Steps Taken To Get A US Green Card

Steps Taken To Get A US Green Card. For you to be able to get your green card easily, simply follow the steps below properly and be guided. A green card is that which allows an individual to live and work in the United States permanently.

The card has ever been known as a green card as it is has ever been made green though it is no longer made of green paper but of graphics which has several security features. The holder of a green cared will also apply for citizenship after been resident in the country for years. This is not applicable with those who are refugees or married to  U.S citizen.

Getting A Green Card By family Sponsor

This green card is gotten from a family member either your parent, spouse or a relative having the US citizenship. This sponsor only comes from citizens who are 21 years and above.

How The family Sponsor Green Card Works

  • The Sponsor will complete the 1-130 form
  • He pays the application and registration fee which is sent to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • He receives a receipt and a decision notification.

Getting A Green Card By Employment

In granting a green card by employment, priority is given to Some executives, Researchers, Outstanding professors, extraordinary ability persons etc.

How The Employment Green card Works

  • The 1-140 form is completed by the employer
  • The employer pays the application fee
  • He finally receives a receipt and a notification to show the final decision taken.

Getting A Green card Through Lottery

A green card can also be gotten through winning lottery and it is the best known way to get a green card in the United States. The lottery is usually for those whose immigration rates are the lowest.

How The Lottery based Green Card Works

  • You will first register online via
  • You will receive a confirmation number so ensure you keep it safe as it will be used to check if you have been selected or not
  • If you are finally selected, then you can apply for the immigrant visa.

You can also see how to apply for the parent or grand parent sponsorship