Apply For The Temporary Resident Visa From Within Canada

Steps Taken To Apply For The Temporary Resident Visa From Within Canada.To apply for the TRV from within Canada, follow the details below.,

The temporary Resident Visa can also be applied for if you are inside Canada. You can only do this if you are a student or temporary worker, you have a Canadian residential address on your living status, you need a new visa to return to the country in the nearest future etc.

This should be done two months before you leave the country.

How To Apply

You have to first apply online and you must provide the following information while applying. They include

  • Your current country of residence of which you have to select Canada
  • What you like to do in Canada

You Can also apply On paper

Here, you must have to sign your form and pay your non-refundable processing fee. The visa might not be granted even if you submit the required documents.

Pay Your Application Fees

The fees to be paid will have to include your processing fess, medical fees and police certificate fees. Ensure to settle the fees to avoid delay in your visa

Submit The Application

You have to submit your application after you have filled the form but make sure you sign properly with date and include your proof of payment.

Follow The mailing Instructions

The mailing instructions has to be properly followed to ensure you receive a mail in time for your application. The mailing instructions include

  • Buy national envelops (2) at any Canada retail outlet
  • Put one envelop in the other. the second envelop will be used to return your documents.
  • Add the supporting documents to your application
  • Attach your full mailing address in the deliver.
  • Note each envelops tracking number
  • You must apply through the CPC-O office since you live in Canada.


Your passport will only be returned through regular mail or the Xpresspost envelop.

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